Apple Watts Update

Apple Watts Update

Apple Watts Update: After suffering in a terrible vehicle accident, Apple Watts is able to talk. By uploading a video on Instagram, her sister provided an update on her health.

The reality star has been on a number of programs, but she stayed out of the spotlight after suffering a terrible tragedy. To provide financial support for the actress, a GoFundMe page was created.

After Apple’s sister said that the reality star’s health had been getting better, her incident came to light once again.

Apple Watts | Who Is She?

Apple, whose full name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts, is a reality personality, rapper, and social media influencer. She has furthermore participated in several modeling assignments.

When the reality star made an appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood on VH1, she received a significant break. Her appearance on the program attracted a lot of attention since Apple was able to win over many admirers and followers by showcasing her genuine self.

Even after the program ended, her fans supported her because they admired her directness and outspokenness. Apple has also featured in a number of music videos, including Future’s Wicked.

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Our Knowledge Of Her Vehicle Crash

Apple got engaged in a terrible vehicle accident in March 2022. The event happened on the northbound I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, according to People.

A Ford F250 pickup truck crashed into Apple’s black Mercedes. Her automobile had many flips as a result of the event before catching fire.

She was fortunate enough to have someone who was on the scene rescue her. Apple was sent to the hospital after the incident due to significant injuries.

Health Apple Watts Update of her

Apple is doing a lot better than she did before, and her sister has been at her side from the beginning. The reality star’s sister turned the camera in her direction in a video that was posted to Apple’s official Instagram account to let everyone know how much better she was doing than before.

She said that Apple was receiving speech therapy and was demonstrating excellent command compliance. 

The reality star has simultaneously been working on standing up and regaining her equilibrium. 

Although her rehabilitation may take time, her sister reassured supporters that Apple was improving rapidly.

Apple Watts Update

On June 29, Apple said on her own Instagram account that she was “getting better” and shared a photo of her hospital bed to reassure her followers that she was recovering.

The following day, her sister wrote on Facebook to let everyone know that Apple was “laughing” and “making jokes” and that her feeding tube will soon be removed.

She said that Apple is undergoing physical therapy and expressed the hope of going home as soon as possible.

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