Best Time To Post On Facebook 2023 | Amazing Info & 5 Tips

Best Time To Post On Facebook | Amazing Info & 5 Tips

Best time to post on Facebook: Marketers are always debating Facebook’s organic reach. And this piece is especially for you if you frown at Facebook interaction figures.

There’s still a good probability that it will appear in the feeds of your followers. Knowing when to publish on Facebook so that likes, comments, and shares pour in is the key to success.

Although the majority of marketers use sponsored advertisements, let’s be brutally honest here and say that none of us have a lot of extra cash to increase our everyday social reach. 

The key difficulty, though, is how to choose the ideal moment to share anything on Facebook.

Additionally, you should research if there is a single ideal time to publish on Facebook or whether there are many.

You might examine your target audience using a few free Facebook analytics tools to find out their behavior patterns. But to answer this puzzle, you still need to look further.

Finding the appropriate response to this may be a real challenge. For your benefit, we have compiled some data-supported information and advice.

What Time Of Day Should I Post On Facebook?

Additionally, we concluded that there isn’t an “optimal moment” to share anything on Facebook. 

Let’s first look at these statistics from well-known social media firms indicating the optimum time to post on Facebook to understand why that is the case.

  • Hubspot

found that a decent time for individuals to depart for their workplaces is about 9 am. On Thursday through Sunday, the next busy period is from 1 to 3 p.m.

  • TrackMaven

Recommends that Thursday at 8 PM EST is ideal.


Has placed a wager on the hours of 12 to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

  • Hootsuite

Suggests posting on weekdays between noon and three o’clock.

  • Unmetric

prefers Thursdays between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm.

Wednesday is often the greatest day to post on Facebook.

Do you now understand the catch? Every research conducted to determine the ideal time offers a broad choice of timekeeping options.

But don’t let it damper your enthusiasm! The aforementioned tips continue to be beneficial for pointing marketers in the correct direction as they determine their own unique optimum times to publish on Facebook while their audience is online.

After gaining a grasp of why there isn’t a certain optimal time to post on Facebook, we’ll talk about how you can do the same.

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Why Doesn’t Facebook Include A Universal Time To Post Feature?

Your target market is distinct from others. For each marketer, there is a different response to the issue of when is the optimal time to publish anything on Facebook. 

Posting at similar times will be less successful if you cater to an audience whose working schedule is variable and not 9 to 5.

According to CoSchedule internal research, different organizations experience engagement at various periods.

You may also try out the timetables mentioned above to see if they work for you.

But there is still another issue to solve. And the information on news feeds has increased significantly. 

According to the most recent data, Facebook users have published more than 2.5 trillion posts.

Every time a user logs into Facebook, 1500 articles on average might show up in their news feed, according to Facebook’s business blog. 

When users check-in, as many as 15000 possible tales may be shown for those with a large number of friends and page likes.

Because of this, the typical peak time for posting for one kind of company may be the worst time for another. 

Let’s assume that the rivalry on the feed would intensify if every business adopts the best universal time idea and begins to release its material at the same hour.

Therefore, despite the fact that these typical time limits might help you get started, they won’t generate as much interaction as the strategies we’ll cover next.

How Do You Determine When To Post On Facebook?

The “best time” to share anything on Facebook may not really exist, although there may be “your best” moments. 

To determine the optimal time to publish and increase reach and interaction, you may utilize two tactics. First, use Facebook analytics to determine the ideal time.

Facebook Analytics offers you several information about the demographics, engagement, and behavior of your audiences.

An insight button will be visible at the top of your Facebook profile. You may access the dashboard with an overview of various Facebook metrics by clicking on it.

Discover Your Fans’ Peak Activity Times

Accessing the information about “when your fans are online” now. Simply choose “Posts” from the left-hand column.

You will see a thorough graph that displays the typical statistics for the number of fans that log in each day throughout the last week.

Now you may hover over a specific day to see its statistics in comparison to the data for an average week.

Here is a comparison of Tuesday’s statistics to a typical week. Data for Tuesday is shown against the full week on a dark blue line.

What Conclusions Can We Draw From This Data?

Being seasoned pages ourselves, we use this tactic to monitor audience participation throughout the week. 

Starting at 3 am, we can see a slow rise in the population, which peaks between 6 and 9 am, namely at 7, and then begins to decline by midday.

Please take note that the timings above are in Pacific Time.

In order to get more traction with our readership, we often schedule our postings around 3 am to 9 am (Pacific Time Zone).

Using the same method, you may identify the optimum day and time to post on Facebook and then try publishing in different ways throughout those times until you hit your sweet spot.

In order to see if you can find any potential secret engagements there, try posting during off-peak hours. I would advise experimenting for the first several weeks before developing a reliable Facebook posting plan.

Study Your Previous Successful Posts For Advice

Just underneath the “When Your Fans Are Online” graph in the Posts section of Facebook Insights is another intriguing feature.

A multitude of educational sections in the “All Posts Published” area allows you to assess the effectiveness of any individual article you have published. You learn more about:

Date and time the post was published

  • Published post style
  • Paid and organic reach
  • Engagement

To get some insights on the finest kind of material you may upload at certain times, you need to undertake some manual research.

Selecting Days That Are Relevant For Each Post

Every piece of material has a certain time and place when it is relevant. For instance, a fashion label won’t release a new line of winter clothing in the beginning of the summer. 

Now that was clear enough. However, sometimes your general material also contains unnoticed crucial moments.

You may start A/B testing the same content at various times using Facebook analytics data to determine when to best serve your audience. Make use of a Facebook scheduling tool to test out the best times to post.

One of the greatest Facebook publishing tools is , which enables you to plan and publish updates without even accessing the Facebook page at the optimal moment.

The in-built Facebook Analytics page’s useful and aesthetically beautiful graphical depiction of Active Fans and Individual Posts will help you choose the optimal time to post.


Best Time To Post On Facebook

You also received a tonne of data on audience development, demographics, and engagement.

It’s time to test your data in the real world now that you’ve figured out when to publish on Facebook. How do you do that? by organising your material in advance.

You may schedule your post on user-friendly and straightforward interface at the optimal times far in advance. Let’s take a quick tour of the process.

1. Add A Facebook Connection

The dashboard. Direct your attention to the left-side column. Connect your accounts by clicking on Accounts.

Select a Facebook page or account from the list of available social media sites on the page. You will be taken to Facebook and prompted for permission after clicking the connect button. Please accept all permissions in order to proceed.

2. Establish Posting Calendars

Go to Accounts after your account has been linked. Choose Manage Accounts. Choose the social media account for which you want to set time slots, then begin entering your ideal time.

You may choose one or more days, and you can choose the publishing time for each day. Every time you add a post to the queue, the selected time slots will be automatically scheduled for it.

With the help of this fantastic function, you can A/B test the same article for several days to determine the best period of time for a certain sort of content.


The focus should shift to your experimenting now that the myth of the optimal time to share anything on Facebook has been debunked. 

To identify the open slots, do a thorough analysis of the individual habits of your audience.

Because nothing is more trustworthy than examining your own data, utilise the tool and the other tactics mentioned above to decide on a more effective publishing plan. 

This will depict the actual situation while providing real-time audience information for improved planning.

Use SocialPilot, one of the finest social media scheduling tools, to plan your posts at the optimal times, as suggested by your data. 

Having many testing chances will make managing your social media accounts a breeze. 

Schedule many articles for important days, then wait for the data to show you when it’s best to publish.

This is important because when posts are sent to your audience at the proper moment, they are more likely to have greater interaction, which informs the new Facebook algorithms that you have a stronger relationship with your audience and improves post rankings.


What time of day is ideal for Facebook posting?

When individuals are commuting to work, between 9 and 10 am, is the optimum time to post on Facebook. Another time period is from 1 to 3 pm when individuals take a lunch break from work.

When are the busiest periods for Facebook posting?

Facebook posting peaks occur at various periods of the day. It is best to post on Facebook between 7 and 9 am, 1 and 3 pm, and 7 and 9 evenings, according to general statistics.

Peak hours are often when a sizable portion of your target audience is online. Therefore, it entirely relies on the behavior of your target audience. Utilize the advice in this article to identify your own peak period.

Is posting in the morning or at night preferable?

Posting in the morning is preferable. According to the overall statistics, Facebook activity rises in the morning and continues to be favorable until midday, after which it begins to decline as the night draws in.

What hour on Friday is ideal for posting on Facebook?

Generally speaking, the ideal times to post on Facebook on Friday are between 7 and 9 am and 1 to 3 pm. However, everything comes back to your specialty and the online habits and activities of your target market.

Is it beneficial to post on Facebook every day?

Yes, posting on Facebook every day increases exposure and generates respectable interaction. 
Make sure to publish often on Facebook to determine the optimal times to increase your audience.

Can a company post too much on Facebook?

As a company, you should ideally avoid posting often on Facebook. The idea that the more posts you make, the better, is widespread. But this is untrue. 

The quantity of posts on various social media platforms varies. Additionally, publishing one post every day on a network as Facebook gets you crucial exposure. 
Making pointless posts will make your page seem spammy, which will encourage your fans to abandon you.

  • February 14, 2023