How To Level Up Summons Elden Ring? Best Guide Ever

How To Level Up Summons Elden Ring? Best Guide Ever

How To Level Up Summons Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, the use of the Spirit Summoning technique may drastically change the course of a combat. 

You may harm your opponents, cause damage, and divert their attention by summoning the ghosts of formidable warriors and beasts.

To help you on your adventure, you may still call upon other co-op gamers or NPCs. Yet in many parts of the globe, you may also call on a brand-new, unique form of summon. 

Here is your guide to the finest Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring and anything related to summoning spirits, whether you need a boost in a boss battle, want to thin the crowd before facing a significant roaming mini-boss, or just want to reduce the game’s intrinsic degree of difficulty.

How Does Elden Ring’s Summoning Bell Work?

Return to the Church of Elleh Site of Grace, where you originally saw Kale, the first merchant, after chatting with your maiden, Melina, and gaining the power to summon Torrent.

A witch by the name of Renna will summon you when you arrive and want a conversation. When she asks if you can call Torrent, you can, and you should. 

She will give you two artifacts that belonged to Torrent’s old master if you just say, “I can summon the ghostly steed,” in response to her query.

You may ask these spirits to aid you in the battle by using the Spirit Calling Bell. 

As you get in the Roundtable Hold, you may also purchase the same bell from the Twin Maiden Husks there. You’ll get Lone Wolf Ashes as your first summon from Renna. 

This one summons three huge phantom wolves that may draw foes to you, divert them from your attack, or keep a monster busy while you do damage.

How Does Elden Ring’s Ghost Summoning Work?

You just need to connect your first spirit—not the bell—to your bag or belt for quicker access now that you have both the bell and the spirit. 

Your character will take out the bell and call the ghosts when you press the button. 

This procedure needs FP and lasts a short while (blue meter). Depending on how strong the spirit is, the price changes.

Yet, a Rebirth Monument’s radius is the only place where spirits may be called. 

These are little stone obelisks that may be found in boss chambers and numerous locations across the open world.

The spectral gate indicator on the left side of your screen will let you know when you are in close proximity to a Rebirth Monument. 

A white glowing indicator like a tombstone will appear in the bottom left corner of your HUD when one is close, alerting you to its presence.

Each Rebirth Monument may only call one spirit at a time, and only one spirit can be active at any one moment. 

For obvious reasons, you won’t be able to summon them in multiplayer either. 

For seasoned Souls players, summoning spirits in Edlen Ring may seem a little bit unfair, but it’s really a great new feature that is both practical and well thought out.

In Elden Ring How Do You Get Extra Spirit Ashes?

By the time you’re through with Elden Ring, you’ll have lots of Spirit Ashes, which are what the spirit summons themselves are called. 

Spirit Ashes may be acquired via prizes, treasure drops, and chest finds. They will increase in number as you explore more.

How Can You Improve Spirit Ashes In Elden Ring With Grave And Ghost Gloveworts?

You will be able to improve Spirit Ashes a bit later. You may upgrade ordinary Spirit Ashes for a charge, and you’ll need Grave Gloveworts or Ghost Gloveworts for more potent, especially titled Spirit Ashes. 

Several of the game’s smaller dungeons, known as Catacombs, as well as treasure in the open world, including glove works.

But until you finish Roderika’s first section of her mission, you won’t be able to improve any 

of your Spirit Ashes. 

An NPC named Roderika initially appears near the Stormhill Shack in Limgrave West, to the south of the collapsed bridge. 

She will move to the Roundtable Hold once you have a conversation with her. Speaking with Master Hewg, the blacksmith can accelerate that quest. 

You may have a talk with him about keeping an eye on Roderika, which will eventually lead to you persuading him that she wants to study spirit tuning.

To improve your Spirit Ashes, you’ll need to converse back and forth with them until he becomes persuaded that she wants to learn. At that time, she will set up shop in front of his forge.

Grave and Ghost Glovewort are normally found in dungeons all around The Lands Between, but if you gather every Bell Bearing for them, Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Keep will let you purchase a limitless supply of the materials.

Here, we’ve done a thorough investigation of where you may locate each and every Grave and Ghost Glovewort Bell Bearing. 

But be careful—many of them may be discovered in late-game locales like Crumbling Farum Azula and the Mountaintops of Giants.

General Elden Ring Advice On Spirit Ashes

Spirit summoning is handled by Elden Ring as unique NPCs. They may therefore benefit from different buffs and group healing abilities you might be able to cast or apply. 

If you wish to prolong their combat, keep that in mind. It’s important to note that certain summons only produce one ally, but others produce groups of allies. 

To determine if Spirit Ash is worthwhile for the FP cost, read the description.

In addition, because certain summons, like those that deal poison damage, are designed to have an elemental impact, they may do only weak melee damage. 

Elden Ring’s foes tend to be vulnerable to particular components, thus sometimes it pays to opt for something that does less raw damage since it has the ability to kill your opponents more slowly in other ways.

How Does Elden Ring’s Mimic Tear Work?

If you can finally enter the location where it is located, the Mimic Tear is perhaps the most helpful Spirit Summon.

This potent gadget summons an identical duplicate of your Tarnished, down to the armor and weapons they have equipped, to fight alongside you despite being nerfed in a post-launch patch.

The Mimic Tear is located in the Night’s Holy Ground region of Nokron, the Eternal City, beyond a Stonesword Key gate.

The Mimic Tear can only be obtained by speaking with Ranni the Witch in her tower at the top of Caria Mansion and agreeing to her request. 

Nokron is accessible as part of your continuous connection with Ranni the Witch.

Before entering the crater formed by a falling star to reach Nokron, you must first encounter Blaidd the Welsh wolf, and battle Starscourge Radahn.

Once inside, the Mimic Tear will serve as your first boss battle; do not, however, add it to your inventory just yet. 

Following the battle, follow the route until you reach a more open region, then turn southeast to locate Ancestral Woods, a Site of Grace.

From there, you may go southward into the Night’s Holy Ground and traverse the roofs until you enter via a church’s window.

The Mimic Tear is hidden behind a fog gate within the church that is secured by a stone sword key and located across from you.

The Mimic Tear differs from another summons in that it creates the doppelganger using HP rather than FP. 

This implies that it differs from the other summons on the list in more ways than simply its extraordinary utility.

The other summons is still valuable to utilize, however, and we’ve included a list of some of our favorites below.

Which Spirit Summons in Elden Ring’s Early Game Are The Best?

Although the opening Lone Wolves are really fairly strong in terms of summons that require FP as a resource, Elden Ring offers you some fantastic Spirit Summons right away.

When you have the chance to utilize them, which is more often than you may think, these strong friends will truly turn the tide of the fight in your favor.

1. Fanged Imp

They’re quite interesting monsters, especially considering that you can take the Fanged Imp Ashes before you can ever call them. 

You may have even seen how terrible these opponents are if you’ve previously walked into any early-game Catacombs.

The Fanged Imps are agile, quick, and have a large burst of bleed damage. While they are not the finest summon, they are reliable when you first start out.

In the event that you haven’t yet begun the game, getting them is also simple. After creating your character, just choose the Fanged Imp Ashes as your Keepsake, and these men will be yours as soon as you enter The Places Between. 

As an alternative, you might purchase the ashes from the vendor standing outside the Main Academy Gate.

2. Spirit Jellyfish

It’s possible that you already have this assist, but it’s quite effective.

The Jellyfish is more of a support whereas the power of other Spirit Summons is how they divert foes from assaulting you. 

It spews poisonous acid at a distance when adversaries are beyond its melee range. 

Also, they tend to absorb a lot of damage, therefore may be fairly handy for distracting an adversary so you can chip away at range.

Margit the Fell Omen, the first brick wall monster in Elden Ring, is extremely vulnerable to poison, therefore this is very useful.

Southeast of Stormveil Castle, near the Stormhill Shack, is where you may discover the Spirit Jellyfish.

3. Skeletal Militiamen

You get them by defeating the Tibia Mariner boss in Summonwater Village, east of Stormveil Castle and beyond Saintbridge.

The two skeletal summons known as the Skeletal Militiamen is quite useful in the early stages of the game. 

The Skeleton Militiamen are a reliable summon to summon since they can take a lot of aggro between them and because they can revive one another.

4. Lhutel The Headless

Check out Lhutel the Headless for a ranged Summon that has a little more flair and strength than some of the other possibilities.

They engage your foes with melee spear combinations as well as ghostly lances. They often teleport as well, which may sometimes be a hassle when you want a summon to handle all the aggro.

You must finish the Tombsward Catacombs on the Weeping Peninsula to the south of the starting region in order to add Lhutel to your arsenal.

Northwest of Castle Morne, in the center of the region, lies the Tombsward Catacombs. From the Bloodhound Evergaol, cross the bridge and proceed south to reach there.

What Spirit Summons Are Most Effective In Elden Ring’s Late Game?

If you’re willing to seek, you may discover a lot more potent friends to call upon after you’ve established yourself in The Places Between.

It is a tremendous delight to see them battle on your side since some of them even resemble bosses you have previously encountered on your trip.

1. Crystallin

At the bottom of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, where you obtained the first Smithing Bell, you engaged in combat with the Crystals. 

You should be able to tell how much abuse it can withstand from common physical assaults simply from that.

The Crystalian can hold its own against opponents that employ blunt and pointed weapons rather than magic, but it will eventually fall to the most tenacious adversaries, those who continuously deliver Strike damage without resting. 

How To Level Up Summons Elden Ring?

That’s OK, however; if this occurs, just pull out one of the next Spirit Ashes.

You need to investigate the Selia Hideaway in Caelid’s northeast in order to add it to your inventory. 

The entry is concealed behind a wall in the cliff face at the indicated place on the map.

2. Greatshield Soldiers

The Greatshield Soldiers are the ideal allies for this since sometimes the primary goal of Spirit Summons is just to divert a difficult opponent.

They can aid you for a longer period of time since they call five distinct skeleton troops at once, giving them a higher chance of doing so. 

They’ll be able to hang around and withstand aggro for even longer if you combine this Spirit Ash with the Lord’s Heal Incantation, which lets you heal them.

The Greatshield Soldiers may be found in Nokron, Eternal City, much as the Mimic Tear above. 

The Nokron, Eternal City Place of Grace is directly in front of them this time, in the courtyard’s upper right corner.

3. Rotten Stray

Scarlet Rot is an extremely potent condition, as anybody who has it would attest. Also, you may have observed that fighting dog foes is really aggravating. 

When you combine the two summons, you get the Rotten Stray, which has a cheap FP cost and can both cause Scarlet Rot and do respectable normal damage.

You engage in combat with it north of the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace, in the center of Caelid. Take it from the body that the dog is protecting in the collapsed structure.

4. Black Knife Tiche

So, if you want a truly strong summon that may even defeat you in combat, you should look for Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ashes. 

Others claim that Tiche makes certain battles too simple, therefore this summon is not without criticism.

Nonetheless, if you’re struggling to defeat a boss, it could be worthwhile to give them a go.

By finishing the Ringleader’s Evergaol in north Liurnia and eliminating Alecto, the Black Knife Ringleader, one may get the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ashes.

In Elden Ring where Can You Locate Legendary Spirit Ashes?

Legendary Spirit Ashes are less common than Legendary Armaments, but you still need to collect them all to get the accomplishment.

  • Headless Lhutel

Dropped down on the Weeping Peninsula by the boss of the Tombsward Catacombs

  • The Black Knife

At the Ringleader’s Evergaol, defeat Alecto

  • Fake A Tear

At Night’s Holy Ground, in a chest (Eternal City)

  • Ogha Redmane Knight 

Putrid Tree Spirit in War Dead Catacombs is Defeated

  • Kristoff, an ancient dragon knight

At the Sainted Hero’s Tomb, defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor

  • Knight Cleanrot 

Elphael exits the Site of Grace Prayer Room goes down the stairs, and when you get to the wall with the torch on it, leap down to your right onto the masonry. In a gazebo to your left lie the Finlay ashes.

Check out our Elden Ring guide if you want to discover all there is to know about The Places Between.

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