How To Remove Target Security Tag? 8 Easy Methods

How To Remove Target Security Tag? 8 Easy Methods

Most shops place security tags on the things they sell to avoid stealing. These security tags will activate if you leave the shop with them still attached. 

However, during busy times, the workers may fail to take the security tags off the garments you buy.

Or you purchased gowns online, and when they came, the security tags were still on. It may be tough to remove these tags, and if you are not cautious, you may harm the garments. Worry no more. 

We will provide you with several strategies for eradicating security tags from garments.

How To Remove Target Security Tag? 8 Easy Methods 

The following is what you should  consider while choosing a remover to target the security tag for 

  1. What Are Security Tags?
  1. Removing Security Tags Using A Rubber Band
  1. Removing Security Tags Using A Screwdriver
  1. Removing Security Tags Through Freezing
  1. Removing Security Tags Using Needle Nose Pliers
  1. Removing Security Tags By Hitting The Tag
  1. Removing Security Tags Using Two Forks
  1. Removing Security Tags Using Candle And Plier
  1. Forcefully Removing Electromagnet Security Tags
  1. Removing Electro-Magnet Tags Using A Knife

Let’s discuss these in the detail:

What Are Security Tags?

A security tag is a tiny signal transmitter that corporations attach to their items, notably clothes. 

If someone attempts to take the item and goes through the exit without paying or removing the tag, the tag will sound like an alarm.

Most things that have security tags in them are articles of clothes, accessories, and liquor. 

The security tag is placed using a pin that goes through the fabric of the products in the case of clothes and soft items. After that, the pin is secured inside the security tag.

There are two kinds of security tags used by businesses- mechanical locks and magnetic locks. 

There is a broad selection of magnetic lock strengths to choose from. The stronger the magnetic strength, the harder it is to remove the tag.

If you’re attempting to remove a security tag on your own, you’ll need the correct equipment. 

Security tags come in numerous forms, including round, cube, and pencil. Studies reveal that circular tags are the hardest to remove.

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Mechanical Security Tags

Mechanical tags are the simplest to remove. These tags employ pins or other mechanical fasteners to affix them to the garments. 

There are many techniques to remove these mechanical tags that we will speak about later in this post.

Magnetic Security Tags

Magnetic security tags are the most intricate and hardest to get rid of. You need the correct equipment to demagnetize them. 

Trying to remove them without knowing the appropriate approach might ruin the garments permanently.

Ink Security Tags

Ink tags are the less usually used tags since it is quite pricey. The ink is housed within a little glass tube that can leak if you open it with too much effort. 

Some ink tags are translucent, meaning you can see the ink inside, so you’ll know that it is an ink tag.

However, some ink tags don’t have a window to reveal the ink. In such a scenario, regard the tag as an ink tag and be cautious when you attempt to remove it. 

Just always remember to follow the directions on the label to prevent spilling the ink onto the garments.

2. Removing Security Tags Using A Rubber Band

Step# 1

 Make sure that the tag’s ink cartridge is pointing down. The ink cartridge is the component of the tag that protrudes out of the plastic tag. It is situated on the other side of the pin.

Step# 2

Pull the tag out away from the clothing. As far away as you can get it, so the ink doesn’t hurt your clothes as much if the sensor fails.

Step# 3 

Wrap a rubber band around the pin of the security tag and fasten it in place. Rubber bands that are wide and thick enough to be robust but yet thin enough to wrap around a pin are suitable matches for this purpose. This will aid in releasing the pin.

Step# 4

You grip the greater section of the ink tag with just one hand. Using your other hand, remove the pin. 

The pins should apply enough pressure such that the tag’s pin ultimately breaks off or is easily removed from the remainder of the tag. Do this again if the first rubber band doesn’t loosen sufficiently.

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3. Removing Security Tags Using A Screwdriver

A screwdriver with a flat end may be used to remove security tags from garments in your house.

  • Make sure that the ink cartridge is facing up when laying the clothes on a level surface. Underneath the squared-pyramid cartridge, slip a thin flathead screwdriver and move it around.
How To Remove Target Security Tag?
  • Firmly push the screwdriver beneath the cartridge. This should penetrate and pull up the plastic. Using the screwdriver, press the handle down so the perimeter pops up off the plastic.
  • After removing the ink cartridge, you should discover a silver paper lining covering a metal plate underneath it. Take off the silver paper.
  • Lift the metal arms with the screwdriver. Take the pin and peel it away from the tag.

4. Removing Security Tags Through Freezing

Step #1

Another approach to get rid of the security tags off garments is by putting the items in a freezer. 

After freezing, take the clothing off and let them rest for at least an hour before you start to remove the tag.

Step #2 

You may use accessible household equipment you have, such as pliers or scissors, to remove them.

You may also continue with the rubber band approach if you do not have pliers or scissors handy. 

Freezing the tag makes it safer since you are confident that it won’t leak as the ink is frozen.

5. Removing Security Tags Using Needle Nose Pliers

  • Place the garment on the surface with the ink cartridge pointing upward.
  • Using a pair of pliers, grab one side of the rectangular tag.
  • Use a fresh set of pliers to grip the tag on the opposite side.
  • Using the pliers, carefully bend the tag down on both ends. Be cautious not to bend it too much since doing so may cause the ink to leak.
  • Keep bending until it crashes open, then stop. Make sure you tug on the pin to loosen it.

6. Removing Security Tags By Hitting The Tag

Step# 1

 Repeatedly tug the tag away from the clothes to release the pin.

Step# 2 

Get hold of a hefty nail. It is advised that the head of the nail be at least as broad as a cent for the nail to fit appropriately.

Step# 3

Remove the tag from the clothing by tugging it out. Keep the tag’s long plastic end out of the way.

Step# 4 

 Open the ink cartridge by placing pressure on it. To open the ink cartridge, carefully tap it on a hard surface several times. 

To get it right, you may have to strike it twenty or more times. The tag might burst open if you strike it too hard, so be cautious.

7. Removing Security Tags Using Two Forks

It may look difficult, yet two forks are all that is necessary to remove the security tags.

  1. Take two forks and put them on the opposite sides of the tags to do this.
  1. To open it, pull them in the other way until the tag loosens. This is one of the most effective tag-removal procedures available.

8. Removing Security Tags Using Candle And Plier

In this procedure, you simply need two things – a candle and a cutting plier.

Step# 1

Using a candle, strongly heat up the domed section of the tag.

Step# 2

Then, using pliers, start by removing the melted plastic piece to remove the spring linked to the base cylinder.

Step# 3

Then you’ll discover a needle surrounded by a ball bearing. Gently remove the needle.

How To Clean Security Tag With A Powerful Magnet

Electromagnetic devices are used to deactivate numerous security tags in-store. Make use of a strong magnet to remove them from your property. 

Lay the tag on top of the magnet with the ink cartridge or dome facing down. Once the tag has been deactivated, you should hear a sound. The pins in the tag may be loosened by wiggling them up and down.

9. Forcefully Removing Electromagnet Security Tags

Most current tags feature electromagnets, not ink pouches.

  • Place something between the tag and the head of the pin to give some room to slide.
  • Breaking the pin is as easy as continuously bending it back and forth until it eventually cracks.
  • Pull the tag straight back until the pin comes out of the hole. Remove the tag from the clothes.

10. Removing Electro-Magnet Tags Using A Knife

Step# 1 

Use a lighter to burn the tag’s dome-shaped section. After a few seconds of exposure to heat, the plastic will probably certainly catch fire.

Step# 2

Cut the dome into pieces using a knife or a similar instrument. A spring and tag will almost totally pop out as you continue scraping in.


This article on security tags should have given you a better knowledge of deleting them without the need for any specific tools. 

We hope this helps! To eliminate the danger of ruining a costly item of clothing, you might go to the shop where it was bought and provide the receipt. Don’t utilize any of the above tactics to shoplift since it’s unlawful

  • November 30, 2022