How To Save In No Man’s Sky? Best 3 Ways

How To Save In No Man's Sky? Best 3 Ways

It may be difficult to navigate the cosmos, and No Man’s Sky certainly packs in its fair share of grinding. 

Losing progress hurts whether you’re building the spacecraft of your dreams, warping toward the galaxy’s center, or managing a farm of rare plants. 

Knowing how to save in No Man’s Sky will save you from sobbing digital tears over hours lost.

To do that, we’ll take you through the three methods to save the game in this tutorial.

How To Save In No Man’s Sky? (Post-Origins Update)

In No Man’s Sky, there are a few different methods to save your game, and the most recent Origins update adds a new save item. The three basic methods for saving your game progress are as follows:

1. Get Off The Starship

The simplest approach to make a save point is in this manner. No Man’s Sky has 18 quintillion planets, many space stations, and innumerable freighters. 

Every time you leave your spacecraft, an autosave is created.

Save In No Man's Sky | Get Off The Starship

The game may be saved by abandoning your spacecraft for even a little period of time to get some oxygen or sodium since there is no cooldown or time restriction.

The ‘Restore point save’ notice that appears on the screen when you leave your spacecraft will let you know the game has been saved.

2. Beacon

By interacting with any beacon on any planet in No Man’s Sky, you may save the game. 

Due to the fact that they typically spawn close to existing structures or tourist attractions, you should encounter them pretty regularly.

When you get close to a beacon, a save prompt flashes, followed by a confirmation message indicating your progress has been successfully saved.

3. Mobile Safety Beacon

Finally, using a portable Save Beacon is the first and most time-consuming option to save your game in No Man’s Sky. 

A store Beacon works similarly to refiners in that you may place it wherever on the ground, utilize it, and then take it back to your inventory to store whenever and wherever you choose.

No Man’s Sky | Making A Save Beacon

You must have finished the tutorial’s basic construction phase before you can create a Save Beacon. 

Once a Construction Research Unit has been built, interact with it and choose “Buildable Technology” to see a list of tech blueprints, including the Save Beacon, that you may access.

You must have gathered 1 Salvaged Data to unlock it. These may be located on any planet by searching for Buried Technology Modules. 

To get Salvaged Data, dig underneath the module using the terrain manipulator.

You may create the Save Beacon using the following ingredients after you’ve unlocked the blueprint for it:

  • Metal Plating x2
  • Sodium Nitrate x15

Ferrite Dust, which can be readily mined from most rocks and boulders, costs x50 for one metal plating. By adding sodium to the refiner, you can make sodium nitrate.

No Man's Sky | Making A Save Beacon

Once you’ve collected the materials and made the components required for the recipe, press Z on a PC or Up on a console to open the Deployable Technology fast menu. 

Place the Save Beacon where you want it to be. To make a new save point, interact with it. As a portable save place, you may also pick it up and utilize it.

How To Save In No Man’s Sky

You now know three methods to save money in Hello Games’ extensive intergalactic adventure. Want to master the melee boost? Visit our specialized guide.

Last Words

The game may be saved in No Man’s Sky in a variety of ways. Utilize each of these strategies when you’re traveling. You can visit for news and more updates!

 (FAQs) About  Save In No Man’s Sky 

In No Man’s Sky, Is Manual Saving Possible?

In No Man’s Sky, you may manually save by utilizing a portable Save Beacon or interacting with a beacon on any planet.

No Man’s Sky| Does It Save By Itself?

Save points are automatically created by the game, but only after certain actions, namely leaving your spaceship and at significant plot events.

How Can You Leave No Man’s Sky And Save Money?

Because there is no quit and save option in No Man’s Sky, you should always manually save your game by leaving your ship, interacting with a beacon, or utilizing a portable Save Beacon.

  • April 15, 2023