How To Unmute Someone On Instagram? 3 Easy Steps

How To Unmute Someone On Instagram? 3 Easy Steps

How to unmute someone on Instagram: It’s easy to mute someone on Instagram, but it might be challenging to unmute someone. This is a result of the “unmute” option being hidden. 

Go to your feed, click the triple-dots icon next to the post you want to mute, and then click the “mute” button.

Even worse, because you don’t know their name or username, you won’t be able to locate them in the search box if you forget who you muted.

Even if you forget who you muted, this article will show you how to unmute Instagram posts or stories.

How Do I Unmute Instagram Posts?

Instagram post unmuting has two benefits and drawbacks. When you precisely recall the person you’ve muted, unmuting postings are a little different than when you don’t. Fortunately for you, we will address each situation in turn.

If You Recall Their Login Name

You may unmute someone’s posts using the procedure below if you know their Instagram name or username:

  • The first step is to visit their profile and choose “Following.”
  • After that, unmute their posts by going to the “Mute” tab and turning off the “Posts” button.
  • That’s it; you’re done. Their posts won’t be muted anymore and will show up on your feed.

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Should You Forget Their Username

There are some extra steps you’ll need to do to locate the profile of the person you muted if you can’t recall their username. 

When you can’t recall who they are, you have to either search for their name or username to locate them.

You must thus go to the list of muted accounts:

  1. Check out your profile.
  1. Click the menu in your profile’s right corner.
  1. Press “Settings.”
  1. Navigate to “Muted accounts,” then “Privacy.”
  1. Choose the person whose silence you wish to turn off.
  1. Choose “Following” from the menu.
  1. Click “Mute.” 
  1. Deactivate the option next to “Posts.”

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How Can I Unmute Instagram Stories?

Different strategies are needed when muting the tale of someone whose name or username you recall vs one you don’t, just as in the case of muting posts, and for the same reasons. We’ll examine both strategies.

If You Recall Their Login Name

  • Go to a user’s profile and click the “Following” option to unmute their Instagram story.
  • Once you’ve chosen to follow someone, go to the “Mute” tab and unmute their tales by turning off the “Stories” option.
  • If you toggle the “Tales” option, which will be seen on your timeline, off, their stories won’t be muted anymore.

Should You Forget Their Username

You must search for the person you muted in the list of muted accounts if you can’t recall their username or name.

How To Unmute Someone On Instagram?

How to accomplish it is as follows:

  1. Go to your profile page
  1. Press the menu button in your profile’s top right corner
  1. Choose “Settings
  1. Click on “Privacy” and then “Muted accounts.”
  1. Pick the person whose silence you wish to remove.
  1. Choose “Following” from the menu
  1. Choose “Mute.”
  1. Switch the “Stories” off.


It could be challenging to perform tasks on Instagram since certain elements are hidden. 

The “mute” and “unmute” buttons are one of these features that are concealed from view, but if you know your onions well, they shouldn’t be an issue. Even your buddies who are unsure of how to proceed might be made to suffer by you.


What makes “Mute” and “Unfollow” different from one another?

You can only avoid viewing the news and posts of the chosen party by muting. Unfollowing accomplishes the same goal, but you’ll need to follow the person again if you want to continue receiving their updates. 

A further difference between unfollowing and muting is that unfollowing is obvious, but muting happens covertly. They get a notice when you follow them back.

Is there a way to detect if someone else has muted me?

Not very. You probably won’t ever notice that you are on mute until you post anything while sitting next to your pal. 

Of course, if you want to know whether your buddy is listening or not, you might ask them what they thought of your most recent tale.

  • February 4, 2023