Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park: We provide SkyJumper Trampoline Park, Skyzone, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park,

  • Big Air Trampoline Park
  • Launch Trampoline Park
  • And AirHop Trampoline
  • Park Guildford

at Dream Garden Playground Company. 

The whole trampoline park equipment is Chinese-made. To learn more, please get in touch with us.

Trampoline Park With Interactive Features

Would you want to make your trampoline park more interactive? To make your trampoline park the most well-liked park in the neighbourhood, we provide a variety of interactive features. 

The ValoJump is very well-liked by tourists of all ages! For greater competition, it is possible to add a second ValoJump installation. 

The interactive targets (DodgeAttack or PowrPlay) for the Multi-Sport Area, the CardioWall in the Main Jump, and the interactive climbing wall (ValoClimb).

The interactive targets in your WalkWall are just a few of the interactive devices we provide that will draw more people to your park.

Modernise And Keep Up Your Trampoline Park

Improve your trampoline park! Your trampoline park needs an overhaul after a few prosperous years! You might expand your park, swap out current activities, or add brand-new features. 

The ValoJump, Big Bounce parcours, HiT iT! arenas and Ninja Course are popular new events. 

The aforementioned interactive features are simple to include in already-existing trampoline parks and significantly improve them.

Your trampoline park has to be maintained in addition to being upgraded and innovative.

Visitors’ security is always put first! Close off the area to avoid harmful circumstances if you see any broken or damaged components, and then get in touch with our service staff.

Trampolines From Big Bounce!

The popular television programme Big Bounce includes the most difficult and thrilling trampoline paramours thanks to ELI Play! In France and Germany, it was very successful. 

We provide Big Bounce trampoline partners for leisure parks so you may build a tough trampoline park or update an existing trampoline park. 

To finish the paramours, visitors must leap over a number of barriers. Learn more about the trampoline course at Big Bounce.

HiT iT! The Area Of Interactivity!

We provide the interactive HiT iT! arenas in addition to all the interactive features we can include in trampoline parks. 

HiT It is a venue with a variety of attractions and undiscovered goals. It offers challenge, thrill, rivalry, and entertainment. 

To register, begin the game, and strike the targets, each participant is equipped with an RFID wristband. 

The amount of effort required to strike the target determines how many points are on the target. 

The player scores additional points for targets that are in challenging locations. The player may see his score on the score screen after a time slot.

Supplier Of Trampoline Parks

Dream Garden Play set up her first trampoline park in 2017. Dream Garden Play is now one of China’s top manufacturers and producers of indoor trampoline parks and play equipment. 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

We create, manufacture, and erect tough and distinctive trampoline parks. The most recent news, trends, and developments are constantly available to our designers and technical developers. 

They develop innovative items to increase the difficulty of your trampoline park. Build a trampoline park of your own. 

Are Indoor Trampolines What You’re Searching For?

The best trampoline accessories are available from us. You may practise gymnastic manoeuvres, stunts or trampoline exercises at the Jump Arena. 

Popular features include the adult- and child-friendly Ninja course, the high-performance trampolines for practising tricks, and the dodgeball area for friendly competition. 

For practising stunts, we also provide a stunt zone with foam pit blocks or an airbag.

Manufacturer Of Indoor Trampoline parks, Dream Garden Play

Can you envision having your own indoor trampoline park? Go for it; both business owners and tourists will have a blast in this sector!

Do you prefer a park with a variety of sporting activities or the largest Jump Arena? We are pleased to assist you. 

A reputable maker of trampoline parks is Dream GARDEN Play. We collaborate to create your trampoline park’s layout. 

Following that, every component will be made in our own factory in the Netherlands. 

Make an appointment to see our corporate headquarters and manufacturing site by getting in touch with one of our account managers. 

You will observe that every product is custom-made thanks to this wonderful procedure.

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  • April 9, 2023