Why Is Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE? A True Reason

Why Is Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE? A True Reason

Why Is Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE? Jon Moxley was a prominent figure in WWE as Dean Ambrose, but he defected to AEW because he was unhappy with his position there.

One of the biggest celebrities on the globe is Jon Moxley

With his outrageous, spontaneous promos and aggressive wrestling techniques, he has undeniably moved beyond wrestling into popular culture. 

Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE

Dean Ambrose has to leave WWE in order for AEW to put the organisation on his back.

Jon Moxley Enjoys Wrestling In Deathmatches

It’s critical to understand who Mox was prior to being included in the WWE system. From the time of his debut in 2004 until 2011, Moxley operated on the independent circuit. 

Les Thatcher, a legendary wrestler, was his trainer. Moxley used to exchange training and ring time for working for the ring crew or selling popcorn early in his career.

Jon Moxley has made a name for himself as an expert in death matches by 2010. We saw Moxley push other talents like Roderick Strong and Nick Gage to the limit during his bouts in CZW and Full Impact Pro. 

He would then begin to test the boundaries of what was possible in a wrestling bout. WWE management took notice of this brazen and authentic kind of pro wrestling.

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In WWE Jon Moxley Changes His Name To Dean Ambrose

Moxley’s name was changed to Dean Ambrose after he joined WWE. He would be given a developmental deal in Florida for their FCW brand. 

He collaborated with several potential stars during this period, including William Regal, Seth Rollins, Xavier Woods, and Roman Reigns.

Dean Ambrose Departs From WWE To Reprise His Role As Jon Moxley In AEW

Ambrose had a run from 2014 to 2018 that was unmatched by many. He would later win the global championship, the Money in the Bank briefcase, and the American title, which he held for more than a year. 

Dean Ambrose would, however, decide to depart WWE at the height of his fame.

In 2019, Jon Moxley will appear on “Talk is Jericho” with Chris Jericho, another AEW superstar. In an interview, he was open and honest about leaving the organisation.

“I travelled to Tampa in my small beat-up vehicle for 24 hours straight, and now, eight years later, I get to live my dream… 

If we don’t get anything else out of this run, at least I got my wife, whom I met in WWE. Let’s bury the corporation for the next two hours now that we have it out of the way.

Moxley’s extreme dissatisfaction with the “prop humour” that had been a part of his tale for the last year with the company was always evident (2017-2018). 

I entered as a young person, and now I’m an adult. Jon Moxley thought he had outgrown the crude slapstick humour they were asking him to do and say.

The term “writer” will appear often in this episode. That was me talking about the absurd things I did on the way to the arena that day, I can’t recall what they were precise. 

These are the actions of a fool, not two or three things a man you would cheer for would do. I said, “So I’m an idiot,” when Vince continued, “This is you, and this is such fantastic crap.” 

That very much sums up the struggle I have been having for the last six years. Hire an actor if you want someone to read your ridiculous lines… I was quite resistant to the Vince Jedi mind trick that he uses on you, but I still fell for it.

Moxley said in the interview that he realised he was finished in July 2018. I intended to see it through to the end… To put my wife, who works there, in an uncomfortable situation would be unfair. 

Dean Ambrose wanted to return to being more Jon Moxley since the company’s scripts and creative shackles were too much for him. 

It was challenging to talk about “crushing skulls” while still being taught that bleeding is not permitted during competition. No longer did Mox want to “lie to the fans.”

So Why Is WWE Losing Dean Ambrose?

Even if this is all conjecture, Ambrose’s departure from the business is mostly the result of creative disagreements; according to a source, he did not like the “hokey sh*t” that WWE forced him to do on WWE RAW.

According to other rumours, he was reportedly opposed to a Shield reunion and skipped the event when Roman Reigns returned from his leukaemia fight earlier this year.

The Lunatic Fringe’s heel flip harmed Ambrose, according to Seth Rollins, who recently admitted that he and Ambrose didn’t like it.

Why Is Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE?

“It wasn’t exactly Ambrose’s greatest appearance, the way that impacted him. Everyone was against our fighting because we had already experienced how unpleasant it was. 

People didn’t want to see that I or he was offended; instead, they wanted to view us as brothers who cared for one another, Rollins told Yahoo Sports.

Ambrose is a very private guy outside of the ring, so possibly the cameras following him and his wife Renee Young, a WWE commentator, as they appeared on the reality series Total Divas, contributed to his discontentment with the company.

On April 21, 2019, The Shield competed in their final-ever WWE match against Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin, and Drew McIntyre. 

The bout was won by the legendary team, which made its debut back in 2012 at Survivor Series.

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