Best Time To Visit Seattle | Weather, Seasons & Months, Guide

Best Time To Visit Seattle | Weather, Seasons, Months, Hiking Guide

Best time to visit Seattle: Mid-May to early October is the ideal month to visit Seattle since these months have the lowest possibility of rain and the highest likelihood of pleasant to warm weather. 

Yet, this does not imply that you shouldn’t think about traveling to the Pacific Northwest at other times of the year.

Some visitors may be turned off by Seattle’s reputation for wet weather, but with the appropriate knowledge, you could decide that you prefer Seattle in March to July. 

It actually depends on the activities you plan to accomplish in Seattle, your weather preparedness, your crowd tolerance, and your financial situation.

I live in Seattle and am knowledgeable about all the best times to visit. 

I’ll break down what to anticipate throughout each month of the year, the typical temperature, and any events or festivals you may want to prepare for to help you decide when you’d want to schedule your vacation.

When Is Seattle’s Best Time to Visit?

Most tourists will like their time in Seattle if they go there between May and October. This time of year offers the greatest variety in both outdoor and interior excursions since the weather is the most reliable.

Having said that, if you know what to anticipate, you may have fun in the city at any time of year. These are some of the more precise calculations you may use to determine the optimal time of your visit to Seattle.

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When To Travel to Seattle if Weather is Good?

Come to Seattle between late June and September if you’re yearning for warm weather.

You can usually depend on a beautiful, sunny day from July through September, with magnificent vistas of Mount Rainier beckoning you from the south. 

You may go on hikes, relax in the parks, and catch some rays on the beaches. As the average temperature is approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius), the heat is bearable rather than oppressive.

Coming in the shoulder seasons of May through June and September to October is also a wonderful choice, however, it won’t be as warm as the hotter summer months. 

With a few more clouds in the sky and somewhat cooler temperatures (between 66 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit), you may expect nice weather (19-21 Celsius). 

These are often the times I encourage a visit since there are fewer people to deal with, plenty of activities to go to, and long, light-filled days.

When To Go To Seattle For Outdoor Activities & Hiking?

Utilizing Seattle as a launching point for mountain trips and trail running? The optimum months to accomplish it are from July through September. The three national parks’ temperatures are at their maximum at this time. 

Wildflowers abound in the meadows of Mount Rainier National Park, the North Cascades are easier to reach due to snowmelt, and there is less persistent rain when you visit Olympic National Park.

At this time of the summer, other outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding are also recommended.

When the flow is at its most stunning in the spring, between April and June, this is the greatest time of year for waterfall hunters to see the falls in all their splendor. 

Also, January and February are the ideal months to arrange a trip if you want to go skiing, snowboarding, or participating in other winter sports in the mountains.

When To Avoid Crowds In Seattle?

The Seattle crowds often thin out between late October and early April. During this time, the rainy season begins in full force, and temperatures start to dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Celcius).

There are advantages to enduring this period of apparently endless rain. Instead of rubbing shoulders with other visitors, you’ll have more chances to mingle with locals. 

Go museum hopping, hit up breweries, see a live play, and explore Seattle’s cuisine culture without the crowds. 

You may also visit the iconic Pike Place Market. There are plenty of activities available.

This may be a terrific season to visit Seattle as long as you take advantage of the daylight hours (from November through February, the sun sets quite early), pack warm clothing, and pack the proper rain gear.

When To Travel With Children And Families To Seattle?

Seattle is ideal for families with children of all ages between May and September. It will be easy to design a Seattle itinerary since there will be a selection of family-friendly events and activities in addition to the good weather.

Families and children will enjoy visiting the Seattle Aquarium, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Seattle Center, which all provide a variety of entertaining activities. 

Do a couple of family-friendly hikes, enjoy berry picking, then go out farther to the Wild Waves Water and Theme Park. 

Instead, spend time relaxing in one of the numerous city parks, where wading pools and spray parks that open in mid-June are available.

When To Travel On A Budget To Seattle?

Visit Seattle from March through May for the lowest hotel rates and flight charges. If your trip doesn’t coincide with a holiday weekend when costs increase, another choice is October through December.

You won’t have to worry about lodging costs skyrocketing in time for the summer crowds during any of these periods since they fall outside of the busiest summer months, but you should be prepared for rainy weather. 

Although you’ll save money on travel and lodging, the cost of the majority of local activities stays the same all year long.

Go to locations outside the Seattle region where you may get fantastic prices during the off-season if you want to save more money. 

It’s also worthwhile to go when there are food discounts available, such as during Seattle Restaurant Week or free events like The U-District Street Fair.

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When To Go To Festivals In Seattle?

The majority of Seattle’s fantastic festivals take place between April and October, with the largest ones taking place throughout the summer. If you’re interested in seeing them, come in between these months.

There are many possibilities, including music and cuisine festivals, craft fairs, floral and cultural festivals, and arts and crafts fairs. 

Although other popular ones, like Seafair, Pride, and the Seattle International Film Festival, last for a whole month, Fremont Solstice Fest only lasts for a single weekend.

To minimize annoyance with parking and crowds, be sure to plan your transportation well in advance if you want to go during one.

Travel Seasons In Seattle

February And January

Seattle is at its most tranquil in January and February. Most Seattle residents take advantage of this opportunity to unwind at home now that the Christmas season is past and winter has arrived. 

Right now, Seattle is experiencing some of its wettest, coldest, and darkest months of the year (the sun rises around 8 and sets around 5 in the wintertime so daylight is limited). 

Expect snow and temperatures to range from 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Make the most of Seattle’s indoor events during these months by participating in them. 

  • Seattle’s Museums

See independent theatres, go beer hopping, explore Seattle’s museums, and visit Pike Place Market, the Seattle Center, and other tourist destinations (sans crowds).

  • Winter Activities 

This is a fantastic time to go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains! Skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling enthusiasts might choose Crystal Mountain and Snoqualmie Pass. 

  • Mount Rainier National Park

At Mount Rainier National Park, you may also go snowshoeing or ride the Mt. Rainier Gondola to get a birds-eye perspective of Rainier and the rest of the Cascade range.

  • The Annual Northwest Art And Garden 

The show, which takes place at the Washington State Convention Center, is ideal for anybody who enjoys plants or wants a taste of spring in the midst of winter. 

You may anticipate seeing displays of flowers and gardens, a shop where you can purchase plants and other gardening supplies, and lectures and demonstrations from gardening professionals.

April And March

Seattle may still be visited in March and April when daytime highs range from 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The weather in March and April tends to be similar: there is a lot of rain, a lot of overcast days, and sometimes an unexpected amount of sunlight. 

In the early spring, Seattleites begin to emerge from their winter “hibernation,” and festivities gain momentum. For outdoor activities, raincoats are still a must-have.

  • Flower Festivals 

The city’s cherry blossoms begin to bloom in mid to late March. You can see this lovely springtime exhibit on the quad on the University of Washington campus. 

  • Skagit Valley 

Every year, locals and tourists swarm here to enjoy the flowers. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is another outstanding springtime floral spectacle not to be missed. 

This occurs in Skagit Valley, a farming region with miles of tulip fields. Although bloom timings vary from year to year, the event normally takes place around April.

  • Taste Washington

 is a sizable event that features wineries and eateries from all across Washington and offers visitors the opportunity to sample a range of local eats and beverages. 

Everyone who enjoys wine, food, and discovering novel and unique combinations will really like this event. It usually happens in March in several spots across Seattle’s downtown.

  • Moisture Festival 

Is a four-week festival that offers a variety of live performances including comedy, burlesque, circus acts, and other genres. 

  • Vaudeville Acts

This is one of the greatest methods to introduce the new season since the programs cater to all age groups. You can count on the entertaining and outstanding vaudeville acts to make you laugh a lot.

June And May

Seattle is beautiful in May and June when there are fewer wet days and more sunny days. It’s a terrific time to go on walks, go on the water, hang out in parks, visit flowering gardens, and more as the temperatures start to increase to more agreeable levels. 

Also, this is the official start of “festival season.”

 Fremont Solstice Parade

The Fremont Solstice Parade, one of Seattle’s biggest celebrations, features floats, artists, singers, dancers, and, maybe most famously and well-known, cyclists who are riding bare-chested. 

Hundreds of market sellers, beer gardens, and mouthwatering cuisine are all present at this weekend-long festival in June in one of Seattle’s liveliest neighborhoods. This is a must if you are in town for the event.

  • International Film Festival Of Seattle

A three-week festival that emphasizes independent and international films and documentaries, usually held in May or June (but 2022 will see an early return in April). 

This draws moviegoers from all over the globe who are eager to see the premieres and sometimes the sole showings of innovative and boundary-pushing films.

  • The Northwest Folklife Festival 

Is the event to go to if you want to experience Pacific Northwest culture firsthand. 

Throughout the Memorial Day weekend, the Seattle Center hosts a laid-back festival with live folk music, dancing performances, art booths, homemade crafts, a variety of cuisine, and ideal people-watching opportunities.

August And July

In Seattle, July and August are often cited as the most picturesque months. The temperature is warm but not oppressively so, and since the sun sets late, it is often bright outside until almost 10 p.m. 

Beer gardens are crowded, restaurant and bar patios are open, and residents and tourists throng to the lakes, parks, beaches, and hiking trails. 

The wonderful summer weather makes it worthwhile even though you will have to negotiate the summer throng during this time.

  • In Seafair

Since the 1950s, this one-month event has been a Seattle summer institution. There are a number of iconic events happening in different venues around Seattle from July through August. 

  • Celebration At Lake Union

The Fourth of July celebration at Lake Union, the Milk Carton Derby in Greenlake, and the Weekend Festival in Genesee Park and Lake Washington are a few examples. 

Due to the performance of the Blue Angels Airshow, the latter is one of the major attractions of Seafair.

  • Parliament Hill Block Party

This weekend-long festival of music and art takes place in July and features performers including Lizzo, Diplo, Major Lazer, and Still Woozy. 

It’s an excellent place to find new musicians since lesser-known but equally brilliant acts have performed here as well. 

This event may be congested, with attendees jammed into a few blocks of the Pike/Pine Corridor’s major thoroughfare. Nonetheless, for partygoers and music fans, now is the perfect time to visit Seattle.

  • Have A Taste Of Seattle

The gourmet event is called Bite of Seattle. Certain appetizers at about $5 are available from restaurants, food trucks, and other food sellers. 

  1. Tacos
  2. Hamburgers
  3. Ribs
  4. Gyoza
  5.  Cajun 

Cuisine and more are available here. For entertainment, while you dine, The Bite also hosts cook-offs, beer gardens, and cider tastings.

  • Observing whales

It’s a terrific time to go whale watching during these months. While there’s a possibility you’ll see them in the Seattle area, go to the San Juan Islands for assurance. 

  • Whale-watching

In order for the pros to direct you to the majestic orca whales of Puget Sound, search for whales on land at Lime Kiln State Park or reserve a whale-watching excursion long in advance.

October And September

Seattle is at its best in September and October. Even though the weather starts to drop down, September is a beautiful month, and up until the middle of October, it’s pretty pleasant. 

There is still a lot to do, and you can go outside pleasantly up until mid-October, even if people start to thin out as the temperature drops. 

When the leaves turn and golden larches emerge in the mountains, Seattle becomes flooded in color.

  • Fair In Washington State 

There is something for everyone at the Washington State Fair. It is a considerably bigger version of a small-town fair and is held in Puyallup, which is south of Seattle. 

  • Photography Exhibitions

Visit this place to indulge in fair cuisine (particularly the fair scones and curly fries), ride the rides, engage in traditional fair activities, see photography exhibitions, take in musical performances, view fireworks, and so much more. 

It’s a terrific way to spend a day in the waning days of summer. The month-long celebration starts in early September.

  • Bumbershoot

Each Labor Day Weekend, the Seattle Center hosts a sizable music and art event called Bumbershoot (slang for umbrella). Top performers from the hip-hop, indie, and rock genres have performed there over the last 50 years. 

The festival’s production partner has changed as of 2022, thus attendees could see it return in a little bit of a different configuration than in prior years.

  • Jazz Festival Earshot

The Earshot Jazz Festival, which unites the Seattle jazz scene and highlights the skills of regional and international performers, begins in October. 

Jazz is performed in a variety of styles during the festival, and since there are concerts all across Seattle, it’s simple to catch a couple no matter where you’re staying.

  • Seafood Week In Seattle 

Every two years, between late October and the spring, Seattle Restaurant Week takes place. 

During it, hundreds of participating restaurants provide set rates for multi-course lunches and evenings, usually for $20 or $35. 

Discovering some new eateries in your neighborhood at a fair pricing range is a terrific idea right now.

October To December

Once the rainy season begins in earnest in November and December, be prepared for lower temperatures and shorter days. 

There is a very little risk of snow in either month, despite the fact that both are equally chilly and damp. 

It’s not a terrible time to visit Seattle since, despite the weather, these months are great for becoming snug and merry. 

The Christmas season has begun, and there are a variety of activities to go to, including tree lightings, craft fairs, holiday performances, and more.

  • Northwest Chocolate Fest 

For fans of chocolate, this event is a must. The top chocolatiers in the world will be exhibiting, teaching courses, and doing demonstrations. 

You may enjoy a broad range of chocolate confections and other delicious delicacies in addition to learning from the pros.

  • The Winterfest

The Seattle Center hosts Winterfest every year from late November through December. A model railway and winter town are among the highlights of the kid-friendly festival, which also includes lighting ceremonies, plays, and musical acts. 

  • The Ice Rink

The ice rink, where children and people of all ages may practice ice skating, is one of Winterfest’s outstanding features.

  • The Argosy Christmas Ship

Regular boat trips are available year-round from Argosy Cruises, but during the holidays they also offer a special Christmas Ship cruise. 

  •  Choirs Perform 

The boat floats through several settlements along the coast of Puget Sound while decorated with lights. Choirs perform for the passengers, who also have access to a full-service bar, while they are on board.

  • Trip To Leavenworth For The day 

A day excursion from Seattle to Leavenworth in December is very memorable. A half million lights are used to finish the makeover of the whole town into a magnificent hamlet that is known as Christmastown. 

Every day in December, you may take part in holiday-themed events including contests for the best gingerbread houses, daily giveaways, carolers, bands and choirs, and carriage and sleigh rides.

Seattle Climate And Weather

Due to Seattle’s moderate climate, the city has fairly consistent mild weather. Summers are pleasant and dry, while winters are chilly and rainy. 

Neither season hits extremes very often, but when Seattle does, the snow or heat wave doesn’t stick around for very long.

Seattle has around 152 rainy days and 38 inches of annual precipitation. Both of these are greater than the US national averages. 

Best Time To Visit Seattle

Seattle has more days with some rain than other sections of the nation, but less intense downpours.

Seattle doesn’t seem very humid despite having a high average humidity of 70 to 80 percent. This is due to the summer months having the lowest relative humidity, making humid days exceedingly infrequent. 

The summers in Seattle have recently been increasingly affected by nearby wildfires. Visitors should be careful to check the air quality before engaging in outdoor activities if they are there during a smokey event.


What time of year is rainy in Seattle?

The rainy season in Seattle lasts from late October until early April. Seattle averages 38 inches of precipitation per year, with July being the driest and November being the wettest.

Which month has the most sunshine in Seattle?

The least likely month for precipitation and the sunniest month overall in Seattle in July.

How long do you need to stay in Seattle?

Seattle should be visited for four or five days at the very least. This offers you the opportunity to see well-known Seattle sites, discover communities outside of the city, and then go farther for a day excursion, a hike, or both.

If you just have one day in Seattle, you can make the most of it by using my one-day-in-Seattle itinerary.

Which month is the hottest in Seattle?

In Seattle, August is the hottest month. During the month, the temperature hovers around 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius).

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