What Does ❤️ < 3 Mean On Social Media? | Best Uses & Facts

What Does ❤️ < 3 Mean On Social Media?

❤️ <3 Mean On Social Media: While the number 3 certainly won’t appear like it has any exceptional importance. Everything rests upon what sign you set before it.

In texting, there are two basic methods of employing the number 3,

  1. First, you may insert “<“, or the not precisely sign, to form a heart <3. This is an indicator of friendliness for someone, who is not sincere (100%) of the time.
  1. The second thing you may do is insert a colon “:”, to obtain :3, a charming, silly expression, or a demure smile. This is typically utilized by more young folks when texting.

In basic terms <3 on social media is “LOVE”. It is used as a shoptalk on well-known social media platforms. <3 represents a heart and the heart is a common picture of “love”.

❤️ <3 Mean On Social Media

Many persons who use WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok commonly use slang in their compositions. 

It offers a concise definition of the terms. It helps in speedy composing especially when you are texting.

The 3 likewise performs a vital job in ensuring that correspondences are conveyed along the shortest route imaginable. 

The number 3 signifies a charming face. And it is steadily being employed in message delivery.

Cute is addressed by emoji <3, and it very likely may be a kid, a tiny puppy, or a cat. The picture targets the eyes. While the number 3 addresses a tiny dog’s charming smile.

What Does It Mean To Have A Sideways Heart?

If you’re bewildered by sideways hearts, you’ve come to the correct spot. Sideways heart means 3. It’s a heart that’s flipped on its side. 

The number <3 signifies the heart, while the heart is used to symbolize “love.” As a consequence, the meaning of <3 is “love.”

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Why Is The Heart Seen As A Universal Symbol Of Love?

Plato, a Greek philosopher born in 424 BCE, was among the first to suggest that the heart was related to our deepest emotions, including love. 

His discoveries were certainly impacted by the fact that our hearts beat in tandem with emotions such as fear, hatred, fury, pain, and love.

Plato’s idea was built upon by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who argued that the heart governed all human activities, not only emotions. 

We have continued to equate love with our hearts ever since.

What Precisely Is Slang?

Slang, acronyms, and abbreviations abound among social media users.

Slang is a highly casual language or words or phrases that are generally confined to a certain setting or group of individuals.

Slang Examples:

  1. Dope – “It Signifies Cool or Excellent”.
  1. The abbreviation GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Time.”
  1. It Implies “Good, Cool, Or Doing Well.”
  1. Lit Translates As “Exciting, Cool, Or Amazing.”

<3 In Social Media Messaging

 The 3 also plays a key part in ensuring that messages are transmitted along the shortest path feasible. 

The number 3 indicates a lovely face, and it is increasingly being utilized in message transmission. Cuteness is symbolized by emoticon 3, and it may be a baby, a dog, or a cat. 

The sign depicts the eyes, while the number 3 indicates a puppy’s charming grin. Everyone who employs significant social media sites is acquainted with all of these symbols.

Other Inventive Ways To Express <3 On Social Media

  • It Is not difficult to think you are mine.
  • You have no clue how thrilled I am when you are around.
  • I am pleased you have the opposite side of my bed.

Love may take many forms. Commitment, compassion, forgiveness, sharing, and a range of other attributes are all examples. 

So, before you go about telling everyone how much you love them, make sure your actions back it up.

How Can We Use <3 Mean On Social Media In Texting?

The “:3” also plays a vital area of power for a play in expressing the messages by the briefest route. The meaning of “:3” is an innocent/cute face.

And it is coming out to be all the more routinely utilized in message sending. The emoji :3 signifies sweetness.

Here the person “:” symbolizes the eyes and the number ‘3’ signifies the charming smile of a dog. This plethora of photographs is normally utilized by everyone that uses renowned social media stages.

Common Text Slang

Previously we go into the word list of text slang examples, let’s look at some regularly used text slang you may have encountered before.

  • BTW – by the way
  • HMU – hit me up
  • IDC – I don’t care
  • IDK – I don’t know
  • IKR – I know, right
  • IMHO – in my humble opinion
  • IMO – in my view
  • LMK – let me know
  • LOL – laugh out loud
  • NVM – nevermind
  • OFC – of course
  • OMG – oh my God!
  • ROFL – rolling on the floor, laughing
  • TBH – to be honest
  • TGIF – thank heavens it’s Friday! Thank God it’s Friday!
  • TL/DR – too lengthy; I didn’t read
  • TTYL – chat to you later
  • TXT – an acronym for text
  • WTF – what the f***
  • WUU2 – what are you up to? What are you doing?
  • BRB – be right back

Texting Slang Deciphering Guide with Examples

Text slang mixes symbols and unique abbreviations with distinct meanings. Here’s a classified collection of text slang phrases and terms.

Text Actions & Questions

  • Aight – alright?
  • AYT? – are you there?
  • CM – call me
  • CMB – call me back
  • CTC? – care to chat?
  • HBU? – how about you? How ’bout you?
  • HRU? – how are you?
  • MYOB = mind your own business
  • NOYB – not your own business
  • OTL = across the line or one true love
  • PLMK – pls let me know
  • PTB – pls text back
  • RU? – are you?
  • SWYP – what’s your problem? What’s your point?
  • TTYL or TTUL – chat to you later
  • W8? – what?
  • WBU? – what about you? What ’bout you?
  • WRU@? – where are you at? Where are you?
  • WTPA – where’s the party at?
  • WUF? – where are you from?
  • WYD? – what are you doing?
  • WYCM – will you call me?
  • YEARLY? – yep, really
  • ZUP? – what’s up?

The Uses symbols In Business

Though we wouldn’t advocate sending your employer or instructor a message full of text lingo, it’s worth knowing them, JIC! (Just in case)

  • ABD – has been done
  • AEAP – as early as possible
  • ASAP – as soon as possible
  • CTR – click-through rate
  • DM = direct message
  • KIT – stay in contact
  • NRN – not right now
  • OOO – out of office
  • P2P – peer to peer
  • PM – private message
  • ROI – return on investment
  • RX – regards
  • SOL – sooner or later
  • SPOC – a single point of contact
  • TBA – to be announced
  • TBC – to be verified, to be continued
  • UL – upload
  • URW – you’re welcome
  • UW – you’re welcome
  • VIP – extremely important person
  • W/END – weekend
  • WAH – working at home
  • WB – write a reply
  • WFH – working from home
  • WIU – wrap it up
  • WKD – weekend
  • WRK – work
  • YAM – yet another gathering


Finally, you have ended the creation guide, and you hope that it supplied you with a wealth of helpful information that will help you communicate with future generations. 

So give it a chance on a social networking site for a little since people appreciate emojis in this timeless world, and emoticons have a bright future. Learn about the new world and stay up with it.

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