How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone? 2 Easy Methods

How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone? 2 Easy Methods

How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone? When examining your iPhone use data, you may see that some applications, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, are sucking up a load of RAM on your iPhone. 

This is because applications like Instagram will amass cache data (such as photographs and videos) and saves them on the device every time you use the app. 

Your Instagram cache helps seeing posts faster, but it may also take up space to the point that it may ultimately suck up significant storage space and slow down your iPhone.

To assist you, this post will provide 2 free solutions for you to delete Instagram app caches from your iPhone.

Method# 1: Directly Clear Instagram App Cache On iPhone

The first approach may simply go to the Settings of the Instagram App to delete the cache to free up more space for your iPhone. Here is the comprehensive technique for cleaning Instagram cache.

1. Steps To Remove Instagram Web History from Instagram App

Step# 1: Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone.

Step# 2: Click on the Profiles icon at the bottom.

Step# 3: Now click on the Settings button in the upper right corner.

Step# 4: Tap Security, locate the “Clear Search History” and click on it.

Step# 5: Tap Clear All > Clear All.

2. Steps to Clear Instagram Cache from iPhone App Settings

Step# 1: Unlocked your iPhone and open the Settings app.

Step# 2: Go to “Settings” > “iPhone Storage” > “Facebook“.

Step# 3: Tap on the “Delete App” option to delete Instagram from your iPhone.

Step# 4: Install Instagram from iTunes App Store onto your iPhone once Instagram has been uninstalled from your iPhone.

When you re-download and update Instagram once more, you’ll need to log back into the Instagram account

The caches will be removed and the overall size of the app will be decreased, you can check that manually if wanted by going to the Settings “Storage” section and locating the Instagram app again.

Note: However, if you want to boost the total performance and speed up your iPhone, it is not enough to delete simply Instagram caches, you need to clean off all caches from all other applications. 

With these manual approaches to clear iPhone caches from every app one by one, it should be a lot of effort to clean iPhone caches. 

So you may resort to the advanced approach to clean Instagram caches with the other app caches along with simplicity.

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Method# 2: One Click To Clear All Instagram Cache On iPhone Using Syncios iOS Eraser

Not just Instagram, but also other third-party applications utilize more storage space than they should. 

To erase all these cached data, we strongly suggest you utilize Syncios iOS Eraser to clear all cached files (including Instagram caches) on your iPhone. 

With the aid of this iOS data cleaner, YOU can carefully analyze your iPhone and clear out all cache data on your own iPhone with just 1 click.

Key Features Of Syncios iOS Eraser
  • Five cleaning modes: Free up space; Erase all data; Erase deleted files; Erase private data; Erase private pieces — to remove the material safely and permanently according to your demand.
  • Preview data and choose the specific files that you wish to wipe, to avoid destroying vital data.
  • completely wipe data without a possibility of recovery even with the most advanced recovery tools.
How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone?
  • Previously deleted files may also be found and the application will completely destroy them for privacy protection.
  • Permanently remove incomplete pieces or traces left by WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and 10+ applications, to safeguard your private details from being disclosed.

1. Steps To wipe Out Instagram caches On iPhone

Step# 1: 

Install Syncios iOS Data Remover and connects your iPhone to your PC.And please remember to switch off Find My iPhone first if you want to permanently remove your iPhone data.

Step# 2: 

Once your device is linked, Syncios shows the panel interface of Free Up Space by default. There are 6 divisions “Waste files”, “Storage Files”, “Camera Roll”, “Photos App”, and “Huge Documents and Apps”.

Step# 3: 

Click on the Quick Scan button to evaluate and scan your device.

The scan will take 10 seconds for the first time. When it did, you will get a result list of scans. It indicates the spaces consumed by Junk files, Temporary Files, etc.

Step# 4: 

To delete the Instagram cache on your iPhone, click the Clean option beneath Junk Files and Temporary Files. It will instantly clear out all Instagram app cache and free up your iPhone space.

Note: If you want to entirely remove fragments of files on Instagram, you may pick the “Erase Private Fragments” from the left-side menu.

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2. Step Completely Erase Instagram Fragment On iPhone

 Step# 1:

First, launch Syncios iOS Eraser and choose Erase Private Data option on the main screen.

Step# 2: 

The following is to attach your iOS device to the computer through an acceptable USB cable for a steady connection, and simply click on the blue button Erase.

Step# 3: 

Syncios can effectively identify the confidential areas for your data security. After you chose the things needing to be wiped, please tap on Erase Now and then 1-Click clean away the private records.


Now you’ve learned how to erase the Instagram cache from your iPhone. Not just the program caches, but there are also various hidden files and disregarded app fragments that might contain your personal information. 

Although you believe you’ve erased them earlier, they do exist and need certain third-party solutions to properly eliminate them. 

There’s no question that wiping this data is a smart approach to preserve your privacy and optimize your iPhone’s storage. 

And Syncios iOS Eraser can let you free up and permanently remove data from your iPhone with a 0% recovery rate. 

By doing this, your personal information and privacy are safeguarded even if you wind up selling the gadget or giving it away.

  • December 3, 2022