When Will Fortnite Be Back Up? [CH 4, Season 2] Best Info

When Will Fortnite Be Back Up? [CH 4, Season 2] Best Info

When Will Fortnite Be Back Up? In a few hours, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 will begin.

Even though Epic hasn’t made a public announcement about when the servers for Fortnite will be back up, certain historical precedents and logical inferences offer us a reasonably precise frame of time. 

The gist of it is: You won’t have to wait very long. Continue reading to get a more thorough response. 

After the planned downtime is over, you may resume playing Fortnite at these times.

The Fortnite Servers Will Be Back Up When?

After the conclusion of Chapter 4 Season 1, Fortnite is now experiencing planned downtime. 

This indicates that Chapter 4 Season 2 is rapidly approaching and that it will have, among other things, new combat passes, weaponry, and island aesthetics. 

But none of it matters unless gamers can access the Fortnite servers again. Epic loves to keep this a secret, but historical precedent implies Fortnite will be playable once again on December 10 between the hours of 4 AM and 7 AM PT / 7 AM and 10 AM ET. 

Based on our experience covering several Fortnite seasons, we’ve estimated a three-hour window; but, as usual, the exact timing is susceptible to fluctuate for a variety of reasons.

One is that the most recent patch for the game requires downtime, and fixes might be delayed. 

Although Epic wants to release Chapter 4 Season 2 as soon as feasible, unexpected events may interfere with that goal. 

It’s also important to remember that the most recent Fortnite seasons had a queuing system that made it harder for players to access the game beyond the main menu. 

This is done to allow Epic to bring in gamers at a steady yet reasonable pace and avoid server saturation. 

At the very least, you should prepare for a line when you launch Fortnite tomorrow. It’s going to be a really busy day for Epic and all of the Fortnite gamers since a new chapter debut is about as big as it gets in the game.

As you wait for downtime to finish, make sure to keep reading to discover about Fortnite Mega, the name of the upcoming neon-lit and Japan-inspired season. A lot has already been disclosed about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Crossover Between Fortnite And Attack On Titan

The second season of Chapter 4 will be themed around future Japan and include Eren Yeager from the anime series Attack on Titan as the battle pass bonus skin, according to well-known Fortnite leakers like Shiina, who tweeted this information last week. 

Also, there are rumors that we’ll receive a new “waist grappler” mythological mobility gadget with an Attack on Titans motif that will function similarly to the Spider-Man hands or Grappler.

Shiina claims that the Scout Regime Salute emote, a Titan “Ice Fist” pickaxe, and a weapon wrap will all be included with the Eren Yeager skin on page 1 of the additional prizes. They are unaware of what is on page 2.

As this is going on, Firemonkey has said that Season 2 would have wall running, a wall kick technique, and a new Katana melee weapon, all of which seem at least loosely related to the Attack on Titan collaboration if not directly made as a result of it. 

Apart from that, he also said in the same tweet that there will be 15 additional augments, indicating that the system was here to stay. 

He didn’t specify if these augments would coexist with the ones in use as of this season or whether they would take their place.

GMatrix claims that the katana will feature dash and slam attacks and that it won’t be found in typical chests. 

They will probably function just like Fortnite’s existing sword and hammer melee weapons, which have been included in Creativity for a few seasons but have not yet been deployed in Battle Royale.

Will The Maps In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Undergo Any Significant Changes?

Yes! At least six additional locales have been mentioned by FireMonkey, either significant designated Places of Interest or minor Landmarks. 

  • Cyber Dragon 
  • Dojo
  •  Hot Springs 
  • Loot Island
  • Neon City
  • and Zen Garden 

are their codenames. 

According to FireMonkey, Loot Isle is a floating island in the sky that could be reachable via the Rift Gate in the Citadel (and likely other new Rift Gates located elsewhere).

The map will likely look quite a bit different next season if all six are in fact complete POIs.

Will Chapter 4 Season 2 Bring Fortnite A First-Person Mode At Last?

Shiina and Hypex both say “yes”! They did not provide any additional information, such as whether there would be a full-fledged, independent first-person. 

Battle Royale mode or, perhaps more ideal, a toggle that could be used in certain circumstances, similar to aiming down the sights with a scoped weapon but without the need for a weapon.

What Is The Second Season’s Subtitle For Fortnite Chapter 4?

For Chapter 4 Season 2, Epic has included a few new “Hashflags” (a Twitter hashtag that is accompanied by an emoji, as companies love to do). 

They have #FortniteMEGA, #GoToMEGA, and #FortniteChapter4Season2, among other hashtags. 

The second season of Chapter 4 seems like it will be a massive season. The new battle bus key graphic that has already started to appear in the Nintendo Switch UI can be seen here.

The first official teaser for the next season was posted on Tuesday by the Fortnite official account.

What Else Do We Know About Chapter 4 Season 2 Of Fortnite?

The fourth batch of Oathbound narrative objectives provides the clearest hints this week regarding the tale’s overall structure. 

Rift Ward Stellan discusses throughout these missions how the Ageless Champion agreed to construct the Rift Gate next to the Citadel at the request of a “Shapeless Man” who was in charge of the chrome invasion that obliterated the previous Fortnite island. 

Stellan is quite concerned about this Shapeless Man, who he characterizes as seeking some kind of “perfect order”; this is very probably Geno, the creator of the Imagined Order, who plunged into the Zero Point in Chapter 3 and who has unquestionably changed quite a little. 

Moreover, The Nothing, who was in charge of the chrome invasion that wiped out the previous battle royale island, matches the description of this Shapeless Man as well. They must be the same individual, in my opinion.

This is a significant step for Fortnite’s main storyline. Except for narrative objectives involving The Scientist in Chapter 3 Season 3 and two cutscenes with The Paradigm in Chapter 3 Season 4, the island’s long-term factions have been absent since we vanquished the IO back in Chapter 3 Season 2. 

The dialogue from the Bytes missions from the previous season suggested that The Nothing had some connection to The Last Reality, but given that they and the IO were at war in Chapter 2, it would be difficult to assume he is working together with both of them. But you have to admit, it would be a pretty nice twist.

Even though there are still a few more Oathbound tasks to complete before the season is up, as things stand this Rift Gate remains open and in use, and we were unable to close it since an unidentified party is now in charge of it and keeping it open.

The Fox Clan and the Peace Syndicate are two more dated groups who seem to be involved in Chapter 4 Season 2 in addition to the IO and Last Reality. 

Members of the Fox Clan have played Fortnite for as long as it has existed; Drift, one of the game’s most well-known skins, was included in the Chapter 1 Season 5 Battle Pass. And the Fox Clan was also the owner of the well-known Crew skin Vi.

However, the Fox Clan was not mentioned as a group until Chapter 2 of Season 5, when an unidentified foe nearly wiped them out before Drift, Vi, Catalyst, and other members brought the group back. 

Members of the Fox Clan are renowned for possessing special skills and abilities that use Rifts (the name “Drift” is a pun).

The phantom Kondor, employed by the IO, is believed to be that adversary, but the Fox Clan narrative fizzled out and never gained much traction; Epic is free to rewrite its history as they choose.

The Peace Syndicate is a more modern organization that was originally alluded to in Chapter 3 Season 2’s conflict with IO and subsequently served as the primary subject of Season 3, also known as the Vibin’ season. 

Evie from the Season 3 battle pass has served as the group’s public face; Twyn from the Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass and Meowscles are also members of the Peace Syndicate.

Since the Peace Syndicate, in particular, has always had shadowy undertones, we don’t yet sure what the Fox Clan or they have to do with all of this or even whether they’re good people or evil men in this circumstance. 

The Fox Clan is the focus of one of the Rift occurrences that are always teleporting around the island, and both factions are mentioned in the Oathbound missions and several new text strings that were added with the 23.50 release.

What Skins Are Included In The Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass For Fortnite?

The new Cipher tasks were also included in the 23.50 update, and one of the prizes for them has revealed what is probably going to be a battle pass skin. 

A Distant Roar, a spray that is given as a reward for doing a series of Cipher tasks, is the item in issue. 

A stylish lizard guy sporting a Thriller jacket is shown in this spray; this is a figure from a previous Fortnite clothing poll.

When Will Fortnite Be Back Up?

You can very much anticipate seeing him in your locker in the near future if Epic is teasing him in the game in this manner.

HypeX and Shiina, Fortnite leakers, tweeted out what they claim to be the whole battle pass lineup on Friday. 

The lizard guy above the top and Eren Yeager were both among the five, and you can see the other four below.

This week, there was just one more skin rumor, which was that a new Drift version will be released. 

The Drift skin, according to Shiina, is the one on the middle right of the top row and it resembles Drift much better in-game.

Are There Any Other Partnerships Planned For Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2?

Shiina and HypeX were informed of more collaborations for Season 2: Resident Evil, which will result in Claire Redfield and Leon S. 

Kennedy skins are being added to the item store, by the source that has provided them with the most, if not all, of the information in this round of leaks. 

A new Star Wars-related event will reportedly take place, according to FireMonkey, and it will include Force abilities, something Fortnite’s earlier Star Wars events lacked, as well as the mythological lightsaber weapon’s return.

He said that two new male skins would be available in the item shop to coincide with this occasion. Could they be celebrating the release of Jedi: Survivor by introducing Cal Kestus to the item store? Or maybe the original trilogy will be extended? I’m addressing Lando and Chewbacca.

Thus far, it is all we are aware of. But, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is so near at this point that we should start seeing additional teasers and clues very soon.


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  • March 13, 2023