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Why Am I So Stupid? Amazing 6 Reason

Why Am I So Stupid? Amazing 6 Reason

Does it sometimes seem like you simply keep making ‘stupid choices’ and lousy decisions? Do you feel like you’re always beating yourself up for being so stupid? You are not alone and you CAN alter it. Read on…

Most, if not all, individuals have questioned themselves at some time “why am I so stupid?” Or similar. 

Maybe you continue making the same errors and simply don’t seem to be able to modify your conduct. 

Maybe it seems like you can’t get through the day without saying something embarrassing. Maybe there are a whole bunch of various reasons you find yourself asking this question, let me assist you to uncover the genuine answer to the question.

Spoiler warning! – You’re NOT dumb.

Why Am I So Stupid | Amazing 6 Reason

The following are what you should consider while choosing to Why am I so stupid  for

  1. What Does It Mean To Be “So Stupid”?
  1. Emotions Aren’t So Stupid
  1. Forgive Yourself
  1. Learning Not To Be So Stupid
  1. Awareness Isn’t So Stupid
  1. Accept The Stupid

Let’s discuss these in the detail:

What Does It Mean To Be “So Stupid”?

Before we answer the question, let’s truly look at what ‘stupid’ really implies.

When we speak of being dumb or not, we are generally referring to intellect. This is often quantified in IQ (Intelligence Quota) (Intelligence Quota). 

This is the first error that individuals make with this question… Often when we question “Why am I so stupid?” We are asking the incorrect question. 

If we were very foolish then we would be unlikely to look back and recognize the blunder we committed. 

It truly demands intellect to think back on our acts, evaluate them, and conclude that we might have done something better.

Chances are, you’re reading this because you find yourself feeling foolish yet have the intellect to recognize it and challenge it. Questioning and investigating – it seems very clever to me.

To put it another way – whatever caused you to raise the question “Why am I so stupid?” Was probably had nothing to do with being dumb. You’re not dumb.

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Emotions Aren’t So Stupid

One ‘guideline’ (since guidelines are better than rules) I have in my clinic for my individual clients is that we substitute the term ‘stupid’ with ‘silly’. 

See, a lot of the things we do are ridiculous. Overreacting, getting in a flap, making anxious blunders, repeating old patterns and behaviors, and generally making ‘ridiculous’ mistakes – These are all silly things that people frequently feel dumb about, but aren’t anything to do with reasoning and intellect.

When we feel a specific way or instinctively respond to an emotion or stimuli it’s typically driven by prior learning or old beliefs. 

We normally know how but would want to behave, particularly when looking back on it logically, we simply don’t act that way at the time.

Judging your reasoning and IQ solely on your emotional emotions is erroneous and unjust. 

Things will make you feel considerably worse than putting it in perspective and knowing that it’s not your IQ getting in your way. It’s your learned behavior, habits, and beliefs.

In simple – you are not foolish.

Forgive Yourself

No one ever beat themselves up into feeling better about themselves. If you’ve been feeling foolish the odds are you’ve been quite cruel to yourself about it too. 

That’s natural but that doesn’t make it right. Recognizing that your blunders are motivated by emotion and not reasoning should make it simpler to realize that it’s not about you not being good enough, it’s partially about you not being good enough TO YOURSELF. 

If a kid repeated actions that weren’t appropriate you wouldn’t beat them up the way you beat yourself up, would you? You’d probably be a lot more patient and understanding, knowing that this would help them develop. 

If a child does merely get screamed at without fully knowing why it may be damaging to their development and they are less likely to learn from the incident because they will be too overwhelmed with the emotions to properly engage the rational thought necessary to reflect on it. You’re not that different.

Beating yourself up makes it difficult to think properly, making you feel even more foolish but… You are not stupid.

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Learning Not To Be So Stupid

If your errors were caused by ignorance, then you would learn from them and wouldn’t find yourself repeating them so quickly. 

But there’s good news — You can learn to be less foolish too. The first step to take that will make it much easier to learn and develop from your errors is to forgive yourself, like above.

You can’t alter the past. What is done is done and will not have occurred. You may, however, utilize the past to alter the future. 

Once you forgive yourself, it becomes much simpler to concentrate on learning and developing from it. 

Learning Not To Be So Stupid

If you’re difficult to forgive yourself then concentrating on learning from it, may make you more able to forgive yourself as you begin to grow from it regardless.

Every dumb error is another chance for development and learning. The “stupid” errors I’ve made in the past have become a part of the person I am now and I have learned a LOT more from my failures than I have ever learned from things going to plan.

The simple fact that you arrived here implies that you are seeking for solutions. This means that you are not as foolish as you believe.

Awareness Isn’t So Stupid

It needed self-awareness to conclude that this blog was worth reading. You’re already on your path to improving.

Awareness plays a significant influence in turning things around too. How can you expect to improve anything if you don’t know what might be improved? 

By being prepared to forgive yourself you make it simpler to perceive and observe your emotional response before you take action. 

Why Am I So Stupid? Amazing 6 Reason

Being aware of how you are feeling and reflecting on how you were feeling when you made dubious judgments in the past makes it much simpler to choose to react in other ways going ahead.

Take the time to think (without judgment) about how you were feeling at the moment, what may have triggered those sentiments, and what previous times you demonstrated similar actions. 

The more conscious you are of how and why you responded the way you did in the past, the simpler it will be to enhance awareness of how you are feeling (and behaving) at any given time now and in the future. By now, I’d hope you are aware that you are not dumb.

Accept The Stupid

Okay, so I believe I’ve made it fairly apparent that I don’t think you’re dumb. That said, we may all make bad mistakes from time to time. 

Some more than others. In rare situations, we may even do things that are more ‘stupid’ than they are ridiculous. That’s alright too!

Part of being human is being fallible. We all make errors and poor decisions but no decision can genuinely be classified as a terrible decision until after the fact. 

We are pretty adept at assessing our habits and choices by the consequences. It sounds like reasonable logic, right? Wrong. 

The difficulty here is that after the outcome we have more information than was accessible to us at the time. 

ANYONE who has had the same experiences as you, with the same beliefs, etc would make the same decision at that time as you did. 

Regardless of how things ended out you did what seemed best at the moment. Whether it was based on emotion rather than logic or a lack of grasp of the wider picture. it’s simply part of being human.

  • November 30, 2022