How Much Does A Surgical Tech Make? A Complete Guide

How Much Does A Surgical Tech Make? Amazing Guides

Are you qualified to work as a surgical tech? Learn how to become a surgical technician and how much money one earns.

  • According to a survey, the highest-paid surgical technicians earn almost $75,940 annually.
  • Experience and credentials may help these technicians earn more money.
  • The top-paying places are California, Alaska, and the District of Columbia.
  • Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and outpatient care facilities are among the best places to work.

During surgical operations, surgical technicians provide assistance. In order to prepare for operations, they sanitize the equipment. 

Surgical technicians aid in emergencies and give instruments to surgeons during surgery. Under pressure, surgical technologists should be prompt and precise.

Students must devote two years to their full-time enrollment in surgical tech programs at community colleges and technical institutes. 

Surgical technologists may be able to earn more money by pursuing further degrees and certifications. 

Continue reading to find out more about working as a surgical tech and to find out how much they make.

How Much Does A Surgical Tech Make On Average?

As of May 2021, the median annual wage for surgical technologists was $48,530, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The following important aspects significantly affect the average surgical tech salary: experience, education, location, and work environment. 

The top 10% of surgical technologists earn more than $75,940 a year, while the worst 10% make less than $36,930, according to the BLS.

As surgical technologists acquire experience, their salaries may rise. Additionally, the payments paid to surgical technologists vary by industry. 

The greatest average earnings in the industry for surgical technologists may be found in specialized hospitals, institutions, and universities.

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Surgical Techs | Job Growth OR Decline

The BLS forecasts a 6% employment growth for surgical technologists between 2021 and 2031. 

It is anticipated that there would be around 9,000 vacancies every year during that period. For all U.S. professions, the projected average job growth is 5%.

More procedures are being performed by surgeons to address a wide range of illnesses as a result of technological advancements in surgery. 

Surgical technologists will be required as a result of these developments and the aging baby boomer population’s increasing requirements.

By State, How Much Money Do Surgical Technologists Make?

According to the BLS, Connecticut, California, Alaska, the District of Columbia, and Nevada have the highest surgical tech average yearly pay. 

Because there is a greater need for surgical technologists and because living expenses are higher in certain areas, employers there could be willing to pay more.

States that control surgical technology may also pay their citizens more.

According to the Association of Surgical Technologists, a few states have implemented legislation regulating the training and certification criteria for surgical technologists. 

  1. Idaho
  2. Indiana
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Nevada
  5. New Jersey 
  6. New York
  7. Oregon
  8.  Pennsylvania 
  9. South Carolina
  10. Tennessee
  11. Texas
  12. And Virginia is some of these.

To work in the states of Colorado, North Dakota, and Washington, surgical technologists must be registered.

Salary Of A Surgical Technologist By State, 2023:

State Mean Annual Wage

Alabama:  $40,550

Alaska:     $65,690

Arizona:    $55,610s

Arkansas:  $43,880 

California:  $68,410 

Colorado:  $59,330

Delaware:  $53,470 

Connecticut:  $65,190 

District of Columbia: $65,250

Florida:   $48,050

Georgia:  $50,620 

Hawaii:   $61,190 

Idaho:     $51,130 

Illinois:   $51,400

Indiana:  $50,510

Iowa:      $45,580

Kansas:  $48,000

Kentucky:  $47,000

Louisiana $43,240

Maine:    $54,560

Maryland: $53,730

Massachusetts:  $60,900

Michigan:    $48,050

Minnesota:  $61,670

Mississippi:  $40,250

Missouri:     $48,150

Montana:     $49,630

Nebraska:   $49,710

Nevada:       $65,180

Massachusetts: $53,460

$57,900 in New Jersey

$44,820 in New Mexico

Manhattan:   $60,350

North Dakota:  $51,470 

North Carolina:  $46,410

Ohio:   $50,640

Oklahoma:  $45,490

Oregon:  $61,380 

Pennsylvania:  $50,430

Providence, RI:  $60,260

$46,390 South Carolina

$45,100 in South Dakota

Tennessee: $47,700

West Virginia:  $40,290 

Wisconsin:  $57,760 

Wyoming:  $45,570 

Texas:  $52,950 

Utah:  $47,390 

Vermont:  $46,350 

Virginia:   $53,520 

Washington:  $61,050

From the BLS, data

Where Can I Work As A Surgical Technologist To Earn The Most Money?

States With The Highest Salaries For Surgical Technologists

As of May 2021, the BLS reports that the mean annual pay for surgical technologists in 

Alaska is $65,690 

and that it is $68,410 in California. 

Because of the greater need for surgical technicians in several jurisdictions, employers often pay more there.

While salaries for surgical technologists in some states may be higher than those in other places, prospective surgical techs should also take the cost of living into account.

In metropolitan Alaska, for instance, surgical technologists could make more money, but their living expenditures there might also be greater.

State Mean Annual Salary:

California:  $68,410

Alaska:    $65,690

65,250 in the District of Columbia

Connecticut:   $65,190

Nevada:   $65,180

Reference: BLS

Metropolitan Areas With The Highest Salaries For Surgical Technologists

Many of the top-paying cities for surgical technicians are located in California. Salary for surgical technologists is above average in 

  • San Jose, 
  • San Francisco, 
  • Vallejo, 
  • Sacramento, 
  • Santa Rosa, & Santa Cruz.

Although surgical technologists may earn more in San Francisco and Los Angeles, their daily costs are higher due to the high cost of living in these areas.

The Yearly Mean Salary For The Metropolitan Area:

  1. California, San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara: $81,450
  1. California, San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward $80,170
  1. California, Vallejo-Fairfield: $77,460
  1. California’s Sacramento-Roseville-Arden-Arcade: $74,470
  1. $74,330: Santa Rosa, California

From the BLS, data

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Which Non-Metropolitan Areas Provide Surgical Technologists With The Highest Salaries?

Surgical technologists may find employment and get pay that is above average outside of big metropolises. 

Surgical technologists may get higher salaries in rural parts of the US as an inducement to relocate there.

Annual Mean Salary In Nonmetropolitan Areas:

  • California, North Valley Mountains Region $68,250
  • California’s Eastern Sierra-Mother Lode Region $67,520
  • Alaska $65,920
  • $64,520 in Northwest Colorado
  • California North Coast Region $59,800

From the BLS, data

Which Sectors Pay The Most For Surgical Technologists?

The average yearly salary for surgical technologists in the highest-paying sectors is $53,590, which is more than the national average. 

Surgical technologists may earn more in certain businesses due to tougher employment requirements or greater demand.

Because they need surgical technicians to have particular professional experience or certifications, settings like specialty hospitals may pay more. 

How Much Does A Surgical Tech Make?

Through accreditation and training initiatives, surgical technologists may develop specific expertise.

Annual Mean Salary For Industry:

  1. Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools Specialty Hospitals: $59,180
  1. Other Ambulatory Health Care Services: $58,130:$57,040
  1. Offices of Additional Healthcare Professionals
  1. Outpatient Care Centers: $56,600:$51,040

From the BLS, data

How Can A Surgical Tech Raise Their Salary?

Finish The Certification Program

Several states, including Idaho and New York, require surgical technologists to have successfully completed a certification program from a surgical technology organization that has received national accreditation, according to the Association of Surgical Technologists. 

Surgery technicians may receive industry recognition by passing national tests after completing certification programs.

Surgical technicians with certifications could have additional career options and move up in pay scales. 

Surgical technologists may get credentials from organizations like the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, the National Commission for the Certification of Surgical Assistants, and the American Board of Surgical Assistants.

Although certificates are not required by all jurisdictions or companies, they might be useful for surgical technologists who want professional recognition of their abilities. 

A certification, certificate, or associate degree from a recognized institution is required for surgical technicians in order to work.

A bachelor’s degree may be required by employers, particularly for managerial jobs, for surgical technologists.

Switch Industries

Although changing careers can need more schooling, surgical technologists could potentially earn more money.

In 2021, the BLS estimates that there will be roughly 110,700 surgical technologists employed in the US, with 72% of them working in public, private, and community hospitals.

Moving from ordinary medical and surgical hospitals, which paid an annual mean income of $53,300 as of May 2021, to specialty hospitals, which paid surgical techs an annual mean wage of $59,180, may enable surgical technologists to earn more money.

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Think About Relocating

Surgical technologists have the chance to boost their income potential by relocating, particularly to the top states for career changes. 

The states with the highest salaries for surgical technologists are California, Alaska, the District of Columbia, Connecticut, and Nevada, according to the BLS.

However, the areas with the highest salaries for surgical technologists may also have higher prices for products and services.

Surgical Tech Make (FAQs) 

What surgical tech has the greatest salary?

The highest-paying sectors in the field employ specialty hospital surgical technologists as well as surgical technologists at colleges, universities, and professional schools. 

According to the BLS, their respective mean annual wages are $59,180 and $58,130.
Surgical technicians may be able to raise their compensation with certificates and experience.

Where is the highest pay for surgical technicians?

According to the BLS, California has the highest mean annual wage for surgical technologists in the country. 

As of May 2021, there were around 11,390 surgical technicians employed in California, and their mean yearly pay was $68,410.

Nine of the top 10 places for the highest-paying U.S. metropolitan regions for surgical technologists were taken by cities in California.

What surgical technology specialties pay the most?

Cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, and vascular surgery are among the higher-paying subspecialties in which surgical technologists might further their education and specialize.

As of August 2022, according to Payscale, qualified surgical technologists with expertise doing open heart surgery earned an average yearly income of $61,000. 

According to Payscale, trained surgical technologists with experience in brain surgery make an average pay of $62,930 per year as of August 2022.

Many treatments that were formerly challenging and invasive are now simpler for surgeons to undertake because of advancements in robotic surgery. And their team still needs surgical technologists.

Surgical technicians may obtain expertise working in operating rooms that perform robotic surgery. 

As of August 2022, Payscale estimates that the average yearly income for technicians with robotics expertise is $62,000.

What kind of salary can a trained surgical tech expect?

As of August 2022, the average yearly compensation for qualified surgical technologists was $49,060, according to Payscale. 

Based on experience, the pay for qualified surgical technicians might increase. The average yearly pay for qualified surgical technologists is $35,000 for the least 10% and $73,000 for the top 90%.

Where a surgical tech lives might affect their pay in addition to experience. The highest mean yearly salaries for surgical technologists are found in states like California and Alaska.

What qualifications are required for high-paying surgical tech positions?

Specialists in surgical fields like orthopedics, pediatrics, or urology are needed for high-paying surgical tech positions.

Throughout a surgical operation, all surgical technicians must be able to stand for extended periods of time without taking rests. 

Along with physical dexterity, they also require the ability to pay attention to detail, exercise sound judgment, and work fast and precisely.

The greatest approach to being eligible for higher-paying surgical tech positions is to get work experience. 

Additionally, surgical technicians with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field may be needed for higher-paying positions. These positions with greater salaries often include supervision.

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