How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X? 5 Methods & Steps

How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X? 5 Methods & Steps

wants to check out Glitch, Tech City, and other intriguing biomes? See this tutorial to learn how to enter Pet Simulator X’s Tech World.

In Pet Simulator X, getting into the Tech World is one of the most coveted achievements. This is how you may quickly access the third planet in the game.

Growing your pet collection is the primary goal of the Roblox Pet Simulator games, but over time, the developers have added a variety of features to spice things up. 

For instance, Pet Simulator X, the third installment in the series, has a variety of landscapes and biomes.

In Pet Simulator X, the Spawn World is where your adventure starts. After that, to access more lucrative planets and biomes, accumulate Coins, Fantasy Coins, and Tech Coins. 

When compared to rival apps like Pet Swarm Simulator, this is undoubtedly a unique experience.

The Tech World is one of these worlds in Pet Simulator, and this page contains all the information you need to access it.

What Does Pet Simulator X’s Tech World Mean?

Pet Simulator X’s Tech World includes a unique selection of biomes with enough advancement to keep you occupied for hours. 

The names of all the biomes on this planet, as well as their respective unlock prices, are listed in the helpful table below.

Tech Entry and Tech City UnlockedSwarm Simulator for related material on Roblox games.

  1. 50k Tech Coins in Dark Tech
  1. 625k Tech Steam Coins
  1. 11.85m Tech Coins in the Steampunk Chest
  1. 8 million tech coins from Alien Lab
  1. Alien Forest 62,5 million tech coins
  1. 2.5 billion Tech Coins in a Giant Alien Chest
  1. Glitch 500 million Tech Coins
  1. 7.5 billion Tech Coins for Hacker Portal

The introduction of the Tech Coin money is another crucial aspect of Tech World, as you can see in the table above. 

This has several applications but is only accessible after you unlock this collection of biomes.

How To Get To Tech World In Pet Simulator X?

The most significant is that Tech Coins are needed to access several of the biomes, like The Backroom, Dark Tech, Steampunk, and others. 

Therefore, if you want to finish the Tech World advancement and ultimately go to the fourth realm, Axolotl Ocean — if you finish the challenging Hacker Portal quest, that is — you’ll need millions or perhaps billions of Tech Coins.

You can see how to travel to Tech World in Pet Simulator X from there. This is one of the worlds that will keep you occupied for a while if you like steampunk settings and the Roblox gaming platform.

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Pet Simulator X Requirements To Unlock Tech World

For Pet Simulator X’s Tech World, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Set Fantasy World free.
  • Own 7.5 billion fantasy coins.

How To Enter Pet Simulator X’s Tech World?

To enter Pet Simulator X’s Tech World, adhere to the following steps:

  1. In Pet Simulator X, the Spawn World contains the entrance to Tech World.
  1. Spend your 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coins at the Glacier in the Spawn World to open the Tech Entry.
  1. For Tech World, approach the wall and press E. Verify the payment for Fantasy Coins.
  1. A huge chest with 4000 trillion health and a cannon that fires at Dark City are both within.
  1. The best way to accumulate Fantasy Points in Pet Simulator X

It is obvious that the number of Fantasy Coins required to access the Tech World in Pet Simulator X poses more of a challenge than the actual route.

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How To Get Fantasy Points In Pet Simulator X? 4 Simple Methods

Shop just for Fantasy Coins Boosts there. While engaging in routine tasks, these boosts might help you earn three times as many fantasy coins.

  • Grind chests in the Fantasy World’s Ancient Island.
  • Try to acquire as many Golden Pets as you can by exchanging Sumari Eggs with pals.
  • This covered all there needed to know about entering Pet Simulator X’s Tech World. 

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You’re now prepared to go out and collect Tech Coins so you can keep getting better improvements and new pets! Why not redeem some Pet Simulator X vouchers to aid in that endeavor? Those goodies will aid in your ascent to Tech World fame!

  • January 4, 2023