How To Cancel Youtube TV? Amazing 3 Ways

How To Cancel Youtube TV? Amazing 3 Ways

there want you to know how to cancel Youtube TV: There are many positive aspects to YouTube TV. It’s simple to see why you would have been persuaded to sign up for the streaming service rather than fork out the money for digital cable and add-on packages given its live TV channel roster, which includes news and sports, and its unlimited cloud DVR storage space. 

It generally goes hand-in-hand with an on-demand streaming service like Hulu or Netflix and is particularly well-liked among those who practice “cord-cutting.”

However, there are a number of issues with YouTube TV. One is that the cost of the subscription keeps rising. 

When YouTube TV originally debuted, a subscription cost $35 per month. This increased to $40 in 2018, then $50 in 2019, and is present at $64.99 per month. 

Additionally, depending on where you are, you may not be able to access your preferred local sports network.

Here’s how to remove YouTube TV from the browser and mobile app, whether that lack of access is proving to be a pain, you’re sick of the price increases, or you just no longer use the service.

How Can I Stop Watching YouTube TV On The Site?

You can easily cancel your YouTube TV subscription by visiting the streaming service’s website on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. A step-by-step tutorial is provided below.

Step# 1. Open the YouTube TV website.

Go to the official YouTube TV website using your browser. Your avatar will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

Naturally, this is only visible if you are logged in. Before canceling YouTube TV, be careful to make the necessary arrangements if you are not already.

Step# 2. Open the settings.

A drop-down menu appears when you click on your avatar. Go to that menu and choose “Settings.”

Step# 3.  Choose your membership.

You’ll find the following three choices under settings: Membership, Billing, Family Sharing, and Live guide. 

To examine your basic plan, click “Membership.” There is a “Manage” button on the far right. Just click it.

Step# 4.  Terminate your subscription.

You may cancel your YouTube TV subscription by clicking “Cancel.”

When your current payment cycle is finished, YouTube TV will let you know that your subscription will expire.

Additionally, it will offer you the choice to suspend your membership rather than cancel it entirely. 

If you just need a vacation from YouTube TV for whatever reason, this is a viable substitute. For any time between four weeks and six months, you may decide to halt your YouTube TV subscription. 

But if you’re determined to put a stop to it forever, go on to the following stage.

Step# 5. Explain the cancellation.

As you may anticipate, YouTube TV won’t let you simply walk away. It will inquire as to your reasons for terminating your membership. Pick from the list of reasons offered one that appeals to you.

Remember that if you choose “Other,” YouTube TV will ask you to provide a pretty detailed justification for your decision to cancel your subscription.

Step# 6. Complete

To continue, click “CONTINUE CANCELING.” The conclusion of your current billing cycle will be shown on the next page.

Step# 7. Click “YES, CANCEL” to end your YouTube TV subscription at this time.

How Can I Stop YouTube TV On My Phone App?

You may revoke your YouTube TV subscription using an Android mobile device and the YouTube TV app. 

If you presently don’t have access to your computer, this is an excellent substitute. Using an iPhone is another option for canceling your membership, although the process is somewhat different. 

That’s because there isn’t a way to immediately cancel YouTube TV on the iOS version of the app, which is available for iPhones and iPads. 

However, you may get around the problem by terminating your subscription using the browser on your phone.

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How Can I Stop YouTube TV On My Apple iPad OR iPhone?

The process is much the same while using an Apple iOS device as it is when using a PC. To stop watching YouTube TV, do the following:

1. Open the website on your mobile device’s browser.

2. Select your profile picture by clicking on it, which is located in the upper right corner of the website. Please take note that viewing it requires logging in.

3. Click “Manage” after choosing “Settings” from the drop-down menu, then “Membership.”

4. To deactivate YouTube TV, click “Cancel Membership.” Once again, you may choose to halt your membership for a time frame of four weeks to six months. 

5. Click “Pause” if this seems more tempting. But if you’re certain that you want to cancel the membership entirely, choose “Cancel membership.”

6. Pick a justification for canceling from the list that is supplied. Choose “Other” and then provide your justification for canceling YouTube TV if it isn’t included on the list.

7. Choose “Continue Canceling,” review the cancellation, and then choose “Yes, Cancel” on the next screen.

8. You may go to the Apple App Store and remove the app from your Apple device after canceling your membership.

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How Can I Stop YouTube TV On My Android Device?

You may cancel YouTube TV right from the app if you have an Android phone or tablet made by Google or Amazon. The detailed process is shown below.

Step# 1. 

Is to launch the YouTube TV app and go to your profile picture, which is located in the upper right corner of the interface.

Step# 2.

Tap on your profile picture to see a dropdown option in step 2. Go to that menu and choose “Settings.”

Step# 3. 

Click “Membership” under “Settings.”

Step# 4. 

Click the “Manage” link that is located to the right of the basic plan that is presented.

Step# 5.

In order to cancel your YouTube TV subscription.

However, if all you want to do is take a little break from the streaming service, you may select to press “Pause” and choose the duration of your break. Any time frame between four weeks and six months may be used for this.

How To Cancel Youtube TV?

Step# 6. 

Select a justification for canceling YouTube TV from the options that is supplied.

If none of the provided justifications apply to you, choose “Other” and then enter your justification for quitting YouTube TV. Choose “Continue Canceling” next.

Step# 7. 

Select “Continue Canceling” to complete the termination of YouTube TV.

Step# 8. 

Go to the device’s App Store (such as the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store) after canceling your subscription to remove the app from your Android smartphone.

About Cancel Youtube TV (FAQs)

How can I stop using YouTube TV?

Go to the YouTube TV website on your computer to cancel YouTube TV. To cancel a membership, click Settings > Membership > Manage after clicking your profile picture.

Can you call in and cancel YouTube TV?

You may really cancel YouTube TV over the phone. Open the browser on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), then go to the YouTube TV website.

To cancel a membership, click Settings > Membership > Manage after clicking your profile picture.

How can you end a free trial of YouTube TV?

Check out the YouTube TV website. Select Cancel under Settings > Membership > Manage.

  • December 29, 2022