How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story? 5 Ways

How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story? Amazing 5 Ways

How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story? By far, its most official Instagram feature is Instagram stories.

Starting with how to alter the backdrop color on the Instagram story, we’ll look at ideas and strategies to help you be more creative when generating stories.

Because the techniques to adjust the backdrop Instagram picks based on the colors in your picture aren’t clear at first sight, most companies stay with the default background Instagram determines based on the colors in your photo. 

And, hey, the gradient default hue might sometimes serve as an Instagram story backdrop. 

However, you could absolutely profit from a bit more creative freedom most of the time! In fact, most businesses have conversion rates of up to 86% on their Instagram stories.

If you’re operating an international firm, your marketing responsibilities will almost surely be difficult, and a social media calendar will come in useful. 

Using social media tools such as RecurPost will only help you boost engagement and establish a uniform theme across your work.

This blog article from RecurPost will teach you how to adjust the background color of your Instagram story depending on the impression you want to create!

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How To Change The Background Color On Instagram Story With A Picture?

Instagram selects a preset background color depending on the picture when posting an image to a story. However, you may not like the color that’s been given to you.

On Instagram, however, there is a rather easy method to modify the background color. The choices for adjusting the backdrop color on the Instagram story may be located in a bar at the top of the screen.

Follow the instructions below to change the background color:

Step# 1: Open the Stories tab, and snap on your display to pick an image.

Step# 2: Resize your photo and modify its area.

Step# 3: Click the three dots, then press ‘draw.’ Select the pen tool.

Step# 4: Pick the tint you need for the backdrop.

Step# 5: Press and hold the screen for a few seconds until the whole screen fills with shading. Then, at that point, click ‘done.’

Step# 6:Tap on the stickers icon, and choose the ‘camera roll’ sticker.

Step# 7: Select the same photo you included in your article originally.

Step# 8: Squeeze to resize, then Overlay it on top of the other picture so that it shows out against your new background color.

While there are a few steps to this procedure, it’s a good method to alter Instagram’s basic settings and enables you to personalize your stories in more exciting ways with whatever colors you like.

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How To Produce A Translucent Backdrop Colour On An Instagram Story?

Imagine you desire to overlay a picture or video with a transparent background color.

Here’s how you can do it:
  • Upload a picture for your background.
  • Press the “Pen” button.
  • Select the second pen option.
  • At the bottom of your screen, select a color.
  • Touch your finger on the screen and hold it there.
  • And that’s how you can change the backdrop color on an Instagram story.

How To Alter The Backdrop Color Without Obscuring The Picture OR Video?

If you want to alter the background color on an Instagram story without covering the picture or video, you need first to submit a background color.

Follow the instructions to know how to achieve that:

Step# 1: Go to your Instagram Account and view it.

Step# 2: Take a picture at random. Add color to the background.

To save the picture, use the “Arrow” button at the top of your screen. To remove your article, hit “x.”

Step# 3: Swipe up on your device or tap the “Camera Roll” button to add your vivid picture to your narrative.

Step# 4: Select “sticker” from the drop-down option.

Step# 5: Place your finger on the “Photo” sticker.

Step# 6: Select your picture or video.

Step# 7: Done! Your picture or video will be presented over the backdrop color.

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Change Your Instagram Video Background To A Single Color

There are simple & easy methods to alter the backdrop color on an Instagram story to a solid hue.

Follow these steps:

  1. Upload a picture from the camera roll.
  2. Click on the “pen” tool.
  3. Choose from the preset color selections or use the color dropper tool to choose your own color.
  4. Keep your finger on the pen tool.
  5. Press and hold the middle of your backdrop for a long time.

Tip: You can use this procedure to build Instagram highlight covers as well.

Simply upload your preferred picture (usually a symbol of some form, such as an aircraft to signify travel) and modify the background color to your brand hue. For each highlighted cover, repeat the procedure!

How To Alter The Background Color While Sharing Posts?

This one is a standard that most people recognize, but in case you don’t,

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Send a post from your feeds to your Instagram account.
  1. Slide the text to the left side of the screen.
  1. At the top, hit the “Sticker” button.
  1. Select “Photo Sticker” from the drop-down option.
  1. Choose a picture for your background.
  1. Make the background picture big enough to span the full screen from top to bottom.
  1. Hold your left thumb on the post and two fingers on the background picture.
  1. While maintaining your left thumb on the post, use your two fingers on the screen to slide the background picture to the left, so it fits beneath the post.

And voilà, you’re done!

This is the easiest method to publish your Instagram Reels, Instagram Posts, or Videos while changing the backdrop color on your Instagram Story.

Creative Methods To Modify Color In IG Stories.

The following are the 2  Methods with the help of social media;

  • The Erasing Tool!
  • Turn Live Photographs Into Boomerangs!

Let’s discuss these in the detail:

The Erasing Tool!

  • Being a bit cheeky and devious is the best way to proceed. 
  • We may use the eraser tool to expose sections of a picture that are concealed behind a colored backdrop.
  • Begin a new story with a picture you’d like to share. Use the pen tool to create a solid background color as previously explained. 
  • Select the eraser tool and reactivate the pen function.

Now draw whatever you desire on your display, and there you have it! Voila!

Turn Live Photographs Into Boomerangs!

In Instagram stories, live photographs may definitely transform into distinctive boomerangs. Keep in mind that live photographs captured within the recent 24 hours are essential for this hack to function. Here’s how to do it:

  • Swipe up on Instagram Stories to choose a live picture from your camera roll.
  • Once you’ve picked your option, push down firmly on the screen for a few seconds.
  • The term “boomerang” will flash across the screen momentarily.

That’s it! You’ve produced a Boomerang out of your live photo!

How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story? 

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How to Alter The Background Color On Instagram Stories While Reposting?

Let’s imagine a buddy has posted a story and tagged you in it, and you want to repost it while simultaneously altering the background color on your Instagram story.

The following are the steps to follow:

Step# 1: Select the story where you’ve been tagged.

Step# 2: Press “Add This to Your Story.”

Step# 3: At the bottom of the screen menu, pick your colors.

Step# 4: Match the color of the reposted article using the droplet tool.

Step# 5: Simply drag the dropper and drop it on the appropriate shade.

Step# 6: Simply drag the dropper and drop it on the appropriate shade.

Step# 7: Tap on the screen.

Voila!! That’s how you may change the backdrop color on the Instagram story while reposting.


You’re surely ready to start now that you know how to change the background color on Instagram Story. 

There are several reasons you might want to modify the background color of your Instagram Story, but one of the most prevalent is generating customized Instagram highlight covers!

With a splash of color on your Instagram stories, you can maintain your Instagram personal brand cohesive and distinctive! You’re ready to take over the social media world now that you know how to change the background color on Instagram Story! You’ll absolutely master the internet appeal game utilizing a social media scheduling tool that is amongst the top free Hootsuite Alternatives and Socialpilot Alternatives, which will assist you to plan updates at the ideal moment.

Please share your opinions on this Recurpost Blog & let us know what fresh tips and ideas you would like to hear from us next. Do share your ideas in the comments below.

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