How To See Liked Posts On Instagram? | 2023 Amazing 3 steps

How To See Liked Posts On Instagram? | 2023 Amazing 3 steps

Find out how to see liked posts on Instagram | in 2023 that you’ve liked. A lot of individuals may publish their photos at any moment on Instagram, which is perhaps the trendiest app available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. 

Here are the options to see all liked Instagram posts unlike several Instagram posts at once on iPhone & Android, nevertheless, if you’re concerned about viewing all Insta-liked posts on your account.

When you first use the platform, you may assume you know all there is to know about Instagram, but there are a number of hidden features you might not be aware of.

The most convenient techniques may let you see articles that you recently liked without having to scroll through your feed to find them.

How To Find Instagram Liked Posts?

Note: 2022 Instagram settings for posts you’ve liked are missing. newer version

Let’s say that following the Instagram update 2022, a post you liked on Instagram does not display on your phone. Please revert to an earlier version, or contact Instagram’s developer with your concerns.

Instead, go to the instructions below to display liked posts on your Instagram profile.

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  • Launch Instagram on your phone. Click Profile.
  • Next, choose interactions by tapping the Three Lines menu (the hamburger symbol) > Your Activity.
  • The posts that you liked will be shown here under Likes.

Perhaps it’s simply different, but you can still watch.

On Android Mobile

1. Open the Instagram Android app on your phone if you’re using an Android device. 

Your Activity may be accessed by tapping the profile symbol in the bottom right corner followed by tapping the Hamburger icon in the top right corner.

2. Select the Interactions > Likes option. I’m done now. To locate Newest or Oldest, Start Date or End Date, there is a Sort & filter.

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Unlike Several Instagram Photos On An iPhone OR An Android Device

Continue reading for further advice on how to delete all liked Instagram posts at once on both the iPhone and Android Instagram apps.

Step# 1: 

Click the Select button next to the “Likes” option in the upper right corner to choose the liked photos. [Tap the Hamberger symbol under Your Activity > Your Activity > Liked > Select]

Step# 2: 

Next, choose a number of liked Instagram posts. We can also quickly locate the posts using the Filter option in the top right corner. Tap on “dislike” to quickly unlock a number of Instagram posts.

I’m done now.

Find The Likes Post On The Old Instagram Version

Whether consciously or unconsciously, look at the Instagram posts I’ve previously liked. That is really beneficial. In most circumstances, someone will defraud you or engage in hacked conduct.

1. Go to your profile in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android.

2. Then, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the page after tapping the  Profile symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Next, choose Account > Account by tapping Settings at the bottom.

4. Click on “Posts you’ve enjoyed.”

5. After that, you may choose to see the 300 most recent posts.

Keep in mind that the desktop version of Instagram does not yet support this functionality; only the Instagram app does.

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Can I See Liked Photos On My Computer OR MacBook For Instagram?

Unfortunately, users of Instagram on the web cannot see Liked photos or Activities from their desktop browser login. 

However, the trick is effective for me; you can see all of your favorite photos on a desktop browser thanks to a third-party browser extension.

Step# 1: 

Launch Layoutify: Improved Layout for Instagram on Google Chrome on a Mac. Install it on your Chrome browser by searching for it. 

Next, log in to your Instagram account. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will notice a new Three Dots symbol next to the profile icon.

Step# 2:

Select the “Likes” menu item.

Step# 3: 

View your Instagram account’s posts that have just a few likes.

Is It Possible To See Someone’s Instagram Likes?

Previously, it was possible to check the reviews and likes of the Instagram individuals you follow. “Following” was the name of a subchapter. In this part, you may find updates and follower requests.

You may also be able to see what the people you follow are doing. You may have seen their preferences and the picture they were considering.

Instagram regrettably eliminated this function in October 2019. As a result, it is not yet feasible to determine what an Instagram user does.

If you want to check if your boyfriend likes a particular Instagram user, for instance, there is a way to do so.
How To See Liked Posts On Instagram? | 2023

You may find out by tapping on the person’s photos and searching the names of those who liked the picture for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name. 

Alternatively, if you check in on that person’s record, you may learn what they previously enjoyed.

However, we think that attempting the primary tactic will be better for the health of your relationship overall. 

Since this characteristic has been removed, this and similar methods make it simple to figure out what someone loves on Instagram.

You may also use third-party tools to find out what someone likes on Instagram. The health of these apps is dubious in any event.

As Opposed To Instagram’s All Recently Liked Photos At Once

We’ve used the iOS version of the Instagram app for the sake of these tutorials. You shouldn’t have any trouble using this program since it is the same on Android as well.

1. Open The Instagram Application.

In the lower right corner of the screen, tap Display Picture.

2. Choose The “icon With Three Lines”

To access the menu, press the three-line or three-line icon in the top right corner of your screen.

3. View & choose “Settings” To Get To It

At the bottom of the menu, tap the Settings gear icon. This would lead you to a vast array of options.

4. Select “Account.”

You can see all of your recent activity as well as various settings under the account menu. To see every post you’ve liked, choose “Posts You’ve Liked.”

5. Pick The Article you Want To Dislike

By pressing the “Heart” icon next to the post, you may scroll through the loved posts and dislike the one you want. It may be a very tiresome cycle. 

Instagram doesn’t have a local system for unliking in a group like any other existing web-based media app.

Choose to see each of the posts you liked separately rather than in threes. This could speed up the cycle a little.

I really hope that you found these instructions to be extremely helpful in learning how to like and dislike Instagram photos. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • December 27, 2022