How To Level Up Ashes Elden Ring? Best Guide Ever

How To Level Up Ashes Elden Ring? Best Guide Ever

How To Level Up Ashes Elden Ring? Do you need assistance if you’re having problems with the Elden Ring bosses? At Elden Ring, calling on the ghosts would be a fantastic way to seek assistance. 

To call the spirits, however, you’ll require Spirit Ashes. You may be wondering whether you can enhance your ashes as the Spirit Ashes is a necessary commodity in the Regions Between. 

The good news is that the ashes can be upgraded. Continue reading to find out how to level up Ashes of War Elden Ring and Ashen Ring’s summoning abilities.

The Many Elden Ring Ashes Types

The sort of upgrade for your spirit ashes will depend on the kind of ashes, among other things. Now let’s look at the several Elden Ring Ashes varieties.

You may locate two different kinds of spirit ashes in Elden Ring, namely;

  • Common Spirit Ashes
  • Ashes Of The Elite Spirit

The most common kind of Spirit Ashes you’ll find in the Lands Between come from taking down foes and certain bosses. 

These ashes are often dropped as compensation for defeating the opponent. Compared to Normal Spirit Ashes, Elite Spirit Ashes are more uncommon and of a higher caliber. 

These ashes have been altered to represent various functions and abilities in the game. 

Several kinds of ashes may be obtained from unique characters in Elden Ring. The many Spirit Ashes that you may locate in Elden Ring are listed here.

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Common Spirit Ashes

  • Ashes of the Noble Wanderer
  • Traditional Spirit Ashes
  • Ashes of a putrid corpse
  • Ashes of the Noble Sorcerer
  • The Nomad Ashes
  • The Clayman Ashes
  • Ashes of a Skeletal Militiaman
  • Flying Misbegotten Ash
  • Albinauric Ashes
  • The Warhawk Ashes
  • Demi-Human Ashes
  • Rotten, Scattered Ashes
  • Ashes left by a bandit, skeletal
  • The Ashes of Lone Wolf
  • The Archer Ashes
  • A giant pile of rat ashes
  • Ashes of Oracle Envoy
  • Ashes of the Fanged Imp
  • Ashes of the Land Squirt
  • Ashes, Miranda Sprout
  • Ashes of the Vulgar Militia
  • Ashes of Fortune Soldiers
  • Ashes of the Fire Monk
  • Soldier Ashes of Greatshield
  • The Page Ashes
  • Ashes of Azula the Beastman
  • The Ashes of Kaiden Sellsword
  • Ashes of a Marionette Soldier
  • ashes from a soldier’s mausoleum
  • Ashes of an Avionette Soldier
  • Ashes of Radahn Soldier
  • Insane Pumpkin Head Ashes
  • Soldier Ashes by Raya Lucaria
  • The ashes of a follower of an ancestor
  • Ashes of the Twinsage Sorcerer
  • Ashes of the Haligtree Soldier
  • “Kindred of Rot Ashes”
  • Ashes of the Man-Serpent
  • Ashes of the Godrick Soldier
  • Crystallin Ashes
  • Insignia of Leyndell Soldier
  • Ashes of the Flintstone Sorcerer

Ashes Of The Elite Spirit

  1. Black Knife Tiche.
  1. Lightning Hawk Deenh
  1. Rollo, the Omenkiller
  1. Engvall Ashes, Banished Knight
  1. Tricia, the perfumer
  1. Fighting mage Hugues Ashes
  1. Latenna the Albinauric
  1. Ogha Ashes Redmane Knight
  1. Oleg Ashes, a banished knight
  1. Finlay Ashes, Cleanrot Knight
  1. A Bloodhound Knight named Floh
  1. Amon Ashes, Blackflame Monk
  1. Kristoff Ashes, an Ancient Dragon Knight
  1. Reprehensible Perfumer Carmaan Ashes
  1. “Lhutel the Headless”
  1. Puppets Nightmaiden & Swordstress
  1. Invoking Finger Maiden Thierry Puppe
  1. Replicate Rip Ashes
  1. The puppet Nepheli Loux
  1. the puppet Jarwight
  1. the puppet that eats feces
  1. The puppet Dolores the Sleeping Arrow

How Can I Level Up My Elden Ring’s Spirit Ashes?

The amount of damage you can inflict on the opposition depends on the strength of your Spirit Ashes. 

As a result, one of the most important things to accomplish in Elden Ring is to level up your Spirit Ashes. How, therefore, can you improve your Spirit Ashes?

You’ll need Roderika, the Spirit-Turner in the Roundtable Hold, to level up the ashes. Roderika will level up your Spirit Ashes with the Ghost and Grave Gloveworts. 

But first, Roderika will send you on a mission to get something for her. You will also need to put Roderika through a transformation procedure to make her a Spirit-Turner.

How To Use Roderika The Spirit-Tuner To Improve The Ashes

You’ll first meet Roderika in Limgrave at the Stormhill Shack. If you talk to her, she will ask you to get something for her. 

The Chrysalid’s Memento lies there, perched on a heap of dead bodies, in the Stormveil Castle.

Deliver Chrysalid’s Memento back to Roderika. After you’re done talking, she’ll go over to the Roundtable Hold. 

The next step is to transform her into a spirit-turner once she arrives in Roundtable Hold.

How Are You Going To Make Roderika A Spirit-Turner?

Follow her to Roundtable Hold and start a discussion with her there. Following that, locate Master Hewg and inform him about Roderika. 

You will return to Roderika and inform her of the information after Hewg informs you that she has a talent for converting spirits. When you return to Hewg after this, he will agree to monitor Roderika.

How To Level Up Ashes Elden Ring?

Following that, hurry and return to Roundtable Hold to reload, where you will discover Roderika and Hewg. If you have the Gloveworts, Roderika will enhance your ashes at that point.

Using The Gloveworts In Elden Ring To Ppgrade Ashes

There are two varieties of glove-worts, as stated;

  • Grave Glovewort
  • Gloveworts 

The Gloveworts are found in tombs, catacombs, cemeteries, subterranean spaces, and forts. Moreover, Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold will sell them to you. 

To buy the Gloveworts, however, you’ll need the Glovewort Picker’s Bell.

Using Spirit Ashes in the Elden Ring

To use the Spirit Ashes to call spirits, you must have the Summoning Bell. But, you must first meet Melina at the game’s outset in order to gain the summoning ability. 

The Spirit Ashes and the Summoning Bell are required next. During boss battles, you may call spirits, but only if you are in certain places. 

As soon as you enter a spirit-summoning region, an icon will show up on the left side of the screen.


In Elden Ring, Spirit Ashes are a necessary component. To improve the ashes’ power and scalability, you may enhance them. Learn how to enhance the Spirit Ashes by using the methods listed above.

  • March 17, 2023