The Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose?

The Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose?

During last night’s episode of ABC’s The Celebrity Dating Game, Iggay Azalea had to make a difficult decision. She interrogated three unidentified single guys before settling on one to go out with.

On an episode that also included RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Carson Kressley, hosts Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton offered some musical entertainment and assisted her in making her decision.

After declaring on Instagram in October of last year that she is parenting her baby alone and is not in a relationship, Azalea has seemed to be single.

The Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose?

Azalea is one of several famous people taking part in this season’s revival of the old game show. Every episode has a celebrity in the hot seat who grills three competitors who are hidden behind a wall.

The Celebrity Dating Game, Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose?

The participants are also kept in the dark about the renowned person’s identity. The celebrity gets to choose which of the three suitors they want to go on a date with at the conclusion of the program.

Before the performance, Azalea said that she was seeking a companion that could be spontaneous and laid back.

Shaughn Adamski, a traveling stage manager, Korey Davis, an EKG technician, and Eddie Williams, a voice actor, were the three guys seeking to check those boxes.

Azalea posed many questions to them, including how they felt about dating someone who was a lot more well-known than them, what they thought about tattoos, and whether or not they believed in marriage.

In order for the three candidates to correctly identify the celebrity, Bolton’s role as co-host is to sing the last few hints about them.

Yesterday night, while singing a Journey parody of “Don’t Stop,” he revealed details about Azalea.

Don’t Stop, thinking about Australia was added to the lyrics, and “yesterday’s gone” was changed to “she’s fancy and blonde.”

When it came time to choose a winner, Azalea decided to go on a date with stage manager Adamski, contestant number one.

As neither Azalea nor Adamski remarked on their date on social media, it is unknown how well it went.

Adamski did not update his fans on the outcome of their date when he was watching the show back on his Instagram stories.

How Did Carson Kressley Do After The Celebrity Dating Game?

A former member of Queer Eye for the Straight Man During Friday night’s program, Carson Kressley, who previously said that he was searching for a partner with a sense of humor, had the opportunity to choose one of three single men.

Jansen Schamp, a single father, Steven Martinez, a CPA, and Chuck Stanley, a dean’s assistant, were his selections.

Bolton performed a cover of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” to assist the competitors in figuring out who Kressley was.

Due to their shared passion for horseback riding, Kressley ultimately decided to date Stanley, the associate dean of affairs.

The Celebrity Dating Game: How Can I Watch It?

Every Monday at 10 p.m. ET, new episodes of The Celebrity Dating Game is shown on ABC. Taye Diggs and Demi Burnett will be the participants in The Celebrity Dating Game the next week.

Episode 2 Of The Celebrity Dating Game

Iggy and Carson were led through many rounds by Zooey Deschanel in the second episode of the program.

Although Michael Bolton performed an original song about each star, their suitors had no idea which celebrity they would be paired with.

Jansen Schamp, a single father, Steven Martinez, an accountant, and Chuck Stanley, an associate dean, were the options presented to Carson Kressley.

Rapper and singer Iggy was forced to choose between voiceover actor Eddie Williams, ECG technician Korey Davis, and touring stage manager Shaughn Adamski.

Shaughn Adamski And Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea probed her potential partners’ feelings about dating someone more well-known than them before asking them about their ink.

Bolton provided some indications to the three guys who were having problems identifying the mystery star. Shaughn Adamski was her next choice, and they went on a date.

After the performance, there was no indication that she dated Adamski, which can only suggest that their relationship stalled.

Chuck Stanley And Carson Kressley

What they preferred between boxers and briefs was one of the lighter inquiries Carson Kressley started out with. He continued by asking them whatever scenario they would want to make with him.

Chuck Stanley decided to replicate a scene from Brokeback Mountain, while Steven Martinez stated he would want to recreate a scene from Titanic.

Since Carson also enjoyed horseback riding, he ultimately decided that Chuck would be a better fit for him.

He didn’t mention the date or Chuck after the concert, indicating that there was no further development of their relationship.

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  • March 4, 2023