What Is A Succession Certificate? 5 Easy Steps

What Is A Succession Certificate? 5 Easy Steps

What Is A Succession Certificate? In our culture, not knowing the law is usual. When it is too late or harm has been done to us or our property, we turn to any legal specialist (i.e., an advocate). 

In this day when there are several rules, regulations, and policies that may be used to carry out certain conduct, it is imperative that people be educated and knowledgeable of the law.

Similarly to this, a lot of individuals are ignorant of Pakistani legislation regarding succession. 

You can discover how to get a Succession Certificate / Letter of Administration after a person’s passing in this post. 

What prerequisites must be satisfied to get it? Where can you purchase it? These queries will be addressed in this post.

Overview Of A Letter of Administration And A Succession Certificate

Understanding what the Succession Certificate and Letter of Administration are before delving deeper is crucial. 

The transfer of ownership from a dead person to his or her successors/legal heirs is documented by the issuance of a succession certificate and a letter of administration to the deceased person’s legal heirs.

Residency Certificate

It is a document that is given to the rightful heirs of the dead for their movable property, such as a vehicle or money in the bank.

Administration letter

It is a certificate given to the rightful heirs of the dead for their estate’s immovable assets, such as their piece of land, home, etc.

Note: To reduce complications in the next sections of this article, the terms “Succession Certificate” and “Letter of Administration” will only be used interchangeably.

A Succession Certificate’s Importance

Legal heirs of a dead person are not permitted to obtain or lay claim to any of the deceased’s possessions or assets unless they get a Succession Certificate from a competent authority. 

For instance, if you want to take money out of the dead person’s bank account, you need a Succession Certificate. 

A Letter of Administration is required in order to disperse the deceased’s assets to the rightful heirs.

Also, some dishonest individuals may acquire the dead person’s assets without even knowing.

So, you must get a Succession Certificate in order to reduce the likelihood of fraud.

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Suitable Organization Issuing The Succession Certificate

The Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates Act, 2019, was approved by the Pakistani government in order to make life easier for citizens. 

What Is A Succession Certificate?

It empowers the National Database and Registration Authority to issue Succession Certificates (NADRA).

Prior to it, the Succession Act of 1925 gave the Civil Courts the competence and jurisdiction to issue the Succession Certificate.

Obtaining A Succession Certificate Step A Take 

The NADRA Succession Facilitation Unit (SFU) is responsible for issuing the Succession Certificate. 

You must find out which NADRA office in your area offers SFU services before applying for a Certificate.

The following procedures must be followed in order to get a Succession Certificate:

Step #1:  Implementation

You must provide the following papers with your application to NADRA.

  • The deceased’s death certificate
  •  A list of the legitimate heirs together with copies of their CNIC
  • A form-based affidavit or permission (available with NADRA)
  •  Information on movable and immovable property

Step #2: Notification To The Public

The general public will be invited by NADRA by placing a notice in Urdu and English publications as well as on their website for any complaints.

Step #3: Biometrics

NADRA will seek the biometric verifications of the applicant and all other legal heirs if no one objects within 14 days.

Step #4: Certificate Issuance

NADRA will provide a Succession Certificate after biometric verification.

Succession Certificate Fee

A Succession Certificate is subject to a minor fee from NADRA that is based on the property’s worth. The fee’s specifics are as follows;

Property/Asset Value ———— Fees Fewer Rs. 100,000 ————— Rs. 10,000

100,000 or more Rupees —————- Rs. 20,000


With the passing of the new legislation, obtaining a Succession Certificate in Pakistan, where Civil Courts can take a long time to settle a case or suit, has become incredibly simple, quick, and affordable. The process is simple and straightforward.

Even without engaging a solicitor, you may get it (but do consult with an advocate before starting the procedure). You can visit Globlar.com for news & more updates, Don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you liked it. Thanks!

Succession Certificate (FAQs)

Is NADRA Allowed To Decline To Give A Succession Certificate?


What Justifications Does NADRA Have For Withholding A Succession Certificate?

NADRA has the following reasons for rejection:

There is a minor (a youngster under the age of 18) among the legal heirs.

b. Any of the lawful heirs have relinquished their claim.

c. The property’s original documentation isn’t accessible

d. There is disagreement among the legal heirs over how to divide the estate.

e. Properties are offered in a variety of neighborhoods

f. The dead person’s digital ID card isn’t accessible.

g. Further justifications

If NADRA Refuses To Grant A Succession Certificate, What Can We Do?

For a Succession Certificate, you may file a civil court application.

Is There A Document That NADRA Must Provide Before A Lawsuit OR Succession Action May Be Filed With The Civil Court?

Yes. Letter of Refusal (some advocates call it NOC from NADRA).

Describe The Letter Of Decline.

When the NADRA declines to provide a Succession Certificate, a Letter of Decline is the document that results.

What Paperwork Does NADRA Need In Order To Issue A Letter Of Decline?

The following paperwork must be submitted to NADRA in order to get a Letter of Decline:

Application on a straightforward page

a. A copy of the applicant’s CNIC

Death Certificate (c)

d. Cancellation Certificate of Deceased Person’s CNIC

Family Registration Certificate, item e

f. Documents Relating to Property

How May A Duplicate Succession Certificate Be Obtained If The Original Has Been Lost?

To this end, file an FIR at the local police station. Get a copy from the police station and submit an application to NADRA for the issuance of a duplicate Succession Certificate along with a copy of the FIR.

How Can I Get A Duplicate Succession Certificate If The Original Has Been Lost OR Damaged?

Request a duplicate Succession Certificate from NADRA. You must also submit the previous one.

In The Event That A Succession Certificate Has A Mistake, How Can You Get A Corrected Copy?

Send an application and the original Succession Certificate to the NADRA. A new Succession Certificate will be issued by NADRA.

Is A Duplicate OR An Updated Succession Certificate Subject To A Fee?

Yes. Rs. 5,000/-

  • March 29, 2023