Where Is Big Sky Filmed? Season 3, Best Info

Where Is Big Sky Filmed? Season 3, Best Info

Where Is Big Sky Filmed? The Big Sky series, which is now in its third season, is a criminality-based drama and thriller that is well-liked by viewers who like watching thrilling cases and get goosebumps whenever they do. 

David E. Kelley, one of the best casting directors, devised and produced the Big Sky series. 

The most helpful aspect of this series is that it is fiction based on the Highway series of novels by C. J. Box. Let’s speak about where the third season of Big Sky was filmed.

The distribution and launch of the next seasons and episodes on the ABC platform as a fall premiere was predicted to occur in the years 2020 to 2021, according to media sources and data compilations. 

The inaugural season was covered by the season, which was published in the year 21212.

The Big Sky television series was revived in May 2022 for the third season, with the subtitle Deadly Trails and trailers, which drew in the majority of viewers and recorded its launch in September. Big Sky is a cast member in David E. 

Kelley’s most recent gripping drama. Kelley is the creator of several great television shows, including Ally McBeal, Big Little Lies, another super smash series, and others.

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Filming Places In Big Sky

The Blue Sky series was chosen in Helena, Montana’s capital; many of the scenes were filmed in a nearby village. 

However, Vancouver, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas were used to shoot the television series and film Big Sky. 

The program further relocated for its second and third seasons, this time to New Mexico. 

The majority of the shooting has taken place in New Mexico, along with other locations, including the capital city of Montana.

Storyline For Blue Sky

A group of private investigators is important to the storyline of the narrative. 

These detectives have successfully solved the majority of crimes because of their superb investigative abilities. 

In the show, Kylie Bunbury plays the detective Cassie Dewell, while Katheryn Winnick plays Jenny Hoyt, another detective. Winnick is most known for playing Lagertha in the blockbuster film Vikings.

Let’s start with Blue Sky’s first season when the main characters are looking into the abrupt disappearance of one of the Sullivan sisters, who is played by Natalie Alyn Lind. 

Jade Pettyjohn is another woman in the novel who is abducted without warning, even though Brian Geraghty’s character Ronald Bergman, a long-haul trucker, also abducted her. 

John Carroll Lynch, who also played the part of Rick Legarski, a street patrolman, was there and played a crucial part in the narrative.

Where The Detectives’ Investigation Offices Are Located In The Narrative

In the narrative, each of the two gifted policemen and detectives had a private detective residence. 

The offices of Detective Dewell and Hoyt Private Investigations may be found in Fort Langley inside a place called Watermelon, which sells baby apparel. 

On the opposite side, Cassie’s home on Church Street, close to the headquarters, is found. 

The exclusive Merilee’s bedcover and quilt shop is situated a short distance from Cassie’s workplace, across the highway. 

The quilt and bed cover store is known as Pomp Go Be Beautiful.

The New Mexico Film Office reportedly made sure that ABC moved the presentation of the second season to a different place and site in New Mexico called Rio Rancho, according to the media data and research team.

Filming Sites For Big Sky Season 3

The setting for the most recent season is quite different from the one for the previous one; it is believed that the first episode of “Blue Sky” was recorded in the Huning Highlands site known as “Waves Salon.” The hunting area is located in an Albuquerque neighborhood.

Where Is Big Sky Filmed?

Do you love an Apple? is the title of the forthcoming first episode, and fans are eager to learn more about the job description and other details. 

The public is eagerly awaiting the premiere of new seasons and episodes on television.

US Locations Where Big Sky Was Filmed?

Rio Rancho

One of the primary shooting sites for the series was Rio Rancho, the most populous and only city in Sandoval County, in the U.S. state of New Mexico.


The biggest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque, is situated in a high desert. Several sequences from the series depict this lovely city.


United States of America’s Sandoval County contains the town of Bernalillo. Seasons two and three of the series take place in this town.


United States of America’s Sandoval County has Algodones as a census-designated place. The third season of the show has scenes from this site.

Sandoval County

The US state of New Mexico’s Sandoval County serves as one of the settings for the third season of the television series.

In addition, the movie was filmed in Squamish and Vancouver in the US. Vancouver and Squamish are both in the Canadian province of British Columbia, which is situated by the ocean.

  • April 12, 2023