Why Did Daniel Bryan Leave WWE? Highlight The 5 Main Causes

Why Did Daniel Bryan Leave WWE? Highlight The 5 Main Causes

Why did Daniel Bryan leave WWE? The most thrilling professional wrestling organization in the world right now is AEW.

It’s hard to get engrossed and fall in love with All Elite Wrestling when some of the finest wrestlers in the world are competing to be the best in the world.

A guy by the name of Bryan Danielson, or as he was known in the WWE, Daniel Bryan, has joined the roster of Elite competitors that includes CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and Adam Page.

The GOAT himself did indeed leave WWE in 2021 and sign a deal with AEW. 

The American Dragon had a clean start and introduced a new wrestling approach from WWE, which has contributed to his renown as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time as well the globe.

Even though he is the best, he is just one of the top WWE performers that AEW has signed. While wrestlers like Malakai Black, Adam Cole, and Jeff Hardy battle against him, no one truly compares to Daniel Bryan’s abilities.

So why did Daniel Bryan quit WWE if he is such a great star? Why did WWE release him and let his contract expire so that he could join AEW?

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What Caused Daniel Bryan To Quit WWE?

Daniel Bryan was one of the most well-liked wrestlers ever in the WWE. Daniel Bryan, who competed with Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and John Cena for the loudest chants in history, held the crowd’s attention better than most others in his quest to become the WWE Champion.

His “Yes! Yes! Yes!” shout has entered the mainstream and can be heard in sporting stadiums all over the world and in the United States because he became so recognizable and adored in the company.

He was the most well-liked of all when he and the crowd pushed their way into Wrestlemania 30’s main event and he triumphed over the prized WWE Title in front of 80,000 cheering spectators. 

While he had numerous incredible moments in the years that followed, including at Wrestlemania, it was the apex of his professional career.

One of the most memorable moments in history is said to have occurred during his bout against Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania 35. 

After regaining the WWE Title and embarking on an annoying battle for ecology, Bryan went from being a popular hero to a despised villain.

As a result, he lost the title to Kofi Kingston, a seasoned WWE star who had never won a world championship in his lengthy career. 

Without Daniel Bryan’s incredible talent, it would not have been one of the most touching moments in WWE history.

Moreover, he competed in the main event at Wrestlemania in 2021 against Roman Reigns in a contest that also included Edge. 

This encounter was part of Daniel Bryan’s justification for leaving WWE by persuading him that he had to leave.

Daniel Bryan quit WWE as a result of feeling “separated” and having an out-of-body experience; for him, this was the cue to stop working as a “full-time WWE superstar.”

“In that, I felt very disembodied. As I’m wrestling, I feel everything and really seem to be enjoying myself. I was outside and everything seemed strangely removed from me.

When the game began, I had the strangest thought: “Oh dear, is this what it feels like before you die? It felt so bizarre. Am I going to pass away? So, that’s… alright.

That was quite strange. That wasn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced while wrestling, and I have no idea why or how it occurred.

“I haven’t reviewed it. I’m not sure whether viewing it again will make it clearer why I was acting that way,” he concluded.

Maybe it was a message that I should stop competing as a wrestler full-time, as I had been considering for a long.

Even while he made it plain that he didn’t want to work for WWE “full-time,” this wasn’t simply about quitting the organization because he detested it. 

In actuality, he loved WWE and wrestling to the fullest extent possible, but he was unable to continue with his schedule.

Daniel Bryan, a father of two young kids, quit the WWE to spend more time with Buddy and Birdie (the two kids he had with his wife Brie Bella). 

As opposed to WWE, AEW offers a more flexible schedule, allowing him to spend more time at home than at work while still having time to compete for other firms like NJPW if he so chooses.

He Said He Intended To Start Winding Down His Career And Spend More Time With His Kids In An Interview With BT Sport in 2020. Bryan Daniel 

“I’m just kind of rearranging my life’s priorities; for years, wrestling has kind of been the main emphasis and all that stuff. 

Since my contract is about to expire, we’re considering having me work less than a full-time schedule as a wrestler. 

I’m going to be more of a full-time parent and part-time wrestler because I feel like my days as a full-time wrestler are limited. I wrestle as a hobby. My first responsibility is being a father.

Why Did Daniel Bryan Leave WWE?

Daniel Bryan suggests quitting WWE to concentrate on having a father. After Daniel Bryan’s victory at Wrestlemania 30, his father died away, which could be motivating him to spend more time with his kids.

Why Did Daniel Bryan Join The AEW?

We should also consider why Daniel Bryan opted to contract with AEW when asking “why did Daniel Bryan quit WWE?”

In addition, Daniel Bryan has explained why he chose to sign with Tony Khan’s organization in August 2021 rather than staying with WWE in general.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful also explained why he decided to join AEW rather than other organizations like ROH or CMLL in Mexico.

According to Sapp, Bryan was enthused by the new wrestlers in AEW like Jungle Boy or Ricky Starks, and wanted to collaborate with them to produce the finest fights he could. 

He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, so giving these young wrestlers as much time in the ring with Daniel Bryan as possible would be beneficial. revealed by Sean Ross Sapp;

Daniel Bryan said he enjoyed his time in the WWE and was appreciative, yet he still left. The talent, particularly the ones who arrived from day one, was the cause. 

He wants the audience to praise the day-one AEW talents for luring former WWE stars to the company. The fan base for AEW, he claims, is the second factor.

He has already performed some fantastic bouts in AEW as Bryan Danielson. He still has plenty of time to further cement his reputation as the finest technical wrestler in wrestling history. 

His matches against Kenny Omega, Adam Page, and Jon Moxley are some of the best in AEW history.

What caused Daniel Bryan to quit the WWE? He was forced to leave WWE for AEW for a variety of factors that all worked together. 

His departure was motivated by his children, his health, and his passion for wrestling, and fans across the world are grateful because they got to see him fight in AEW every week in some of the finest bouts in the organization’s history.

  • February 27, 2023