Which Celebrity Is An Example Of Someone With Heterochromia Iridium?

Which Celebrity Is An Example Of Someone With Heterochromia Iridium?

Celebrity Is An Example Of Someone With Heterochromia Iridium: Anyone may be mesmerised by stunning eye colour, but what about two distinct eye colours? Irises, the pigmented area around the pupil, that are distinct hues or partly different colours are known as heterochromia. 

The American Academy of Ophthalmology lists a number of various variations, including having two irises of different colours, having an iris that is partly or segmented a different colour, or having an inner ring surrounding the iris that is a different colour than the outer iris. 

It is often understated, yet it may also be highly obvious and breathtakingly gorgeous!

Even if you may not have recognised it right away, an interesting number of prominent faces share this particular issue.

 Find out which of our favourite celebrities have these remarkable eye pigmentations by reading on.

1. Mila Kunis

This actress’s flawless brows and flawless skin may have caught your attention, but it’s tougher to discern the different eye colours. 

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Mila Kunis

Kunis spent a lot of time with chronic iris inflammation. She revealed to Cosmopolitan in 2011: “I was blind in one eye for many years, and no one knew.” 

Fortunately, she is no longer blind in that eye as a consequence of surgery, but the (quite attractive) colour difference has persisted.

2. Dominic Sherwood

The Shadowhunters actor didn’t always appreciate his left eye, which is split 50/50 between blue and brown. 

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Dominic Sherwood

He tweeted a message in April to a youngster who had experienced bullying because of his eye condition: “Your eyes are beyond lovely.” “I didn’t realise that about mine for a very long time.”

3. Kate Bosworth

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Kate Bosworth

Bosworth’s eyes are one of the most well-known examples of heterochromia in Hollywood, with one eye being blue and the other being a significantly deeper hazel.

4. Kiefer Sutherland

Although the difference in the actor’s eye colours may be slight, Julia Roberts, who was then engaged to the actor, made a reference to his heterochromia in her 1990. 

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Kiefer Sutherland

Golden Globe-winning speech. Roberts complimented her “lovely blue-eyed, green-eyed pal,” but she didn’t provide his name.

5. Jane Seymour

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium |

Did it occur to you that Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman had a brown eye and a green eye the whole time you were watching? Don’t worry; her gorgeous hair and superb performance also kept us from paying attention.

6. Max Scherzer

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Max Scherzer

One of the more severe occurrences of heterochromia, with one eye being fairly bright and the other being quite dark, is present in this Washington Nationals pitcher.

7. Elizabeth Berkley

The Saved by the Bell and Showgirls actress is well-recognised for more than just her amazing hair and hilarious one-liners.

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Elizabeth Berkley

She also has stunningly distinctive eyes, one of which is entirely green and the other is mostly brown.

8. Josh Henderson

The attractive actor has two different eye hues.

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Josh Henderson

You may not immediately notice that one is a medium blue, and the other is a deep green, however, since they are both in the lighter range.

9. Bill Pullman

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Bill Pullman

The more subdued kind of heterochromia, known as sectorial heterochromia, affects everyone’s favourite alien-butt-kicking president and makes one of his eyes seem darker due to a brown region of the iris.

10. Alice Eve

Her left eye is blue and her right eye is green, making the actress from Star Trek and She’s Out of My League seem rather stunning. 

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Alice Eve

But she admitted to seeing her partner for nine months before he discovered it in an interview with Conan O’Brien.

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11. Henry Cavill

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Henry Cavill

True enough, Superman possesses heterochromia. Is this evidence that it has superhero qualities?

12. Michael Flatley

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Michael Flatley

Flatley, a talented choreographer and dancer, has one blue eye and one eye with brown flecks in it.

13. Benedict Cumberbatch

The interesting blend of blue, green, and gold in Cumberbatch’s eyes is striking.

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Benedict Cumberbatch

Depending on the light, they could overall seem blue or green.

14. Simon Pegg

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Simon Pegg

Pegg is a hilarious guy and a former Star Trek actor. His eyes are mostly blue-grey, but the right one has a distinctive brown fleck.

15. Olivia Wilde

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium |

Wilde’s blue-green eyes look unique since the inner and outer irides of her eyes are different colours.

16. Dan Akroyd

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Dan Akroyd

Akroyd has total heterochromia, which he previously detailed with the Daily Mail. He has one green and one brown eye.

17. Christopher Walken

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Christopher Walken

The eyes of Walken, which are as unique as his acting technique, are blue with green inner rings.

18. Demi Moore

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Demi Moore

The gorgeous Moore has green and hazel eyes, which are absolutely different colours from one another.

19. Virginia Madsen

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Virginia Madsen

Madsen, a talented actress and ’80s star best known for her work in Sideways, has one green and one eye with brown specks.

20. Robert Downey, Jr.

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Robert Downey, Jr.

Downey’s hypnotic stare is enhanced by his partial heterochromia, which shows chocolate-brown specks in each eye, despite the fact that he often dons tinted glasses or shades that make it impossible to detect.

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21. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Meyers has blue-green eyes with gold flecks, which are most noticeable in his left eye and is most recognised for his work on The Tudors.

22. Gracie Allen

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Gracie Allen

Allen, a well-known radio, TV, and film comedienne who co-starred with her husband George Burns from the 1930s through the 1950s had one green and one blue eye.

23. Paris Jackson

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Paris Jackson

Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, has gorgeous blue eyes with extremely black rings around the outer irises.

24. Tim Roth

 Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Tim Roth

With green-blue outer rings and dark brown inside rings, Roth’s heterochromia is quite remarkable.

25. Jennifer Connelly

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Jennifer Connelly

Connelly has stunning blue-green eyes with gold flecks and a little darker outer ring that give her a singular and alluring glance.

Which Celebrity Is An Example Of Someone With Heterochromia Iridium?

26. Michael Schwimmer

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Michael Schwimmer

Schwimmer, a baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies, has one blue and one hazel eye.

27. Alyson Hannigan

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Alyson Hannigan

Hannigan, who is most known for her role on How I Met Your Mother, has gorgeous chestnut rings around her iris and green eyes.

28. Harvey Keitel

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Harvey Keitel

Although Keitel’s eyes first seem to be one hue, they are really hazel with very dark brown inner rings around the pupils.

29. Wentworth Miller

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Wentworth Miller

Miller, of Prison Break fame, has a gorgeous and perceptive look with one green and one blue eye.

30. Marshall Lancaster

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Marshall Lancaster

Lancaster, who is most recognised for his work in British television shows, has one blue and one hazel eye with gold specks.

31. Ralph Fiennes

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Ralph Fiennes

Partial heterochromia, or blue eyes with gold and brown flecks, is a feature of the extraordinarily gifted Fiennes.

32. David Bowie

It’s a common misconception that Bowie had eyes that were two different hues.

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | David Bowie

He really had a separate illness called anisocoria that was brought on by a childhood accident. His pupils seemed to be various hues because of the size differences between them.

33. Joe Pesci

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci has a distinctive stare because to his deep blue eyes with brown inner rings.

34. Elizabeth McGovern

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Elizabeth McGovern

McGovern is most known for playing the lady of the manor on Downtown Abbey. Her stunning blue eyes with a darker ring around the outer.

35. Colleen Moore

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Colleen Moore

Moore was a silent cinema actor in the 1930s who later appeared in talkies. He was renowned for having one blue and one brown eye. Even in her black-and-white photographs from that time, she has heterochromia.

36. Angelina Jolie

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Angelina Jolie

Jolie has a condition known as central heterochromia, which causes the outer and inner rings of her irises to be different hues, highlighting the beauty of her eyes.

37. Tim McIlrath

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Tim McIlrath

The blue and brown eyes of composer and performer McIlrath are noticeably distinct from one another.

38. Jessica Cauffiel

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Jessica Cauffiel

Cauffiel has one green eye and one pair of green and brown eyes. She is most recognised for her part in Legally Blonde.

39. Alexander the Great

Celebrity With Heterochromia Iridium | Alexander The Great

Okay, so he may not be a well-known figure right now, but we assure you that he was when he ruled over sections of Asia, Egypt, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean in the fourth century B.C. 

Historiologists believe he had heterochromia, with one blue and one brown eye, according to National Geographic.

  • January 18, 2023