How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading? 7 Best Ways

How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading? 7 Best Ways

Do you know to stop a windshield crack from spreading? You may not have time to have vehicle glass repairs straight away if your windscreen is cracked or chipped by a rock while you’re driving. 

But if you leave a cracked windscreen alone, there’s a good chance that it will become worse and maybe become unrepairable. 

If the damage goes too far, you could eventually require a full windscreen replacement.

Not interested in shelling out money for a full windscreen replacement? After that, continue reading to find out what you should do to stop windscreen cracks from growing worse.

1. Superglue The Crack To Seal It

Although it’s not ideal, superglue may be used to temporarily fix cracks in the glass. Here’s how to finish the task:

  • Clear the crack’s inside and surrounding area of any dirt and debris. Use soap and water, glass cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.
  • Apply a little quantity of superglue to the crack using a dropper. Spread the glue over the crack evenly using the dropper’s tip.
  • Use an alcohol wipe or a lint-free cloth to gently remove any extra adhesive. Reduce pressure as much as you can to prevent making the fracture worse.

It’s crucial to remember that if you choose this path, you may not be able to find a qualified vehicle glass repair when you reach home. 

Keep in mind that it may be difficult or even impossible to remove superglue from a glass fracture before attempting this advice.

2. Apply Nail PolishTo Any Cracks

In the same way that superglue works as a temporary patch, transparent nail polish may prevent a windscreen crack from expanding while you’re moving. 

Additionally, once applied, nail polish may be very difficult to remove, much like super glue. This advice should only be used as a last option if you’re in a serious bind and can’t hire a mobile windscreen repair.

3. Make Use Of A Windshield Repair Kit

When used correctly, windscreen repair kits may repair small windscreen fractures. Unfortunately, the majority of commercially available kits are of poor quality and provide unsatisfactory outcomes. 

If you’re confident in your vehicle glass repair abilities, you may go this route, but it’s always better to let the professionals handle the job they’ve been trained to perform if you want a long-lasting repair.

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4. Gethin Touch With A Mobile Auto Glass Repair Expert

Repairing a windscreen crack as soon as possible is the best method to prevent it from becoming worse. 

Even if you’re on the road, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate a mobile vehicle glass repair expert that provides same-day service. 

A windscreen repair specialist should be able to quickly patch a tiny break and get you and your car back on the road so that everyone can travel securely.

5. Avoid Putting The Glass In Contact With Extreme Heat

When subjected to temperature changes, auto glass expands and contracts, and when that occurs, a windscreen fracture that already exists may quickly become worse. 

Try your best to keep your windscreen out of direct sunlight and keep it out of the cold to prevent it from happening.

6. Always Leave Your Automobile In A Shaded Area

Snow, rain, and sunlight may all exacerbate the fracture in your windscreen. Your broken windscreen will be shielded from these elements of nature if you park your automobile in the shade.

How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading?

We have now reached the conclusion of our list. Although we’ve given you ample time to put a suitable solution in place, don’t take this for granted. Drive carefully and be careful!

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7. Drive Your Car With Caution

Speeding over speed bumps, cutting sharp turns, and slamming doors may all generate strong vibrations that might encourage a windscreen fracture to spread. 

Be as gentle as you can with your car to minimise more glass damage until you can get your windscreen properly fixed.

  • January 18, 2023