Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

Which celebrity received their stage name from a medieval English ballad? How many renowned individuals got their stage names from ancient English songs—you wouldn’t believe it.

Continue reading to find out which famous people, including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles, took their stage name from a song written in Middle English.

Ballads played a vital part in medieval storytelling. They were used not just to commemorate weddings and other significant occasions, but also to teach principles and values.

Many of the well-known names we know today had their roots in music. Continue reading to find out which famous figure borrowed their stage name from a 13th-century English song.

Before The Stage Name, Who Is The, Famous Person?

Name of the actor The American singer-songwriter with such a stage name is Taylor Swift. Swift picked her current stage name when she was only 14 years old.

Prior to then, she had been performing under the name T-Swift, but after seeing the movie Mean Girls, she made the decision to change her stage name.

the first letters of the stage name: Swift’s stage name is a reference to the English ballad “The Lady Is A Tramp” from the 13th century.

The song tells the story of a woman whose partner departs her and leaves her on the street to beg for food.

The title of this song served as the inspiration for Swift’s stage name, and she also used it to name her first album, Fearless.

What Is This Group’s Name-Inspiring Ballad?

They got their name from the song “Lady Jane Grey.” Numerous books and movies have told the story of the young queen.

After a short rule, she was put to death. The authors of the song are unknown, however, it is presumed that they were alive during or just before her reign.

The nickname “Lady Jane” comes from the title of one of the stanzas in the poem. The poem tells the story of a woman who opposes her father and becomes queen.

She is forced to resign after being out, but she will always be known as “Lady Jane Grey” throughout history.

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What Happened When They Changed Their Stage Name?

After changing their stage name from “The Paper Kites” to “The Kites,” the band found a new following and went on to record their first album.

Before their record label chose to break up their relationship with The Kites, they completed extensive tours in both Europe and the US. 

Their second album, “The Paper Kites,” was published in 2002. Then, the gang dispersed.

How Did Taylor Swift Get Her Stage Name From A Medieval English Poem?

Her stage name, Taylor Swift is more well-known. When the singer initially started singing as a teenager, her management team gave her the stage name Taylor.

Taya Kyle is her true name. Due to her talent as a singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift landed a record contract with Big Machine Records in 2006, and the following year she released her self-titled first album.

Taylor Swift’s Stage Name Is Derived From The English ballad “The Taylors of Blue Hinton,” Which Dates Back To The Thirteenth Century.

A young lady named Taylors of Blue Hinton, who falls in love with a nobleman named Wynn ap Llewelyn is the subject of the song. 

Wynn, unfortunately, is already married to another woman and is unable to wed Taylor.

Taylor ultimately marries Wynn ap Llewelyn after dressing up as him one evening. After they are married, Wynn’s wife finds out about the affair, which causes their divorce.

Taylor Swift modeled her name on the Taylors from the song because she was moved by how, despite all the odds against them, their story ended well.

Taylor hoped that her own story would end happily in a similar way.

What Other Well-Known Stage Names Have Been Inspired By Old Songs And Poems?

Other well-known performers whose stage names were inspired by old poems and songs include Britney Spears (from the song “Britney Jean”), 

Miley Cyrus (from the song “Party in the U.S.A.”), Whitney Houston, and Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women” song (from the song “I Will Always Love You”).

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What Are The Future Prospects For Star Stage Names?

Nowadays, there are so many famous people that use stage names. For a very long time, a lot of these stage names were derived from medieval English ballads. Here are four of them:

1. Celeste Dion, named after her parents’ favorite French singer, Céline Dion.

2. Whitney Houston’s birth Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born after her father provided her mother’s last name.

3. Barbra Streisand changed her name to Barbra Streisand after choosing to utilize her middle name, Streisand, as motivation for her singing career.

4. Cher chose the name Cher because she wanted to be like Julie Andrews’ character in the film The Sound of Music after seeing the film.


It could be challenging to remember a celebrity’s original stage name. After all, some people use their own names, while others go by more distinguishing nicknames.

However, did you know that the name of one well-known artist or actor was derived from a Middle English song? If you’re wondering, keep reading to find out who it may be!

  • January 28, 2023