How Much Do Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials? 10 Celebes

How Much Do Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials? 10 Celebes

Do, you know How much do celebrities get paid for commercials: Numerous A-listers have leaped at the chance to have their faces associated with a major company in return for thousands, even millions, of cash. 

Multi-million dollar firms are known for utilizing celebrities as spokesmodels to assist raise sales of their goods.

It should come as no surprise that these well-known companies are willing to spend millions in exchange for a celebrity endorsement to help boost their brand—because marketing plays such a significant role in business success—and may even be the most important aspect of a successful business. And boost their brand they do.

In many circumstances, paying a celebrity millions of dollars to promote a product pales in comparison to the revenue the business gains from increased sales.

It’s hard for celebrities to refuse such tremendous sums of money for so little labor, as you’ll see, even while they already make millions of dollars at their “day job.” 

You’ll be surprised at how much Brad Pitt was paid for his Chanel No. 5 advertisement, which couldn’t have taken that long to film (see below).

You may recall a few, like the time Angelina Jolie relaxed in Cambodia while carrying her flawless Louis Vuitton purse or 50 Cent’s support of the chic and current G-Unit shoes.

Who could forget Beyonce’s self-replicating dance on television for the well-known drink company Pepsi?

To assist boost their product sales, each of these businesses paid these celebrities staggering sums of money.

Discover who received the top 10 biggest salaries for celebrity endorsements and whether or not they had any impact on sales.

1. Brad Pitt For Chanel No. 5 

Given that Chanel is a well-known brand around the globe, Brad Pitt is the ideal star to promote the brand’s “Chanel No. 5” perfume line.

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Brad Pitt

According to reports, the fashion brand paid Brad $7 million to appear in their advertisement. Additionally, he was the first man ever utilized by the business to promote its Chanel No. 5 perfume brand.

The business saw this as a general success since it raised brand recognition among males and helped it establish itself as a men’s and women’s brand.

Nevertheless, the advertisement was widely mocked. Even Saturday Night Live mimicked the advertisement.

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2. Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton

Angelina Jolie was recruited by Louis Vuitton, a high-end fashion house famous for its exquisite handbags, and was allegedly paid $10 million for her appearance with one of their fancy purses.

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Angelina Jolie


The firm faced criticism for utilizing an impoverished nation as the background for such a luxury, expensive item when it was shown with a rural Cambodian backdrop, but the marketing strategy was ultimately successful when the business saw a significant rise in sales. 

To make things a little better, Angelina allegedly donated a sizeable sum to charity with the money she made from the campaign.

3. Jared Fogle For Subway

Long before the Jared Fogle controversy, Subway was under fire.

However, after finding that Jared shed 245 pounds by eating the delicious sub sandwiches they serve at their stores, they decided to spend another 15 million dollars on his endorsement. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Jared Fogle

It is reasonable to state that this endeavor to improve the business brand was unsuccessful for a number of reasons given that the firm had a continual fall in revenue both before and after Jared’s disgrace. Next time, have more success, Subway.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones For T-Mobile

T-Mobile had no clue that actress Catherine Zeta-Jones would become such a great success when they engaged her to promote their products. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Catherine Zeta-Jones

She was ultimately replaced after being paid $20 million, but the corporation valued what she had to provide so much that they invited her to return for another stint as the T-Mobile brand spokesmodel. 

We are categorizing this as a Catherine Zeta-Jones success story since it is quite obvious that the corporation has won.

5. Jay Z For Samsung

The fact that Jay Z is a well-known figure in the music business explains why Samsung jumped in and offered the celebrity 20 million dollars in addition to an album promotion in order to promote and market the Samsung Galaxy phone. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Jay Z

Using Jay Z as the voice and face of their business is said to have increased online traffic and social media followers for the business. 

This marketing gimmick was a major success for both Jay Z and Samsung in many different ways.

6. Beyonce For Pepsi

One of the most well-known and toughest celebrities of our day is Beyonce.

She was signed to a multi-year deal for 50 million dollars by Pepsi because of her devoted fan following, exceptional voice, and overall astonishing physical attractiveness. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Beyonce

Using such a prominent celebrity as the face of their business would have seemed like a smart move for the firm, but despite her bouncing and gyrating across television screens and having her face plastered all over Pepsi cans nationally, the general population was not responding to her. 

After the pop star’s visage became its brand image, Pepsi saw a 4-7% fall in sales.

7. 50 Cents For The G Unit Sneakers From Reebok

Rapper 50 Cent was chosen by Reebok to be the face of their fashionable G Unit shoe, and they paid him an astounding 80 million dollars to wear and represent their brand, making him one of the most paid celebrity endorsers. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | 50 Cents

What was even more startling was that the advertisement was the highest-earning ever when it first aired. 

Employing 50 Cent for this role was a smart decision for the firm since the sneaker’s sales skyrocketed and some retailers even struggled to keep them in stock over the holidays. 

The bottom truth is that both 50 and Reebok benefited greatly from this highly compensated celebrity endorsement.

8. Lebron James For Nike

Basketball players and brand sponsorships go hand in hand, so it seems sensible that Lebron James would partner with Nike, one of the largest sportswear firms in the world. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Lebron James

For seven years, they paid him 90 million dollars to promote their business. That works up to around 12.9 million dollars a year for those of you who have math problems. 

Lebron’s appointment as Nike’s star player during that time proved to be a wise decision for the company, as it resulted in a 340 million dollar rise in sales. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a huge success.

9. Tiger Woods For Nike

Tiger Woods was able to get a deal with Nike despite his controversial conduct.

He got a mind-blowing $100 million as the second most-paid celebrity on our list in exchange for lending his name and likeness to their goods. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods ultimately demonstrated he was unstoppable in the sports world and helped increase the company’s sales, despite the fact that given Tiger’s background, it might have been a major success or miss for Nike.

An extremely risky yet easy move for this well-known athletic goods firm.

10. David Beckham For Adidas

David Beckham, who is very marketable, comes in last on this list of the highest-paid celebrity endorsements. 

Celebrities Get Paid For Commercials | David Beckham

He was paid-wait it-160 million dollars by Adidas to represent their sports brand. He was beloved by millions for both his exceptional sporting accomplishments and his stunning face and body. 

It’s not the first time he’s assisted a business in increasing sales; Adidas witnessed a significant rise in revenue when David Beckham was a part of the firm. 

As a result of this celebrity endorsement, which was very advantageous for both sides, he cemented his position as the person who received the largest payment of any celebrity ever for endorsing a brand.

  • January 14, 2023