Why Is Hannah Brown On Celebrity Dating Game? [Jake Magness]

Why Is Hannah Brown On Celebrity Dating Game? [Jake, Val, Evan] All About

Why Is Hannah Brown On Celebrity Dating Game? Hannah Brown is well-known to everyone due to her time on ABC’s The Bachelorette. 

She is now returning for The Celebrity Dating Game, another ABC dating game programme! Hannah Brown and Nicole Byer were the stars of the revived show’s June 14th debut.

The 26-year-old native of Alabama joined the brand-new dating game show in search of a second shot at romance.

Who Is Hannah Brown From The Bachelorette?

Hannah Brown, a television personality from Alabama who debuted on The Bachelor a month earlier, catapulted to stardom on season 15 of The Bachelorette in 2019.

Hannah’s tenure as The Bachelorette ended tragically.

She ultimately decided to marry Jed Wyatt, although it was subsequently discovered that he had been seeing someone else while the programme was being filmed.

Before commencing her TV career, Brown was an interior designer and beauty pageant contender.

Interior designer and former beauty pageant contestant Hannah BrownCredit: YouTube/Instagram.

She started her pageant career at the age of 15, and at 24 she was named Miss Alabama USA 2018. The young beauty then competed in Miss USA 2018.

Hannah was revealed as one of the celebs participating in season 28 of Dancing With The Stars after increasing her public exposure on The Bachelorette.

Along with her professional dancing partner Alan Bersten, Hannah won the competition with the judges’ unanimous approval and victory.

The former TV actress now lives and works in Los Angeles, where she possesses a gorgeous condo with an ocean view.

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She Is On Celebrity Dating Game For What Reason?

Hannah made an appearance on The Celebrity Dating Game’s ABC season premiere, which puzzled fans who knew Hannah was already happily married.

Yet, the episode was produced before Hannah and Adam Woolard made their relationship public.

Iggy Azalea, Taye Diggs, and Nicole Byer, all performers in their own right, are among the other famous people who will be seen on the programme.

Val, Jake, And Evan Were The Three Options Put Before Hannah

Hannah offered the panel of bachelors their suggestions for a romantic pastime they may enjoy while at home alone in one of her opening questions. 

Games and arts and crafts were mentioned by Evan and Val. Hannah didn’t specifically have this in mind.

Jake Magness, the third bachelor, brought up his suggestion just then. This one may seem commonplace, but Hannah was drawn to it. 

He said, “Netflix and relax.” Jake went on to explain what he meant when he said he could see the two of them cuddling up, enjoying wine and pizza while watching Netflix.

sang a unique jingle to the former Bachelorette. “Which kind of society do you prefer—one where people fight or sing? she questioned the lads. Karaoke!” shouted Val.

Can you perform to me the reasons you should be chosen? Hannah enquired.

The group of bachelors had no clue who was competing for their attention. Hannah remained a total enigma. 

Why Is Hannah Brown On Celebrity Dating Game?

Once the performance came to a close, she asked the guys to identify the celebrity she was based only on her voice. Each of them erred in their prediction.

Although Val, the second bachelor, assumed Demi Lovato, Evan believed he was speaking to the starlet Blake Lively. The third bachelor was very certain that it was country music star, Taylor Swift.

Hannah was finally pushed over the line when she asked Jake Magness, the third bachelor, what type of ocean he would be if he were an ocean. 

He said, “I’d begin peacefully, then get rough at the climax, and then back to mild.”

Jake Magness, The Third Bachelor, Was Finally Chosen By Hannah Brown As Her Date!

Jake Magness, The Third Bachelor, Was Finally Chosen By Hannah Brown As Her Date!

Mondays at 10 p.m. EST, The Celebrity Dating Game airs on ABC. Iggy Azalea, Carson Kressley, Taye Diggs, and more celebrities will be featured in upcoming episodes.

  • March 27, 2023