The Celebrity Dating Game Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose? [Shaughn Adamski]

The Celebrity Dating Game Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose? [Shaughn Adamski]

The Celebrity Dating Game Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose? Iggy Azalea had a tough choice on Tuesday night’s episode of ABC’s The Celebrity Dating Game.

Before deciding on one to go out with, she interviewed three unnamed single men.

On an episode that also included Carson Kressley, a judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, hosts Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton provided some musical entertainment and guided her through the decision-making process.

Azalea has seemed to be single since announcing on Instagram in October of last year that she is raising her child alone and is not involved in a romance.

How Did Iggy Azalea Fare On The Celebrity Dating Game?

Azalea is one of several well-known personalities participating in the classic game show’s resurrection this season.

In every episode, a famous person sits on the hot seat and questions three contestants who are concealed behind a wall.

The identity of the famous person is likewise kept a secret from the participants. At the end of the show, the celebrity gets to choose which of the three suitors they wish to go on a date with.

Azalea said before the performance that she was looking for a friend that could be spontaneous and relaxed back. 

The three men looking to check those boxes were voice actor Eddie Williams, traveling stage manager Shaughn Adamski, and ECG technician Korey Davis.

Azalea quizzed them on a variety of topics, such as their opinions on tattoos, whether they believed in marriage, and how they felt about dating someone who was far more famous than them.

Bolton’s function as co-host is to sing the last few clues about the celebrity in order for the three contestants to properly identify them. 

He shared information about Azalea while performing a Journey cover of “Don’t Stop” last night. 

The lyrics were modified to “she’s fancy and blonde” and Don’t Stop, thinking about Australia was added.

When it came time to choose a winner, Azalea selected the first contender, stage manager Adamski, and the two went on a date.

It’s unclear how the date went since neither Adamski nor Azalea said anything about it on social media. 

As Adamski was watching the program back on his Instagram stories, he did not let his followers know how their night turned out.

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Iggy Azalea And Shaughn Adamski

Before inquiring about their tattoos, Iggy Azalea questioned her prospective partners about how they would feel about dating someone more famous than them. 

The three men who were having trouble recognizing the unidentified star received some cues from Bolton. 

She went on a date with Shaughn Adamski as her next pick. There was no sign that she was dating Adamski after the performance, which can only mean that their romance fizzled.

After The Celebrity Dating Game | How Did Carson Kressley Fare?

A previous participant in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Carson Kressley, who previously said that he was looking for a companion with a sense of humor, was given the option to choose one of three single guys during Friday night’s episode. 

He chose a single parent named Jansen Schamp, a CPA named Steven Martinez, and a dean’s assistant named Chuck Stanley.

The Celebrity Dating Game Who Did Iggy Azalea Choose?

To help the contestants identify Kressley, Bolton sang a rendition of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”

Kressley finally chose to date Stanley, the assistant dean of affairs, because of their mutual love of horseback riding.

How Can I Watch The Celeb Dating Game?

New episodes of The Celebrity Dating Game air on ABC every Monday at 10 p.m. ET.

The following week’s contestants on The Celebrity Dating Game will be Taye Diggs and Demi Burnett.

You may see the most current episode on Hulu as well. You may sign up for a free Hulu trial right now by clicking here. You can visit for News & more updates!

  • March 27, 2023