Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? Amazing 3 Ways

Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? Fantastic 3 Ways

A social media program known as Snapchat is a top-rated app popular all throughout the world, featuring a ghost as its mascot. 

The ghost has a bold and dense black outline, and the square has rounded edges filled with brilliant yellow Snapchat logo is often nicknamed “the yellow ghost logo.

Social Media App has A Ghost As Its Mascot | Overview

Social media applications and their mascots strive to not only attract the attention of social media users but also enable them to link the app with the mascot. 

Mascots perform excellently in advertising, and the better and more relevant a mascot is, the more it will inspire new users to utilize the app. Which social networking platform has a ghost as its mascot?

A social media program known as Snapchat is a top-rated app popular all throughout the world, featuring a ghost as its mascot. 

The ghost has a bold and dense black outline, and the square has rounded edges filled with brilliant yellow. The Snapchat logo is often nicknamed “the yellow ghost logo.”

With Snapchat having a ghost as its mascot, you may ask what this ghost means and how it was formed. 

Read with us to find out more about Snapchat’s ghost mascot and why this mascot is the reason for this app’s popularity and success.

Social Media App has A Ghost As Its Mascot 3 way

The following are what you should consider while choosing to Social media app that has a ghost as its mascot for

  1. The Origin Of Snapchat’s Ghost Mascot
  1. The Reason Behind Snapchat’s Ghost Mascot
  1. How Many People Use Snapchat?

Let’s discuss these in the detail;

The Origin Of Snapchat’s Ghost Mascot

Snapchat succeeded when it came to “thinking out of the box,” and it exploited this notion to build its identity as a ghost. 

Snapchat has noted on its blog that its emblem is terrifying but not as specific, while the ghost does not have a cheerful face.

Snapchat’s popular ghost mascot is the “Ghostface Chillah.” It’s ultimately a tribute to Wu-Tang’s classic Ghostface Killah.

The Ghostface Chillah is viewed as a perfect representation of Snapchat’s phantom regulations, as it reflects the heart of the service, combined with the fact that all messages, images, and videos are destroyed according to the set-up time of the users.

Although Snapchat was initially known as Picaboo, Evan Spiegel, the CEO, and co-founder of Snapchat came up with this brilliant concept of the logo in his bedroom.

Evan Spiegel drew up the outline of an unnamed ghost, which seems human. He was instantly aware that it would become a big success, and he couldn’t have been more accurate.

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The Reason Behind Snapchat’s Ghost Mascot

Snapchat is one of the most distinctive applications and has numerous functions.

Snapchat is typically a popular option among millennials, and it has been stated that over ninety percent of the users on Snapchat are under 25.

It’s one of the most popular applications, with over 332 million daily users.

Snapchat has a ten-second function that lets its user’s exchange photographs with ghosts, then remove them from the recipient’s inbox in just seconds.

This function is also considered a wonderful method to promote corporate branding, and in addition to having such a ubiquitous mascot, Snapchat may also act as a terrific promotional tool.

As mascots are typically memorable and entertaining, Snapchat leveraged this characteristic to its maximum advantage. 

Their mascot is a terrific marketing tool for themselves, and as long as the ghost is interesting to engage with, it produces a long-lasting effect on the consumers.

The ghost mascot has a lively and engaging attitude, and it may be utilized to promote one’s popularity on the app.

However, it may be important to highlight that Snapchat ghost is the only social media app with an app mascot, which is one of the key reasons for its great popularity.

Snapchat largely focuses on video messaging instead of speaking and sharing photographs. 

Its yellow square is created to be vivid yellow, a hue that quickly draws people since it is pleasurable, memorable, and vibrant.

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How Many People Use Snapchat?

The newest October 2019 surveys suggest Snapchat has over 210 million daily active users and is popular with children in the age category of below 16. 73% of US Snapchat users are 18 to 24 years old.

A wired poll suggested teenagers admire the vigor and freshness of Snapchat and the majority belong to the Gen Z age group.

From its conception to use, it is fundamentally constructed around the frictionless location where the next generation user may explore their identities and not feel like being assessed by their close/known friend group.

Most things and advertising are supplied with the idea that one may be whatever one wants to be without the effect of yesterday.

Data indicate – How many people use Snapchat? How many young folks use it for messaging/ texting? relevant information.

How Many People Use Snapchat?
  • In the US, 90 percent of 13 to 24-year-olds utilize Facebook to express themselves and it offers them a rapid approach to getting in touch with mates. It is a beautiful app that everyone likes.
  • Almost 63% of the app users use it every day and 61% of the users are female. Some organizations believe the site produces a wonderfully receptive audience for marketing purposes.
  • The site delivers vertical video advertising that can be watched with the phone held vertically and its swipe rates are 5 times larger than the normal social media click-through rate.
  • There are different choices on the chat pages where you may add an Instagram-style photo filter, monocle, mustache, selfies, and lenses. There are various interesting approaches to enhance the images.
  • The lenses were introduced in 2015 that provide strategies to enhance the images. It makes goofy animations that may be posted with selfies. As per estimates, roughly 10 million photos make use of lenses each day.
  • Such features are considerably popular on the site, as the user may make use of the cameras to capture selfies and then press and hold the face to activate Lenses.
  • As you play with lenses before snapping an image, you pick the one from the bottom row and follow the instruction to submit it.
  • Lenses have been a component of the monetization strategy of the website. The sponsored brand tales and lens provide alternatives to generate a substantial cash stream.
  • Gatorade’s sponsored Super Bowl Lens earned over 100 million views over the weekend and it got views like live TV. Snapchat offers sponsorships between $450,000 and $750,000 a day.
  • Snapchat has created a form of geo-filter that lets users to pay Snapchat to have their own geo-filter for a given geographical region.
  • On-demand geo-filters allow clients to pay. Users downloaded the app 41.5 million times in the month after the introduction of filters.
  • There are various filters that may supply different overlays for images where one may obtain entry to places.
  • Geofilter allows artists and designers to harness the qualities to add their own flare to projects.
  • Others choose firms that give sponsored geofilters and others have launched greater items during the year.


There you have it, the social networking app with a ghost as its symbol is none other than the immensely renowned Snapchat app.

They have added the ghost to demonstrate the major component of their phantom policy and the brief duration of opening messages after they are removed.

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  • November 28, 2022