WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life? 15 Wrestlers & Truth

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life? 15 Wrestlers & Truth

Do you know that WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life: We examine Superstars who, in contrast to their often “heelish” on-screen behavior, are really pretty relaxed?

Fans of wrestling are obsessed with not just what happens behind the scenes, but also with the characters’ true personalities outside of their gimmicks. 

We find it really fascinating when heels transform into real-life faces. However, the use of kayfabe continues, and certain wrestlers, like Bray Wyatt, remain difficult to fully understand. 

However, we highlight some of the less cool real-life individuals on our list as well, especially those that have trouble winning over their admirers.

Most people who are labeled “un-cool” don’t actually lead dull lives or anything of the such; rather, they come under that category because of their fan encounters throughout the years. 

While some of the stars don’t want people approaching them at airports, others only want to meet fans if it means being paid.

In contrast to their often “heelish” on-screen behavior, some Superstars are really pretty laid back, as we also highlight in this article. 

The wrestlers there are not just well-liked by the audience but also by their contemporaries.

Enjoy the story, and as usual, please tell a friend about it. Tell us about a memorable encounter you ever had with a wrestler as well. Who impressed you and who made you unhappy?

1. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman may be considered chill AF outside of his wild WWE character, which may come as a major surprise. 

In the last several years, Strowman has taken pictures with numerous of his coworkers, including Charlotte, who is highly well-liked by his colleagues. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Braun Strowman

During the WWE’s Rome, Italy trip, Strowman most recently took part in a large “bro”-style picture with Matt Hardy, Titus O’Neil, and Roman Reigns. It’s a given that he hangs around with the cool kids.

As if that weren’t enough, Strowman attended Jericho’s New Year’s celebration, which amplifies how well-liked he is among the Superstars. 

Braun is reported to be one nice fellow in real life and a guy who is extremely polite towards his followers, particularly the younger generation. This is in addition to the bromances with his colleagues.

2. Sasha Banks

When Sasha Banks dons her costume and becomes Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, she has acknowledged that she is not a social butterfly. 

Sasha has made it obvious in the past that, outside of her role, she dislikes being harassed and is frequently critical of admirers who approach her in public. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Sasha Banks

Banks are not intimidated by people approaching her, especially at airports.

Sasha is fantastic with the fans during meet-and-greets linked to the WWE or any other kind of scheduled event, but when it comes to real life, 

she regrettably falls short due to her irresponsible background, which is well documented in some of the funniest candid photos ever shot with the fans.

Look at her for yourself, and you’ll see that she wasn’t always pleased!

3. Alexa Bliss

Bliss is nothing like her on-screen persona, and quite honestly, if you’ve seen her during shoot interviews when she behaves like herself, you know that. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Alexa Bliss

She enjoys doing simple things like relaxing and watching Netflix; such a laid-back woman. She genuinely gets her inspiration for Alexa Bliss from the things that irritate her about other people. 

Bliss incorporates some of the irritating situations she hears or sees into her persona. Genius? We believe this, particularly in light of her extraordinary skills, which have recently been well-documented.

The future is uncertain, but given that the small villain is just 25 and a two-time Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion, she seems to have a very bright future.

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4. Seth Rollins

We do commend Rollins for the many photos he has taken with fans over the years before we start to bash into him a little. 

Although he has previously voiced complaints about fan contacts, the fact that he still interacts with fans—as seen by the countless fan photos that are online—remains unchanged.

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Seth Rollins

Rollins has said that he dislikes fans contacting him at airports and is not a fan of fan engagement outside of the ring. 

Seth resides in Davenport, Iowa, where his friends and family are, unlike the majority of his contemporaries who live outside the Florida region. 

Rollins seems to have a quiet life away from the limelight and wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. Renee Young

Renee Young, a professional WWE presenter, has been on television for a few years at this point. 

But outside of the ring, she is quite different, and Renee, who once had aspirations of becoming a comic, found it difficult to get used to playing such a “clean” character. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Renee Young

If you’ve ever heard her on a podcast, you already know that she’s a great girl outside of her role as a wrestler.

Young is known for having a good sense of humor and for getting along well with the fans; in fact, she has been seen in airports with various WWE Universe members. 

Ambrose doesn’t seem too happy in the photos, but Canadian Renee appears to be having a good time as usual. 

She has landed a number of additional jobs as she moves up the WWE ladder, including a role on the reality series Total Divas.

6. Scott Steiner

It’s unbelievable that Scott Steiner, 54, is still disparaging the WWE today. Nowadays, he still often makes news due to his provocative comments. 

In his most recent remarks, he made digs at Stephanie and Triple H. Oh my, it looks like certain things won’t ever change.

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Scott Steiner 

Steiner hates the WWE and isn’t the friendliest guy you’d want to meet outside of the ring, so it’s sort of absurd that he spends so much time these days meeting fans at conventions. 

Steiner is quite brief while speaking to fans; he often doesn’t say anything and just signs without even turning to face them. 

There is a rumor that Steiner met a fan and gave the unfortunate man nothing to say before telling the security to “take his money.” It’s unrealistic to expect the man to change at this stage.

7. Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke was a native star of the Performance Center who transitioned from bodybuilder to professional wrestler. 

She entered with nothing but a cheerful outlook, which assisted her in reaching the top of the ladder. Despite some claims to the contrary, she may have been quickly added to the main roster due to her likeability.

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Dana Brooke

It is clear that Dana is popular based on her appearance at Chris Jericho’s New Year’s celebration and her photos with Superstars like Dolph Ziggler. 

Outside of the ring, she is a professional who takes her fitness and training extremely seriously. 

In terms of a fan connection, Brooke is fantastic with her followers and is arguably one of the best at doing so while maintaining a positive attitude.

8. Bubba Dudley

Bubba Dudley made it clear to Vince right away after being recruited from ECW that he was unwilling to engage with the audience. 

Bubba received a glance from McMahon, who then began to chuckle and said, “Oh, you’ll meet the fans just fine.” Bubba quickly discovered that maintaining kayfabe was not a viable strategy with the WWE. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Bubba Dudley

It was the complete reverse of his ECW days when he tore the audience to pieces to the point where they repeatedly wanted to attack him.

He shares JBL’s mindset of the old school. He seldom says anything to people who pay his expenses, and his fan interactions have more negative than positive results. 

To his credit, Bubba joined ROH following his prior WWE tenure and is still active in the industry today.

9. Kane

Kane was underappreciated throughout his career and seldom at the top, but it didn’t diminish his extraordinary work ethic. 

That is accurate in real life since Kane is thought of as one of the coolest individuals backstage and a hit with the audience. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Kane

With his many fan photos from throughout the years, you can see for yourself that Kane seldom ever declines images. 

He even now has a political career, which just goes to show how much of a people person he is.

Given his position during his two-decade tenure, Kane is said to be one of the most bright thinkers behind the scenes in addition to his political prowess. He really becomes cooler because of it.

10. Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly, who made a full-time entrance into the WWE in 1994, shared JBL’s vintage mentality.

Holly stayed with the WWE for a considerable amount of time, which subsequently paved the way for a future there as a trainer. 

The rumors said that Holly wasn’t the most chill in real life and that she was harsh with up-and-coming artists. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Hardcore Holly

He would often criticize former WWE star Santino, referring to him as “the worst wrestler he’d ever seen.” 

Do you think this is a bit harsh? After working there for 15 years, the corporation ultimately fired him.

The fact that Holly seems indifferent and very unhappy about his time in the organization during shoot interviews and criticizes people like Stone Cold Steve Austin, alleging that he changed and that fame got to him, definitely hasn’t helped his case. 

Holly is categorically labeled as “not cool” on this list for criticizing Austin.

11. Charlotte

Although it seems that she is twisting her face, she portrays the part of a haughty heel on television, yet in real life, she is nothing like that. 

When Charlotte was approached by fans during a meet and greets, they were astonished to see how modest and reserved she is when not in front of the camera. She gets along well with younger admirers as well.

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Charlotte

Her personality has been shown in a number of shoot-style interviews, and each time, she exudes a real sense of gratitude for all the support she has gotten thus far in her career. 

Additionally, Charlotte’s voice alters throughout the shoots; when she talks naturally, it is more laid back and gentle, to be honest, almost like a hippy, which makes her pretty dang awesome.

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12. Konnan

Dave Meltzer, a wrestling analyst, said that Konnan, sometimes known as the “Mexican Hulk Hogan,” was more well-liked than Hulk Hogan in his home Mexico. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Konnan

The former WCW star is rather scathing when it comes to the fans, and his ego surely doesn’t help his case. It seems that fame may have gotten to him.

Konnan has said that he is not interested in meeting fans in person and that he is not embarrassed to decline a fan’s request for a photo. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life?

The Mexican asserts that he is uninterested outside of the ring. In addition, he’s been harshly critical of a lot of performers, including John Cena, who he supposedly despises despite having only met him once. 

He was cool when WCW joined the Wolfpac, but it doesn’t appear like that coolness carried over into Carlos Santiago Espada Moises’ daily life.

13. Stephanie McMahon

She was first referred to as “the girl with the shy grin” by Mick Foley in the late 1990s.

However, McMahon is now the Chief Branding Officer and a major high-up in the business. 

McMahon has really benefited the business by expanding the product on a global scale.

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Stephanie McMahon

She continues to play one of the most diabolical heels of the whole 2000s, thus her other skill has been shown on film. 

She is not at all like that in real life, which is what makes everything so special. Instead, Stephanie is supposedly quite happy and kind, particularly when it comes to talent. 

When no one would listen, Stephanie was always there to attempt to assist, according to Val Venis, who remembers feeling discouraged in his artistic endeavors in the past. 

That demonstrates who she is in real life and away from the camera. Additionally, we have seen her comedic side in numerous amusing selfies with other celebrities, like Rene Young.

14. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

The two aren’t the best people to meet in real life, according to numerous accounts. This one could be difficult to accept, particularly for 90s WWE fans who adored the Kliq. 

To be fair, Nash does seem like a humorous, normal guy, but that aspect of Kevin only appears to be present when he is with his friends. 

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

Nash has a reputation for being very indifferent when meeting fans; he reportedly only engages in little conversation when standing in line. 

To his credit, Nash has acknowledged that his motivation in the pro wrestling industry is financial.

Scott Hall’s CV isn’t the finest either. In the past, he would often arrive to events entirely unprepared, which was rather rude given that people had paid money to see him. 

He has also failed to appear on many occasions. The sad truth is that our favorite Kliq friends aren’t as nice to fans in real life.

15. Roman Reigns

The jeers can be heard through our computer displays, but given the available proof, Reigns does seem to be a cool person when not being filmed. 

The actual Roman has been mostly hidden by the WWE, but on an episode of Talk Is Jericho, we finally saw a peek at the man known only as “Joe.”

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Roman Reigns

Although we hate to admit it, Roman came off as a very nice gentleman throughout the interview. 

He related several amazing stories, including the shenanigans of the “back of the bus brothers,” a group that included Chris Jericho, The Usos, and himself.

The gang would consume beer while sitting at the rear of the tour bus and exchanging numerous tales (admit you wish you were there). 

Roman was also quite lighthearted throughout the conversation and expressed his admiration for the younger fan base. 

While we don’t think the Roman character is great, “Joe,” the actual person behind it, is very cool.

16. Nikki Bella

We’re inclined to think Nikki Bella is really rather pleasant, at least in contrast to how the general public perceives her persona, but you could virtually argue either way. 

On WWE TV, she excels at playing the villain, and on Total Bellas or Total Divas, she may come across as a little too demanding, whiny, and furious, but remember that’s a drama program.

WWE Wrestlers Who Are Nice In Real Life | Nikki Bella


It’s not even genuine; in fact, it’s very conceivable that the date of her split from John Cena was chosen to boost the numbers for this season of Total Bellas.

You may think she’s a little rude, but there’s a good reason why the Bella Army is so big and widespread.

Regardless of what you may think of her, Nikki continuously invests the effort necessary to maintain her reputation as a role model for young girls everywhere. 

The Fearless tagline relates to Nikki not just because she is prepared to go above and beyond in the ring, the gym, or on the rehab path.

But also because she frequently talks without thinking before she says, which causes some embarrassing situations on Total Bellas. 

She may be a little ditzy, but her acts appear sincere, and that’s all you can want of a “good” celebrity.

  • January 16, 2023