Notti Osama Age

Notti Osama Age

Notti Osama Age: A budding drill rapper from Yonkers, New York, named Notti Osama unfortunately died at the age of 16. He was the youngest of six children and has a lifelong affinity for music.

Osama was regarded as one of the most promising new musicians in the business and had already achieved fame among fans for his distinctive style and flow. 

Despite his early success, because of his career’s infancy, virtually little is known about his upbringing.

The Place Of Notti Osama’s Birth

Notti Osama, a young rapper, was born in Harlem, New York, on January 17, 2008. 

Since his biological father had abandoned the family, Crimsley Martinez, his mother, and his stepfather raised him. 

Although though he was given the name Ethan Reyes at birth, he went by the stage name Notti Osama when he first began his musical career.

Notti attended Harlem Elementary School when he was younger and went to school there with his elder brother, DD Osama. 

He was interested in music from a young age and began rapping. His family supported him in his musical endeavours and pushed him to achieve his goals.

The family recently moved to Yonkers’ Young Avenue, where Notti carried on with his musical endeavours. 

He, unfortunately, went suddenly at the age of 14 on July 9, 2022. Although just 24, Notti has already made a name for himself in the music business because of his unique flow and style. He was thought to be one of the most gifted up-and-coming painters.

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Age Of Notti Osama

14-year-old Notti Osama was a boy. He was really passionate about music. Only two months before his death, he shared a new song and a picture from the “Without You” album on social media.

At the corner of 40th and Broadway in Reyes’ Yonkers neighbourhood, a monument has been erected in honour of the late rapper Notti.

Notti Osama Has Disappeared

Notti Osama was recently killed by a knife in a New York tube station, so he is no longer with us. 

He allegedly got into a fight with a rival at the 137th Street/City College station, which led to his murder.

His 15-year-old rival was detained in connection with the incident and at first, charged with second-degree murder.
Notti Osama Age

Prosecutors learned that he and his friends had cornered the suspect, who stabbed the young rapper as he tried to flee, and their discovery resulted in the charge being reduced to first-degree manslaughter

Additionally, he was accused of having marijuana on him.

  • April 4, 2023