Notti Osama Real Name

Notti Osama Real Name

Notti Osama Real Name: The youngest of six youngsters killed by stabbing was Yonkers, New York’s drill rapper Notti Osama, 14 years old.

In July 2022, Notti Osama got into a brawl with a 15-year-old and was fatally stabbed in a Manhattan tube station. 

The event happened on July 11, and his 14-year-old brother, DD Osama, also paid homage to him online.

Who Was The Source Of Notti Osama’s Power?

Aspiring drill rapper Ethan Reyes, better known as Notti Osama, recently moved with his family from Harlem to Young Avenue in Yonkers.

On the day of the stabbing, he and two pals went out for a stroll in Hamilton Heights, which is where he used to live.

Notti Osama grabbed a broomstick and followed Martinez inside the tube station. 

Martinez threw a knife at Reyes as he was being cornered at the end of the platform, cutting him in the abdomen. Reyes then struck him with the stick.

A companion of Notti Osama then threw a sharp item at Martinez, who was subsequently flung into the tube tracks and suffered puncture wounds. 

Reyes passed out on the platform, and Martinez pulled himself off the tracks and fled.

The youngest of six children, Notti Osama, had recently collaborated with one of his siblings on the graphics for his new single, Without You. 

Given his youth and the early stages of his profession, it is remarkable how little is known about him or his history.

At the age of 14, Notti Osama was making great strides in his job. But, he was unable to advance in either his life or his career before his tragic death from a friend-inflicted stabbing, which is why so little is known about him.

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Real Name Notti Osama

The real Notti Osama was Ethan Reyes, also known by the name. His parents, wealth, height, and weight are all a mystery to everyone who knows him.

As soon as new information becomes available, it will be updated.

Yet it’s a trying time for his loved ones and supporters. His fans also pay tribute to him by sharing news, articles, videos, etc. about his demise.

His supporters organized a candlelight vigil in Manhattan to honor him and express their gratitude for his talent.

Parents And Siblings Of Notti Osama

As was already stated, the aspirant rapper Notti Osama was killed. Alongside one of his brothers, he just published photos for his new song, “Without You.”

The Sun states that he was the youngest of his parent’s six children. Ethan Reyes’ parents’ names and other personal information are still kept private. 

Also, he was only beginning his profession. As a result, his professional background is also unknown.

DD Osama is Notti Osama’s brother. On social media, he wrote a homage to him.

According to reports, his cousin Lily Ortega described him as a joyful and kind boy.

The families of Notti Osama must still be in disbelief. We can only hope that they will have the fortitude to deal with the terrible loss.

  • April 4, 2023