Notti Osama Dead Body

Notti Osama Dead Body

Notti Osama Dead Body: Ethan Reyes, a young Yonkers drill rapper known as Notti Osama, passed away at the age of 14.

Osama was killed by a suspected murderer who also killed the rapper by stabbing him.

A 15-year-old boy called Kelvin Martinez has been named as the murderer.

Around 3 PM on Saturday, Martinez reportedly punched the rapper in the liver on a Harlem tube platform.

Osama was transferred to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, but he was unable to return alive.

According to police, Osama and Martinez, a man he knew and who belonged to a rival gang, got into a street brawl that spilled into the tube station.

Martinez was first charged with second-degree murder, but when prosecutors discovered that Osama had trapped Martinez and challenged him with a broomstick when Martinez was outnumbered by Osama and his group, the accusation against Martinez was reduced to first-degree manslaughter.

But, according to accounts, Osama and the 15-year-old suspected murderer got into a brawl that overflowed into the tube station, where he shoved Martinez onto the tracks before stabbing him to death.

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From Whence Hailed Notti?

Of six youngsters who were tragically stabbed, Notti Osama, a 14-year-old drill rapper from Yonkers, New York, was the youngest. 

In July 2022, a quarrel between Notti Osama and a 15-year-old resulted in a brawl at a Manhattan tube station when he was fatally stabbed.

What Is The True Name Of Notti Osama?

Ethan Reyes is the true name of Notti Osama. Notti was two years younger than DD and was born on January 17, 2008. The rapper passed away on July 9, 2022, at the age of only 14.

Where Did Notti Pass Away?

According to police and cop sources on Sunday, a 15-year-old hip-hopper has been charged with murder in the deadly subway stabbing of a 14-year-old aspiring rapper in Manhattan

According to accounts, a long-running argument between Ethan Reyes and “Notti Osama,” the stage name he used, led to his murder.

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Notti Osama Dead Body

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