Notti Osama Stabbed Video

Notti Osama Stabbed Video

Notti Osama Stabbed Video: Notti Osama, also known as Ethan Reyes, was a young Yonkers drill rapper who died away at the age of 14.

At a Harlem tube station at 3 PM on Saturday, 15-year-old Kelvin Martinez stabbed Notti Osama, killing him.

He had a knife wound to the liver, and when EMS arrived at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, he was declared dead.

The Police said that Osama and Martinez, who he knew and who belonged to a rival gang, engaged in a street brawl that spilled over to the tube station.

First-degree manslaughter was Martinez’s official charge after being first charged with second-degree murder.

Prosecutors discovered that Osama had trapped Martinez and challenged him with a broomstick, but Martinez was overwhelmed by Osama and his company. This led to the situation that developed.

According to information that has reached us, Osama and the accused murderer, a 15-year-old, got into a brawl that overflowed into the tube station, where Martinez was forced into the rails before being brutally stabbed.

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How Many Stabs Have Been Made To Notti Osama?

The number of times Kelvin stabbed the victim has not been made public by the authorities. This revelation has devastated Notti’s family.

The detectives attempted to question Kelvin about why he stabbed Notti, but he withheld the information. 

Subsequently, it was determined that Notti’s death was caused by musical competition.

As you may know, Notti used to create drill music, which involves making fun of or insulting rivals. This be what sparked the argument between Notti and Kelvin.

What Is Kelvin Martinez Accused Of?

Notti was fatally wounded by a stomach stabbing from Kelvin Martinez. Therefore, Kelvin Martinez was accused of second-degree murder when the police initially arrived on the scene. Learn more about Notti Osama’s cause of death.

But, after looking into this incident further, the police learned that Notti and his pals first attempted to corner Kelvin with a broomstick.

Kelvin made an effort to get free of Notti’s hold. Then, acting in self-defense, he pulled out his knife and stabbed Notti.

In light of this, Kelvin was subsequently accused of first-degree manslaughter and possession of an illicit narcotic.

What Was Notti’s Brother’s Response To This Information?

When Notti’s brother first learned of his passing, he was inconsolable. DD Osama is a rapper who is Notti’s brother. 

DD gave his brother a lot of encouragement. He was the one who participated in Notti’s rap tracks by singing along. 

Notti Osama Stabbed Video

He mentioned in a TikTok video that he had to fight back emotions when he learned of his brother’s death. 

He confessed that he was angry with himself for abandoning him when he most needed him. After a while, DD Osama posted something on Instagram with the caption “Anything 4 notti.” 

He shared a photo of himself and Notti smiling for the camera. Also, a tiktok video showing him sobbing during Notti’s burial was subsequently shared.

(FAQs) About The Notti Osama

What Was Notti Osama’s Name?

Notti Osama, a 14-year-old rapper hopeful,

How Was Notti Osama killed?

Notti Osama was slain by Kelvin Martinez

How Was Notti Osama Put To Death?

He was slain by a knife wound to the abdomen.

What Was The Reason For The Murder Of Notti?

While the reason for Notti’s murder is still unknown, music rivalry is widely believed to be the culprit.

What Accusations Are Made Against Notti’s Murderer?

First-degree murder and unlawful possession are the charges brought against Notti’s assassin.

Where Did Notti Osama Pass Away

Notti died away at an NYC tube station after a fight

  • April 6, 2023