Notti Osama Killer

Notti Osama Killer

Notti Osama Killer: Ethan Reyes, also known as Notti Osama, was tragically stabbed in a recent dispute at a Manhattan underground station. 

His 14-year-old brother, DD Osama, also paid tribute to him on social media after the event on July 11.

Explanation Of The Notti Osama Stabbing Incident

Around 3 p.m., in a fight with a 15-year-old rival at the 137th Street/City College underground station. 

Notti Osama was stabbed on July 9. Eventually, Osama died away at Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital.

According to the legislation, the reason for the argument was not made public.

While it is obvious that the two adolescents were in conflict with one another, law enforcement officials. 

Police had already detained the suspect, who was accused of first-degree manslaughter and criminal possession.

The 15-year-old was first accused of second-degree murder. The prosecution learned that Reyes had trapped the defendant and was accosting him with a broomstick, which caused a shift in the situation. 

The accused was quickly overwhelmed by Ethan and the others with him, but as he tried to flee, the accused stabbed him.

Police arrived on the site and found the knife and broomstick, noting that the incident had also been recorded on video.

Authorities have reported that the accused, whose name is still unknown, was treated for stab wounds at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

MTA NYC Transit President Richard Davey said:

“We are grateful to the NYPD detectives who collaborated with us to promptly apprehend a suspect. 

The allegation that he and the victim knew one another only serves to highlight how senseless this terrible incident was.

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Information About Notti Osama

Notti Osama, a 14-year-old drill rapper, is from New York. In the drill rap genre, contestants are sometimes made fun of. Police believe that this could have served as the starting point for the violent brawl.

The music video for Osama and his brother’s brand-new song, Without You, was only released two weeks ago. 

Osama is the sixth youngest of six children. Lily Ortega, Osama’s cousin, recalled him as a happy and loving youngster who loved being with his family.

Notti Osama Killer

Given that he was a youngster whose career had just begun, further information on Osama’s background in school, his family, and his work hasn’t been made public.

Tributes came in after the rapper’s death was reported.

During a candlelight tribute held in Manhattan, one of the rapper’s friends observed that he had a million-dollar grin. 

The unidentified source went on to say that Reyes was determined to fulfill his ambition of becoming a rapper and that he worked hard every day to do so.

Ethan’s friends put up a GoFundMe page to collect money for his funeral. On July 11, more than $5,700 had already been raised towards the aim of $10,000.

  • April 3, 2023